Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

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    2017 Trend Report: 30 Next-Level Engagement Rings

    This Katie Carder design showcases one of the biggest engagement ring trends of 2017: gray diamonds. Katie Carder

    Engagement rings are a classic piece of jewelry by nature, so when we talk trends, we’re not exactly talking trends that mutate with the frequency of New York Fashion Week. Even so, jewelry designers, retailers and influencers are always able to pinpoint shifts in popularity, whether it’s a sudden demand for a certain diamond color or shape, or an emerging interest in radically different setting techniques. Click through the slideshow for a look at the engagement ring trends that will define 2017. Who knows? Your search for that next-level engagement ring style might end right here, right now. Happy hunting!

    Pictured above: Recycled 14k yellow gold and diamond Fern ring with a bezel-set, rose-cut gray diamond center stone, $1,800, Katie Carder

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    Gray Area

    Alexis Russell

    A quick review of the Four Cs tells you that diamonds are graded on the absence the color—in other words, the whiter the stone the better. But right now, more and more designers are challenging notions of traditional beauty by exploring the possibilities of natural colored diamonds. Gray diamonds, with their murky, silvery glow, are among the most popular and will continue to attract brides who want an engagement ring with a bohemian or alternative edge.

    “It's wonderful that so many alternative colored diamonds have come onto the market,” says Betsy Barron, owner of San Francisco jewelry store, ​Love & Luxe. “We especially love the use of gray diamonds in rose gold and platinum.”

    Gray diamonds have a mysterious, stormy quality about them, and to many brides, are appealingly understated. “We often hear our customers say that they want a subtle sparkle,” says Barron. “Gray diamonds provide more sparkle than a rose-cut opaque diamond, but less than a traditional brilliant-cut white diamond.”

    Salt and pepper diamonds—whitish gray stones speckled with visible black inclusions—are an emerging microtrend within the gray diamond surge. Be on the lookout for it in 2017 (and head straight to slide #5 for a “taste").

    Pictured above: 14k rose gold engagement ring with a natural rose-cut cushion gray diamond center stone rimmed with a pavé diamond halo, price on request, Alexis Russell

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    Gray Area

    Tura Sugden

    Recycled 18k and 22k gold solitaire engagement ring with a rose-cut pear shape gray diamond, $3,000, Tura Sugden

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    Gray Area

    Lauren Wolf

    18k yellow gold Three Diamond Shield Ring with a 2.59-carat rose-cut gray diamond center stone and two white diamond trillions, $5,400, Lauren Wolf

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    Gray Area

    Digby & Iona

    Recycled 18k yellow gold and diamond Marquis Ninian ring with a 1.35-carat salt-and-pepper diamond center stone, $3,420, Digby & Iona

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    In the Mix - Metals


    The mixed metals trend was hot last year and the momentum will continue in 2017. From the prongs to the underside of the band to eye-catching filigree and scrolling, a touch of contrast adds interest to the design, and can really make the details (or that diamond center stone) pop.

    Pictured above: 14k white and rose gold diamond engagement ring, shown with matching diamond wedding ring, and diamond-accented men’s band, from $2,850 and up each, all Verragio

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    In the Mix - Metals


    Platinum and 18k yellow gold ring with 2.20 carats of oval fancy intense yellow diamonds, 1.19 carats of round diamonds and .75 carats of baguette diamonds, $50,000, Gumuchian

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    In the Mix - Metals

    Omi Privé

    18k white and yellow gold ring featuring with 3.45-carat oval Burmese ruby center stone accented with .36 carats of fancy yellow diamonds and 0.76 carats of white diamonds, $70,000, Omi Privé 

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    In the Mix - Metals

    Rogers & Hollands

    14k white and rose gold Casey engagement ring with an oval diamond center stone in a double diamond halo, $2,922, Rogers & Hollands

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    In the Mix - Stones

    Melanie Casey

    There’s no competing with the popularity of a classic diamond solitaire. And while it’s true that a typical engagement ring setup includes a center stone as the clear focal point, one of the biggest trends to watch for in 2017 are rings that cluster a handful of gems in a studied mix of shapes and sizes. Often on the delicate side, these rings cleverly recast “accent stones” as the design’s main attraction.

    Melanie Casey, a designer at the forefront of the trend, explains: “Cluster styles are a wonderful way to make traditional white diamonds appear edgy or different,” she says. “In addition to being stylistically unique, engagement rings that incorporate smaller gemstones can be more budget friendly than that those that feature one large center stone, so they’re also a great option for a bride who wants to make a statement without the huge price tag.”

    Pictured above: 14k yellow gold Pinch of Sugar Mini Cluster ring featuring an Asscher cut and round diamonds, $980, Melanie Casey

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    In the Mix - Stones

    Elizabeth Buenaventura

    18k gold The Different Facets of Love engagement ring with four diamonds in different shapes and cuts totaling 1.43 carats, around $15,800, Elizabeth Buenaventura  

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    In the Mix - Stones


    14k yellow gold Laniakea Super Cluster ring with a .71-carat emerald, two Old European cut diamonds, four black diamonds and black and white pavé diamond accents, $4,850, Mociun

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    In the Mix - Stones

    Ruta Reifen

    14k gold Rain Pear Mirror ring with pear-shaped rainbow moonstones and diamonds, $2,100, Ruta Reifen, available at Love Adorned

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    Paraiba Proud


    With a neon blue-green hue so tantalizing it defies description, Paraiba tourmaline is an extremely rare and special gemstone. While not as hard as a diamond (7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale vs. 10), its incomparable beauty has inspired designers to start working it into their newest engagement rings. Whether featured as a center stone, or to accent a more traditional diamond design with a striking pop of color, the Brazilian gem will be a hit in 2017.    

    “Paraiba tourmaline is a perfect choice for brides wanting to set themselves apart and choose a unique stone for their engagement ring,” says Benjamin Guttery (a.k.a., Third Coast Gems), a jewelry influencer and brand advocate (and recent guest curator for this site). “Not only is it much rarer than a diamond, it also has a very unique hue, tone, and saturation so that it literally glows. Brides will need to be mindful during everyday wear, but then again, even diamonds can chip and crack with the right knock."

    Pictured above: 18k beige gold ring with Paraiba tourmalines and diamonds, $5,480, Kataoka

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    Paraiba Proud

    Erica Courtney

    Platinum Eloise ring with 2.03 carats of Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines and .28 carats of diamonds, $22,000, Erica Courtney

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    Paraiba Proud

    Fox & Bond

    Platinum and diamond Art Deco engagement ring with a triangular cut ruby and a .72-carat Paraiba tourmaline, $1,950, Fox & Bond

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    Paraiba Proud

    Pamela Froman

    18k white gold Ellie solitaire ring with a 2.5-carat light gray cushion rose-cut center stone in a halo of .40 carats of pavé Paraiba tourmalines, and accented with .43 carats of diamonds, $10,230, Pamela Froman

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    Inverse Logic

    Jennifer Dawes Design

    This trend will either strike you as really crazy or really cool: Inverted diamonds—that’s setting the diamond in a ring with the table down instead of facing up—are having a moment. “By flipping the stone you get to enjoy the subtlety of the facets and the refraction of light,” explains designer Jennifer Dawes. “Often the faceting is so beautiful and you don’t get to see it when the diamond is set table up.”

    And brides appear to be liking this idea, especially those on the hunt for an engagement ring that’s wildly original—the opposite of basic. “When the customer ‘gets it’, she sees the beauty of the stone and how it creates the completion of a design,” says Dawes. “More and more I see clients shying away from big bling and appreciating a more subtle design aesthetic that is different than anything you can get commercially.”

    Pictured above: 18k yellow gold Etruscan engagement ring with a 1.38-carat inverted radiant cognac diamond, $5,200, Jennifer Dawes Design

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    Inverse Logic

    Polly Wales

    18k white gold Atrium ring with an inverted 1.25-carat blue sapphire center stone and 1.25 carats of baguette diamonds, $15,875, Polly Wales

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    Inverse Logic

    Tap by Todd Pownell

    18k yellow gold ring with five, bezel-set inverted diamonds in darkened white gold, $1,800, Tap by Todd Pownell, available at Esqueleto

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    Exotic Geometry

    Megan Thorne x Ylang 23

    Move over round brilliants and princess cuts: The future is shaping up nicely with diamonds in unusual shapes, namely hexagons, octagons and kites. Look for engagement rings that feature these diamond shapes at the gallery and indie boutique level—you won’t find them at the mall. A variation on this 2017 trend is framing a traditional round brilliant diamond in, say, a hexagonal halo, creating an optical illusion—a novel, yet tasteful way to make a traditional round brilliant diamond look cooler (and bigger, too). 

    Pictured above: 18k white and yellow gold engagement ring with a kite-shaped diamond center stone in a vintage-inspired sapphire and diamond halo, $3,850, Megan Thorne, available at Ylang 23

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    Exotic Geometry


    Platinum Vintage Hexagonal Halo engagement ring with .35 carats of diamonds, $3,860 (setting only), Ritani

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    Exotic Geometry

    Anne Sportun

     14k white gold Hedy engagement ring with a round diamond center stone in an octagon-shaped, double halo detailed with diamonds and milgraining, $4,475, Anne Sportun

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    Exotic Geometry

    Single Stone

     18k yellow gold Jolie ring with a 1.06-carat kite-shaped rose-cut diamond, $13,000, Single Stone

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    Antique Chic


    The popularity of antique and estate engagement rings is a testament to the many brides on a mission to find an engagement ring that is truly one-of-a-kind, something that absolutely no one else will have. Other brides are drawn to the history, rarity and authentic, distinctive styling that an Art Deco, Edwardian or Victorian engagement ring offers. 

    Pictured above: Edwardian-era platinum and yellow gold Tiffany & Co. navette ring with a .35-carat Old European cut diamond center stone accented with single-cut rubies and diamonds, $9,000, Erstwhile

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    Antique Chic

    Jewels by Grace

    Art Deco-era platinum engagement ring with a 1.95-carat Old European cut diamond center stone and baguette diamond accents on the shoulders, $10,400, Jewels by Grace

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    Antique Chic

    Trumpet & Horn

     Art Nouveau era platinum and 18k yellow gold Gatewood engagement ring with a 1.08-carat Old European cut diamond center stone and .25 carats of single-cut diamonds, $10,200, Trumpet & Horn

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    Baguettes on Parade

    Nora Kogan

    These icy, slender step-cuts are typically used as accent stones in engagement rings and wedding bands, but in 2017 they’ll take center stage. Agenda-setting designers are thrusting them into the spotlight with magnificent baguette-centric settings that make the stone’s cool elegance the undisputed star of the show.  

    Pictured above: 14k yellow gold Paloma ring with a .41-carat baguette diamond, $2,700, Nora Kogan

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    Baguettes on Parade

    Suzanne Kalan

    18k white gold Ball Baguette ring set with 3.5 carats of baguette diamonds, $6,400, Suzanne Kalan

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    Baguettes on Parade

    Trabert Goldsmiths

     14k rose gold Organic Baguette Diamond band set with .36 carats of baguette and pavé diamonds, $1,300, Trabert Goldsmiths