England and Wales

ID Requirement:


Passport or other identity document. If under 18, a birth certificate is required. The UK prefers to have everyone bring a birth certificate. They will want proof of your name, age, marital status and nationality.

Residency Requirement:


Seven days. Visitors need to satisfy both the residential qualification of 7 days and the 15 waiting days before they can marry in the UK.

Previous Marriages:


If you are divorced or widowed, you need to show evidence such as an original death certificate or divorce absolute certificate with the original court seal. The UK will not accept photocopies.

Covenant Marriage Option:


Waiting Period:

Fifteen (15) days.



At the registrar's office 94.00 pounds; on approved premises 60.00 pounds; additionally, you have to pay a fee for the superintendent registrar's and registrar's attendance and probably a charge for the use of the building. The marriage certificate will cost an additional 3.50 pounds on the day of the marriage.

Other Tests:

No tests.

Proxy Marriages:


Cousin Marriages:


Common Law Marriages:



Same-Sex Marriages:

Yes. Gay marriages can take place in England and Wales beginning March 29, 2014.

Under 18:

If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must have the written consent of your parents or legal guardian.



Certificate of Marriage is valid for one year.
This is not the Marriage Certificate which is given after the wedding.


Further Information:

Marriages Section
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Phone: +44 (0)151 471 4803/4814
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Email: marriages.gro@ons.gov.uk