28 Inviting Entryway Bench Ideas to Welcome Guests

Blue vintage bench in a modern entryway

Mary Patton Design

Incorporate a bench into your entryway to help create a warm and welcoming feel, while also adding style, providing seating, and creating extra storage space.

A bench is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture that can be used in any entryway, no matter its size or architectural style. Besides offering a chance to showcase your personal style and incorporate a splash of color through throw pillows or a seat cushion, an entryway is also highly practical.

Keep reading for 28 inviting entryway bench ideas to welcome guests and greet you at the end of a long day.

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    Storage Bench

    Wood bench with drawers and throw pillows

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Use a bench with built-in drawers in your entryway, and it'll serve three purposes at once—it'll add style, create functional storage, and provide seating.

    This rustic wood bench instantly infuses the space with character and if you want to bring in an additional splash of color and pattern, throw pillows are a great way to do so.

    A bench and a wall mirror are both essential entryway components and to create an interesting design, keep their shapes and materials in mind in order to create a layered and dimensional space.

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    Bench With Built-In Coat Hooks

    Built-in bench with coat hooks

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Incorporate a built-in bench with coat hooks into your entryway and add beadboard wall paneling to turn it into an accent wall. If you don't have a coat closet or want to keep hats and jackets on hand by the front door, stylish coat hooks are a simple and inexpensive solution. Paint the bench and beadboard the same color for a cohesive look.

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    Chunky Wood Bench

    Floating wood bench next to black built-ins

    Michelle Berwick Design

    For a modern rustic aesthetic, go with a chunky wood bench and float it between two walls or built-in cabinets. The streamlined look will keep your entryway clean and uncluttered, and the space under the bench is perfect for storing shoes or baskets with seasonal accessories.

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    Beachy Rattan Bench

    Rattan bench in an entryway with green and white wallpaper

    Calimia Home

    A rattan bench exudes a relaxed, beachy atmosphere and it's a timeless design choice for an entryway. A low-back bench such as this works well under a window since it doesn't obstruct light. For a fun mix of textures, add a couple of throw pillows, leaving enough space for someone to sit down and tie their shoes.

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    Wrap-Around Bench

    Wrap around wood bench in an entryway

    Design by Jess Bunge for Emily Henderson Design, Photo by Sara Tramp

    Whenever you are working with a challenging layout, custom-built furniture is often the answer. If you have a small entryway with multiple corners and nooks, consider installing a wrap-around bench that works with the parameters of the space instead of clashing with them.

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    Round Entryway Bench

    Round bench in an entryway

    Erin Williamson Design

    If your entryway has a large negative space in the middle, instead of pushing all the furniture against the walls, float it to fill the room. Traditionally, you will see a round entryway table filling this role, but switch things up and use a round bench instead. It will make an unexpected design statement that will instantly elevate the entryway and the space will feel more visually balanced thanks to an even furniture layout.

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    Upholstered Cube Benches

    Two cubed benches under an entryway console

    Britt Design Studio

    Instead of one long bench, bring in two upholstered cube benches. They provide flexibility since they can be moved around more easily and can either be used side by side or in two different spots in your entryway. Place them on a staircase wall or tuck them under a console and pull them out as needed.

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    Built-In Bench

    Entryway bench that's part of built-ins

    Kate Marker Interiors

    When space permits, consider installing a built-in bench with surrounding storage cabinets, drawers, and cubbies. Customize it to you and your family's needs. You can treat the built-ins as a decorative feature as well, using a paint color that contrasts the walls, adding texture with storage baskets, and finishing them off with interesting hardware.

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    Rustic Bench

    Rustic wood bench in an entryway

    @milkandhoneylife / Instagram

    A rustic wood bench adds a simple touch, yet a big dose of character. Just because your entryway is narrow doesn't mean you can't fit in a bench—a slim-profile one such as this doesn't take up too much space or block the front door. It completely transforms the space, turning it into a warm and welcoming entryway.

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    Pair of Small Benches

    Entryway with two wood benches

    Finding Lovely

    Use a pair of small benches if you have an awkward entryway layout and don't have room for one long piece. Whether it's a nook under the stairs or a small alcove by the front door, fill it with two small benches to instantly add function and style.

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    Painted Vintage Bench

    Painted blue vintage bench in an entryway

    Mary Patton Design

    One vintage piece of furniture has the power to completely transform a room and give it a lived-in, collected feel. To give a vintage bench a unique look and a little bit of a modern refresh, paint it a fun color such as this pastel blue that ties in the whimsical floral wallpaper and matches the color of the front door.

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    High-Back Bench

    A bench with arms in a traditional style entryway

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    A traditional-style high-back bench is an elegant and comfortable choice for an entryway. If the back is highly decorative, showcase it instead of hiding it behind throw pillows. When choosing an entryway bench, consider the other furniture in the room, both in terms of size—length, height, and width—and style, to ensure the space feels cohesive.

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    Bench With an Upholstered Cushion

    Rattan entryway bench with a custom cushion

    Stephanie Perez

    Make any entryway bench more comfortable with an upholstered cushion. This small addition makes a huge difference, as it instantly elevates even a simple bench, and it provides the opportunity to introduce a fun pattern and color.

    If your entryway gets a lot of foot traffic and a bench isn't just a decorative but a practical feature, use performance fabric on the cushion. It's more durable as it's stain and dirt repellant and can be wiped down for a quick clean.

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    Shearling-Covered Bench

    Sherpa bench under an entryway console

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Shearling has been a popular upholstery material in recent years and it's a beautiful choice for an entryway bench. It looks ultra luxurious yet ushers in a cozy feel and a soft texture, perfect for setting a stylish tone.

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    X-Base Benches

    Two x-shaped benches under a console with an oversized mirror

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Bring in a pair of x-base benches for an elegant and functional addition to your entryway. The x-shaped legs give this bench a sculptural quality that adds visual interest. Place them under a console to save space and pull them out as needed, and choose a fun upholstery pattern to turn them into a unique decorative accent.

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    Farmhouse Style Bench

    Wood bench with coat hooks above it

    Becca Interiors

    Use a farmhouse style wood or metal bench to fill your entryway with timeless charm and an inviting atmosphere. Make it more comfortable with a seat cushion and layer a couple of throw pillows for a cozy, decorative touch.

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    Woven Wood Bench

    Woven bench with throw pillows

    Calimia Home

    A woven wood bench is streamlined and modern but also brings in a nice texture and cool geometric pattern. Use a pillow or two on the bench, or leave it empty to allow the woven seat details to shine.

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    Alcove Bench

    Built-in bench alcove

    Erin Williamson Design

    Utilize an alcove to incorporate a built-in bench into your entryway. It's a great use of space that adds functionality, comfort, and provides an opportunity for you to get creative with throw pillows and a back accent wall.

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    Mid-Century Modern Style Bench

    Upholstered bench with a throw pillow and a piece of art above it

    @thehouseonhillsidelane / Instagram

    Bring in a little bit of mid-century modern flair into your entryway with a low-sitting bench featuring solid upholstery and flared legs. The interesting shape and designer-like quality of the bench speak volumes in the space, so keep the rest of the furniture and accessories simple.

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    Nailhead Trim Bench

    Nailhead trim bench with throw pillows on it

    Calimia Home

    Nailhead trim adds sophisticated detail to any piece of furniture, including an entryway bench. You can purchase a roll of the trim from any craft store and attach it to your existing bench; it'll instantly dress it up and make it look extra elegant, so if you're looking for an inexpensive way to give a piece of furniture a makeover, try this simple trick.

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    Bench With an Oversized Lumbar Pillow

    Black bench with a long pillow on it

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    Sometimes it's not about the bench, but how you style it. Transform an entryway bench with different holiday pillows and create the illusion of a back with an oversized lumbar pillow. Choose a pillow that's close to the length of the bench and hang a mirror above it to create a sense of height in the space.

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    Upholstered Bench

    Upholstered bench with an abstract piece of art above it

    Gray Space Interiors

    For a clean and minimalist entryway, use a bench upholstered in a solid fabric. A neutral color that blends in with the rest of the space will create a calming welcome. To create a little drama and contrast, consider hanging a bold, abstract piece of art above it.

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    Modern Bench With Storage Baskets

    Modern white bench with wicker baskets under it

    Calimia Home

    An open space underneath a bench lends itself well to storage baskets that'll help keep your entryway clutter-free. Go with wicker baskets to bring in a natural texture and a durable material where you can store everything from casual shoes to seasonal accessories and dog leashes.

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    Mixed Finish Bench

    Built-in bench with wood top

    Kate Marker Interiors

    If you are installing a built-in bench into your entryway, mix different finishes—such as natural wood and paint—for a more custom, designer-like look. If you use a bench with a simple design, pop it with pillows that have an interesting print, add some whimsical artwork, or use a patterned floor tile.

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    Set of Three Cube Benches

    Three cube benches under an entryway console

    Rebecca Rollins Interiors

    For a well-designed space, make sure the size of the furniture is proportional to the size of the room. If your entryway is large and boasts a tall, double-high ceiling, chances are, you'll need a long console. If that's the case, use the space under it to store a set of three cube benches for a classic and elegant look that helps fill the space.

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    Organic Wood Bench

    Rustic wood bench with a macrame hanging above it

    @leafandlolo / Instagram

    Infuse a nature-inspired feel into your entryway with an organically shaped wood bench. Wood is a material that immediately fills a room with warmth, especially when paired with items such as a wicker basket or macrame wall hanging.

    Instead of a traditional set-up of a wall mirror hanging above an entryway console table, prop up a floor-length mirror for a modern alternative. It adds height, gives you a spot to check your outfit before you head out the door, and helps bounce light around to make a small entryway feel larger and brighter.

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    Bench in Front of an Accent Wall

    Wood bench in an entryway with wood walls

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Highlight a bench by positioning it in front of an accent wall in your entryway, whether it's wallpapered or covered with vertical wood planks. Emphasize a design style or material by repeating it throughout the space—such as using a light-toned wood bench next to a wood-paneled wall for a modern cabin in the woods aesthetic.

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    Low-Back Bench

    Wood bench under a staircase

    Britt Design Studio

    An elegant low-back bench is a perfect choice for a light and bright entryway that you don't want to clutter with bulky furniture. The low-back design works well on a staircase wall, under a window, or in front of an accent wall that you don't want to block.