Enjoying Fall, Winter and the Winter Holidays

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    'Tis the Season for Holidays and Cuddling

    Grandfather and grandson holding snowball
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    There's no time of the year that's more precious to a grandparent's heart than winter holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another winter holiday, it truly is "the most wonderful time of the year." Leading up to that special season, we also enjoy cooler weather and celebrating fall holidays, including one very special to us — Grandparents Day.

    It can be challenging to stay connected to family members during the holiday rush, and even more challenging...MORE to find fun things to do with grandchildren during the frigid months. 

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    Start the Season Off Right With Grandparents Day

    Family activities such as jigsaw puzzles are great fun for Grandparents Day.
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    Summer's over and the grandkids are back in school. Instead of being sad, start planning your Grandparents Day celebration. Sure, it's a relatively new holiday that some families don't celebrate, but there's a noble purpose and a good story behind the holiday.

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    Happy Haunting at Halloween

    halloween kids
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    Did you know that Halloween is the second most popular holiday, after Christmas? Of course you should share the grandkids' spooktacular celebrations! And what is old can be new again, with these ideas for retro Halloween costumes and old-fashioned Halloween fun.

    If you're looking for a new Halloween tradition, try this one. The grandchildren have to tell a joke to get a treat. Understanding humor is an important stage in child development, and learning to tell jokes is a skill that can be...MORE used throughout one's life. Here are some Halloween jokes to get you started:

    The Day of the Dead is a celebration that begins on Oct. 31 and concludes on Nov. 2. It originated in Mexico, but many individuals of many cultures enjoy sharing the traditions. Find out how to celebrate The Day of the Dead with grandchildren.

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    Yule and Beyond

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    "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" That's how most grandparents feel about the holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another winter holiday, make the most of the season by spending quality time with grandchildren.

    Are you one who lives for December 25? Check out these cool Christmas activities and Christmas ornaments to make with the grandchildren. 

    If you're unhappy about not getting to spend the holidays with your grandchildren, learn how...MORE other families decide where to spend the holidays.

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    Be a Good Gift-Giver

    gifts for grandchildren
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    The image of the grandparent bearing gifts is a cliche with some basis in truth. Almost all grandparents enjoy giving to grandchildren. Still, it is possible for gifts to be a source of conflict within a family. Avoid that pitfall by being sensitive about parents' wishes.

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    Fun to Share If the Weather's Frightful

    Grandfather reading with his grandson
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    Some fall and winter weather is glorious, but some is not. On those days when you're stuck inside, here are some enjoyable things to do with the grandkids, with an emphasis on old-fashioned fun.

    Some of the things that you can do on a wintry day require that grandchildren — and grandparents — use their brains.

    Try something that is fun and delicious by baking up one of these cookie favorites. And when you want to curl up and read, try one of these wonderful books about grandparents and...MORE grandchildren.

    Some outdoor activities can be safely transferred to an indoor venue. Make a hopscotch grid by using masking tape on the floor. Hide and seek can be played indoors. Have some crafty fun by painting rocks to hide.