30 Entry Table Decor Ideas for a Great First Impression

small entryway table with books and magazines

Erin Williamson Design

Your entryway is your home's chance to make a first impression, so don't forget to style your entry table when decorating your home. If you're not quite sure how to jazz up this small space and ensure that it looks stylish and not crowded, we're here to share tons of inspirational photos. Below, you'll find 30 beautiful entry table decor solutions that are top notch.

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    Fill a Vase With Fresh Flowers

    fresh flowers on entryway table

    @c.lehmanhome / Instagram

    Who doesn't enjoy arriving home to fresh flowers? Place some blooms from your garden in a favorite vase, and your entryway will instantly look more elevated.

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    Group Together Some Topiaries

    topiaries on entryway table

    @blessedandhumblehome / Instagram

    Topiaries also make for beautiful decor and look gorgeous when clustered together, as seen here. Their weathered pots are very in style and add welcome texture to any entryway table.

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    Light Up Those Lanterns

    lanterns on entryway table

    @kath_cooke / Instagram

    Candles set the tone for a relaxing, calm feel in your home. Placing them in lanterns adds an artful touch to the entry table. This simple setup is so soothing.

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    Cluster Together Some Candlesticks

    candlesticks on entryway table

    @cghome_edit / Instagram

    If traditional candlesticks are more your thing, they look wonderful on the entry table too. Cluster three candlesticks together to create the perfect designer-approved vignette.

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    Lean a Woven Tray for a Rustic Look

    rustic entryway table

    @newenglanddesignmama / Instagram

    Those who enjoy rustic decor will want to replicate the setup shown here. Leaning a woven tray on its side allows the piece to double as art and add dimension to any entry table.

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    Try This Nail-Free Art Display

    leaning art on entryway table

    @thisgirlathome / Instagram

    There's no need to nail art into the wall when you can simply lean a favorite print on your entry table.

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    Make It Festive

    holiday decor on entryway table

    @everyday_alonzo / Instagram

    The entry table is a great spot for displaying favorite seasonal decor pieces. Here, a bunny figurine and framed art print are cute and festive without being cheesy.

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    Stack Some Books

    coffee table books on entryway table

    @gallointeriordesign / Instagram

    Books aren't just for the coffee table. Grab a few of your favorite hardcover titles and stack them up on the entry table to create a stunning vignette that will command your guests' attention.

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    Grab a Chain

    decorative chain on entryway table

    @homeonwoodlark / Instagram

    Chain link objects make for a fun finishing touch on top of a stack of books. They complement a range of decor styles, too, making them super versatile.

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    Decorate With Lidded Jars

    decorative jars on entryway table

    @dd_design_decor / Instagram

    If you collect lidded vessels, group a few favorites on your entry table. You can even stash spare keys inside.

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    Make a Statement With Branches

    vase with branches on entryway table

    @ae_design_ / Instagram

    Clip some branches from your yard, pop them into a vase, and voilà, you've created a stunning piece of entryway decor all on your own. If you don't have any trees to clip from, faux branches will do the trick, too, and there are many convincing styles on the market.

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    Show Off Your Loved Ones

    picture frames on entryway table

    @lsginteriors / Instagram

    Don't forget to print out those special photos. Pick some favorites and place them inside pretty picture frames so that you can always catch a glimpse of your nearest and dearest when heading out the door.

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    Have a Plant Party

    plants on entryway table

    @lygiaharkins_interiors / Instagram

    Love plants? Go ahead and display a few favorites in the entryway. Just be sure that your table is positioned so that your green friends will receive ample light throughout the day.

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    Don't Forget a Dish

    trinket dish on entryway table

    @home_by_martinb / Instagram

    Small trinket dishes are perfect for the entryway—set one on your table so that you have somewhere to drop your keys or slide off jewelry as you come and go.

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    Or Use a Lidded Box Instead

    small box on entryway table

    @edwards_interiors_and_design / Instagram

    Lidded boxes are also smart storage solutions if you worry about little kids grabbing items directly off of the table. Choose an option that complements the rest of your decor so that it doesn't detract from your aesthetic.

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    Grab Some Baskets

    baskets on entryway table

    @saremmy / Instagram

    If your entry table features lower shelves, set out some storage baskets and use them to corral things like throw blankets, catalogs, pet gear, and much more.

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    Set Out a Bowl

    bowl on entryway table

    @ournorthtextashome / Instagram

    A wooden bowl is a great place to drop letters that you need to mail, extra stamps, and other essentials. This one looks right at home sitting on a wooden tabletop.

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    Add Character With Jars

    ceramic vessels on entryway table

    @living_delcidly / Instagram

    Ceramic jars, whether filled with branches and blooms or left empty, are a great way to add texture and bring a collected look to your entryway, whether you source new or antique options.

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    Layer Leaning Art

    layered frames on entryway table

    @kathrynannedesignco / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to layer your leaning art. Grab a few frames in different sizes and cluster them together to replicate the laidback look executed here.

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    Try This Candle Approach

    hurricane glass on entryway table

    @sunlitmountainhome / Instagram

    A glass hurricane candle holder will brighten up your entryway in no time while adding a touch of glam to your home.

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    Spruce Up a Small Table

    pampas grass on entryway table

    @nastihousenicedecor / Instagram

    Even the smallest entry tables deserve some fun decor. Here, a miniature vase of pampas grass adds charm to this tiny nook.

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    Add Vibrance With an Orchid

    orchid on entryway table

    @susanalisoninteriors / Instagram

    What's more beautiful than a brightly colored orchid? Place one in your neutral entryway for an instant pop of life and vibrance.

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    Take a Cake Stand From the Kitchen

    cake stand on entryway table

    @kira_turner / Instagram

    Cake stands aren't just for the kitchen. You can use them to display favorite trinkets on an entryway table, too—how cute is this setup?

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    Show Off Favorite Trinkets

    trinkets on entryway table

    @belleviedemaya / Instagram

    Scatter favorite trinkets on the entryway table to showcase your personality. Just be sure to leave some empty space so that your table appears curated, not cluttered.

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    Plug in a Cute Lamp

    little lamp on entryway table

    @theboyerhome / Instagram

    A small lamp in the entryway is a must. Don't be afraid to have fun with your choice of base and shade.

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    Try a Trusty Tray

    woven tray on entryway table

    @alittlebitofboho / Instagram

    Trays come in handy in every room of the home, the entryway being no exception. Use one on your entryway for fun or functional purposes.

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    Try Out a Sculpture

    bust sculpture on entryway table

    @jonaevilleneuve / Instagram

    If you love bust sculptures, don't shy away from showcasing one on your entryway table. This is where visitors get a first glimpse of all that's to come inside your home, after all.

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    Pile Up Books or Magazines

    entryway table with books

    Erin Williamson Design

    If you're not sure how to jazz up an especially small entryway table like this one, note that stacks of books or magazines are a no-fail tactic.

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    Check Your Reflection

    leaning mirror on entryway table

    @mariannesides / Instagram

    Leaning a mirror on your entryway table makes it easy to check your reflection on your way out the door. The style and size of mirror you choose is entirely up to you.

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    Opt for Low Maintenance Florals

    dried flowers on entryway

    @hattiekolp / Instagram

    Dried flowers are excellent in a darker entryway that doesn't include windows. They require zero maintenance and will shine for months on end.