Engineered Wood Flooring

Maple Engineered Flooring
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Hand scraped wood flooring is the latest and the greatest thing, so it was inevitable that it would visit upon the world of engineered wood flooring, too. Below, find all the key factors in choosing engineered wood flooring for your home.

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    Hickory Flooring

    Jasper Hickory - Winston Engineered Wood Flooring
    Jasper Hickory - Winston Engineered Wood Flooring. Jasper

    This hand-scraped style hickory flooring from Jasper is seven layers thick, with another seven layers of wear-hard finish on top. This is a particularly good type of engineered flooring for the DIYer because it comes in a range of installation methods, whichever one suits you best: staple, nail, glue, or float.

    This floor accepts radiant heating underneath, too.

    To give this flooring more of a genuine look, it comes in staggered lengths, with the average length being 5 feet.

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    Oak Engineered Wood Flooring That Clicks Together

    Engineered Oak Flooring
    Engineered Oak Flooring from Jasper. Jasper

    Oak wood flooring is pretty much the traditional, off-the-shelf stuff you find anywhere. So it must follow that engineered oak flooring would be popular, too. And it is.

    Not only that, but this offering from Internet retailer Jasper comes in the usual 3 1/2" width and half-inch thickness. So, if you're looking for no surprises, you'll get it right here.

    Best thing is that it clicks into place with their G5 locking system. Bad thing: it will not support radiant heating underneath.

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    Carbonized Bamboo Flooring: Darker, Richer Hues Due To Carbonizing Process

    Engineered Bamboo Flooring
    Engineered Bamboo Flooring. Lumber Liquidators

    This is a misnomer: engineered bamboo flooring. Because bamboo is a grass, all bamboo flooring is engineered. There is no such thing as solid bamboo flooring.

    Bamboo flooring looks great; it is supposedly "green", and it can come quite cheap. This bamboo flooring is carbonized, which is a steaming/boiling process that gives the "wood" a deeper hue.

    Our engineered bamboo flooring choice shown here comes from that legendary flooring price-cutter, Lumber Liquidators. One word of warning, though: in return for the low prices, Lumber Liquidators products are known to have uneven quality, to put it politely.

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    Eased-Edge Maple Engineered Flooring

    Maple Engineered Flooring
    Maple Engineered Flooring - Mullican FootHills. Mullican

    Fair warning: I am biased about this maple engineered flooring from Mullican. It's got a nice silky-smooth, rich finish (looks like solid hardwood). This 3" wide maple engineered wood flooring comes in glue-down or staple-down versions. It is a five-ply wood with eased edges. Eased edges are slightly rounded.

    For a reasonable price, you can install this 5/16" total/0.8mm finish maple engineered flooring in your dining, family, or living rooms.