22 Functional Entryway Ideas That Make a Beautiful First Impression

modern entryway

The Spruce / Jessica Lombardi

A beautiful and well-organized entryway will make a home feel more inviting. But knowing which steps to take to get the job done may not seem obvious. To help you pack a lot of style and function into your current foyer, no matter its size, we gathered our favorite entryway ideas for your inspiration.

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    Creating an Entryway in an Open Concept Home


    Interior designer Amy Fasnacht from Havenly, an online home decorating service, was tasked with transforming an empty, open concept space without a proper entryway into a multifunctional abode. To accomplish the mission, Fasnacht carved up the room into clearly defined zones for specific purposes. Placing a rough-hewed bench behind the sofa carved out a little entryway. The piece of furniture conveniently located near the front door is a landing strip for grab and go items, like handbags. 

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    Efficient Entryway in a Swedish Apartment


    Not having a closet in the entryway is not a problem for this Swedish apartment seen on Alvhem. A recessed wall deep enough for shelves with a 10-inch depth becomes a handy spot to keep shoes and hang coats. A pendant light, sizeable gilded mirror, and small seat add practical function. On the floor are square ceramic tiles that stand up to wet shoes.

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    Funky Entryway Chairs

    Megan Pflug

    Having a place to put on or take off shoes in an entryway is essential in many homes. We believe that the bench, chair, or stool you decide to keep near your front door should show off your unique style. Case in point: these Eames inspired chairs.

    The molded plastic seats were initially solid blue. Interior designer Megan Pflug gave them a stunning new look with patterned marble fabric. Her decoupage project required three yards of material, which was cut to fit each chair before being attached to the original surface using Mod Podge glue. Afterward, a couple of coats clear water-based polyurethane was applied to the fabric to protect against moisture and stains.

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    Entryway With Midcentury Furniture

    Amber Interiors

    The super talented design team at Amber Interiors out of Calabasas, California, gave a tired ranch house a fresh and modern new look. The revamped entryway is 100 percent swoon-worthy. Anchoring the space is a gorgeous, oversized mirror reflecting the lovely living room. Below it is a midcentury wood slat bench in teak that provides a place to sit or drop off handbags. A rug brings the room warming color. In the corner is a pop of natural greenery. On the right is another midcentury seat made of wood. On top are two sheepskin rugs for comfort. 

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    Black and White Small Entryway

    JWS Interiors

    This cute and tiny entryway brimming with style is by Jennifer Wagner Schmidt Interior Design situated in Fairfax, Virginia. The fantastic foyer is equipped with a glossy lacquer console table with drawer storage. Above it is a faux bamboo mirror in white. Dressing up the walls is black and white wallpaper in a modern Moroccan inspired trellis pattern. Framed art is perfect for personalizing a space. Here, a small print is a nice touch. 

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    Beautiful Porcelain Tile in Hardworking Entryways

    geometric graphic floor tile in entryway
    Centered by Design

    Durable, water-resistant flooring is ideal for busy entryways, especially in areas prone to lots of wet weather. That is why Chicago-based interior designer Claire Staszak from Centered by Design installed porcelain tile in an eye-popping pattern in this entryway. Compared to ceramic tile, porcelain is harder and less porous, making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas.

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    Entryway Solutions for a Long Narrow Hallway


    If your entryway is a long, narrow hallway, behold these ingenious tips from a Scandinavian apartment spotted on Alvhem Makleri. Notice the photo on the right. Mounted on the wall are five sets of IKEA shoe cabinets called TRONES. A set of three costs $40. Next to the front door are slate floor tiles that stand up to moisture and dirt. A machine washable rug tops off the painted wood floor. Next to the long hallway is the section shown on the right-hand photo. Wall mounted shelves double as a coat rack; below is a small shoe bench. On the right is a compact shelving unit.

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    Elegant Small Entryway in a New York City Apartment


    The entryway in this New York City apartment decorated by Murphy Deesign almost broke Instagram. The beautiful trellis wallpaper in ginger jar blue is from Black & Spiro in Queensland, Australia. The gorgeous, geometric console is a score from a West Elm sale. The blue glass faceted mirror is from Bungalow 5. On the floor is a classic, chinoiserie umbrella stand. A gold runner by Lulu and Georgia covers the floor.

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    Simple, Clean, and Rustic Entryway

    Room for Tuesday

    Instead of shelves, Sarah Gibson, the décor blogger who pens Room for Tuesday, went with a useful bench in her entryway. She says it is a particularly handy spot for groceries when unloading the car. The basket under the seat is for hats, scarves, and other outerwear items. The quirky cow and steer coat hooks work with the entryway's southwestern theme. They are also the ideal size for hanging dog leashes and house keys. The eye-catching black and white print on the wall is an engineer print of a photo Gibson took several years ago. 

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    Colorful Entryway Covered in Tile

    colorful grout entryway
    Note Design Studio

    Swedish interior designer Daniel Heckscher from Note Design Studio updated what was once a cookie cutter apartment foyer into a playful entryway using porcelain tile. Covering the walls and floor created a one of a kind space that is moisture-resistant. The square tiles on the walls create a repeating diamond pattern. On the floor, brick style tiles are laid out in a herringbone pattern. Grout in contrasting colors enhances both layouts. 

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    Little Entryway in a Stylish Home

    A House in the Hills

    In this seriously creative home decorated by blogger Sarah Mora, from A House in the Hills, a floating wood console carves out a modestly sized entryway. Above it is a large round mirror that reflects sunlight from the living room windows. A couple of potted plants are a welcoming touch. Another smart idea is the concrete floor throughout the space. It is a durable feature and one of the most significant décor trends of the year.

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    A Natural Wood Pegboard in the Entryway

    Vintage Revivals

    We love natural wood pegboards because they are both functional and extremely good looking. The married duo behind the design blog Vintage Revivals created this beauty for a client's entryway. The pegs and shelves on the unit are removable, so the owners of the home can customize the board anyway they please. 

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    Modern Farmhouse Entryway

    Suburban Faux Pas

    Blogger Krystin Lee from Suburban Faux Pas has a few tricks for styling an entryway at the bottom of a stairway with a ceiling that reaches the second floor. Modern trellis wallpaper from York Coverings extending from the floor to the top of the home's second level sets the tone. A natural wood table from the Wicker Emporium is an elegant touch that does not feel overdone. The white scroll mirror and the two knitted poufs "chairs" are stylish and practical pieces from Homesense.

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    A Console in the Foyer


    Creating a beautiful entryway is child's play with these styling tips from the décor experts at Havenly. Their example uses a simple console to establish an attractive focal point for those entering the home, whether it is centered with the front door or up against an adjacent wall. While the console's primary purpose is to provide a spot to drop keys and bags, it is also an excellent spot for displaying knick-knacks. When decorating your foyer, do not forget about the walls. A mirror surrounded by wall art will make a stellar first impression.

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    A Modern Entryway That Will Inspire You to Be Tidy

    chic black and white tile in entryway

    We believe a beautifully decorated entryway with lots of practical storage will inspire you to keep things tidy instead of throwing your stuff in a massive heap. This gorgeous foyer by Angela Belt at Homepolish, an interior design company out of New York City, is a great example. A porcelain tile floor in a modern black and white pattern is exceptionally welcoming. A vintage shag rug brings room brightening colors. A rustic wood bench provides a place to slip on shoes. A modern wood console adds extra storage space. A black ceramic table lamp offers a soft glow at night when an overhead fixture would be considered too bright.

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    Maximizing Vertical Storage


    A sliver of wall space can expand your storage options in a small apartment. We noticed this ingenious idea in a Nordic apartment on Alvhem. Two lower shelves keep dirty shoes off the floor. An upper shelf with a built-in rail establishes a nook for jackets and handbags.

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    Wallpaper on the Ceiling in an Entryway

    wallpaper entryway ceiling
    In Site Designs

    There is so much to love in this entryway by In Site Designs based in Greenville, South Carolina. First, let's talk about storage. A coat rack and console table create room to park scarves, coats, and handbags. When it comes to style, there are lots of decorative touches that make this foyer welcoming. The turquoise door adds a burst of cheerful color while playing off the framed prints on the wall on the right. Metallic wallpaper in a geometric pattern dresses up the ceiling. Also drawing the eye upward is a star pendant.

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    Entryway Hack for Growing Families

    Courtesy of Pinterest

    Affordable solutions that maximize function at home are always winning ideas. So it is no wonder that this entryway hack is a very popular pin on Pinterest. The unit is an old bedroom dresser painted turquoise. Afterward, small chalkboards were attached to each drawer. Now every member of this family has a place to put their grab and go stuff.

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    Minimalist Entryway With Pops of Greenery

    Plants in entryway

    If you are looking to ditch all of the clutter in your entryway (including the furniture), behold this minimalist space by Antonia, the blogger behind Craftifair. On the left wall are Muuto Wood Coatrack Dots. A set of five costs around $150. On the right is a wall-mounted storage box for keys, sunglasses, and other small items. On top are a couple of small plants that infuse the space with a little greenery. The mirror above it all helps to brighten the foyer by reflecting sunlight from a nearby window.

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    Faking a Tile Floor in the Entryway

    wallpaper entryway floor
    Grillo Designs

    It is a common problem for renters: How do you add style and function to a room if you are not allowed to renovate or even hang anything on the walls? Medina, the decor blogger from Grillo Designs, came up with a couple of solutions. First, she covered up the existing floor in her entryway with peel and stick vinyl wallpaper. (Bonus: vinyl wallpapers are somewhat water resistant and can be wiped clean, making them perfect for families with young kids.) Notice the wire magazine rack on the wall? It was installed using a self-adhesive plastic hook.

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    Neutral Entryway Filled With Natural Materials

    Studio McGeen Neutral entryway
    Studio McGee

    Beautiful pieces in mostly natural materials are what makes this entryway by Studio McGee out of Utah so inviting. The light wood flooring is called Alta Vista Laguna from Hallmark Floors. This stunning console used for keys and bags is gray-washed Douglas fir. Its natural grain lends a rustic yet sophisticated touch to the foyer. Pairing the unit with a set of woven baskets adds more storage space. To keep everything in the entryway from seeming too matchy-matchy, a brass chandelier was installed overhead for a little contrast.

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    Practical Pieces in an Entryway in a Small Apartment

    Functional and efficient small entryway
    Homey Oh My

    Several practical pieces helped Amy, the content creator at Homey Oh My, whip up an entryway in a tiny corner in her apartment. To anchor the space, she added a narrow console table ideal for dumping little items like keys and mail. To personalize the nook she spruced up the table with a ceramic vase and a couple of candlestick holders. The black tray on the right is a catchall for itty bitty things like gum, jewelry, and a mini flashlight. The coatrack on the left is the perfect size for a couple of jackets and handbags.