11 Entryway Rug Ideas to Make a Stylish First Impression

Bright Entryway Rug

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Entryways are an oft-neglected part of the home when it comes to decorating, even though they are the first space people see. A great way to instantly add interest in this area is, of course, with rugs. They offer an opportunity to play with pattern, texture, and color. Plus, rugs provide a soft, warm landing upon entering the home.

It’s easy to opt for a typical doormat — which can certainly look stylish when done right. But, there are plenty of unique, varied ways to decorate with rugs at an entryway, too. Think: interesting shapes, layered textures, and matching accessories. Inspired to get started? Check out these 11 entryway rug ideas that ensure a fashionably warm welcome.

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    Contrast Dark And Light

    Dark And Light Entryway

    Burchard Design Co.

    You can never go wrong with a tuxedo color scheme. Here, Burchard Design Co. juxtaposes moody tones against a light and bright backdrop. The long patterned runner features black and white hues that play off the door. Its length extends to the end of a bench, which mimics the dark hues. A mirror and pendant above round out the palette for further cohesion.  

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    A Play On Pattern

    Colorful Patterned Entryway

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Welcome to the candy shop. This entryway doesn’t shy away from pattern or color, expertly combining unique elements for a whimsical feel. A bold, vibrant rug is placed by the door atop checkerboard-style tiled floors. Notice how the space utilizes primary colors: a blue door, reddish rug, and yellow tiles might seem kitschy, but actually blend beautifully. 

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    Cozy Nook

    Cozy Entryway Nook

    Arbor & Co.

    If your space allows, an entryway is the perfect opportunity to create a cozy nook. This one by Arbor & Co. places a rug diagonally to section off a corner. The rug features a bohemian-style black and white design, complemented by a dark-hued rocking chair, plush throw, and vibrant plants. Rattan and wicker baskets top off the bohemian design vibe.

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    Coastal Glam

    Coastal Glam Entryway

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    This bench setup is another great seating option at the entryway. Emanating a coastal vibe, the rug features casual fringed edges along with ocean-inspired hues of sand and lapis — which match the blues of the framed paddles and accent pillow behind. The rug is cleverly placed lengthwise to fit proportionately with the bench’s size.

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    Layered Neutrals

    Layered Neutral Rug Entryway

    Afro Bohemian Living

    Sometimes, neutral tones are all you need. Here, Mani of Afro Bohemian Living lays a tan woven runner partly over a dark brown doormat. The natural material of the runner matches a rattan pendant above for a seamlessly minimalist yet textural entryway. 

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    Minty Fresh

    Minty Fresh Entryway


    This kitchen entryway is like a breath of fresh air. A mini runner set in black and white plays off striped shades on the door and window sill. Meanwhile, lush plants pose vibrantly against a milky white backdrop. A mint countertop plays off the greenery to top the space off.

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    Moody Moroccan Style

    Moroccan Style Rug Entryway

    Domm Dot Com

    An arched entrance offers the perfect canvas to show off a statement rug. In this space, Dominique Gebru opts for a multi-colored Moroccan style one to add pattern and playfulness. The rug extends from wall to wall for optimum coverage. Plus, the rich hues marry beautifully with the inky-black door. 

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    Warm Tones

    Warm-Toned Cozy Entryway

    Kirsten Diane

     A slim-profile profile mat extending just beyond the length of the door is a perfect stepping stone into this warm-toned entryway. Since another large rug is just a few feet away in the living room, smaller proved to be better in Kirsten Diane’s space. The colors of the rug are complemented by dark browns on the planters, sofa, door wreath, and pendant.

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    Bohemian-Style Oasis

    Bohemian Scandinavian Entryway

    JC Designs

    This spot oozes with bohemian design coziness. A washed-out rug sits beneath a white-lined bench, adding interest while allowing the decor above to shine: namely, a sheepskin throw, plush pillows, and lots of earthy materials. A curvy mirror complements the softness and makes the space feel even bigger.

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    Non-Traditional Shape

    Circular Rug Elevated Earthy Entryway

    LA Designer Affair

    Who says you have to have four corners? Opt for a more fluid shape with a circular rug. Here, Lauren Ashley of LA Weddings & Interiors allows a rounded ivory rug to seamlessly transition into an earthy, elevated space. By using a color similar to the flooring, the darker-hued decor is able to pop.

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    Seaside Hues

    Seaside Hues Entryway

    Thomas Guy Interiors

    A beach-inspired palette never fails — especially with a view like this. Here, Thomas Guy Interiors opted for a simple, neutral doormat that matches the wicker shades. It leads to a larger rug just ahead that pulls together the room, providing a balanced contrast of pattern and color. Atop, a seat and ottoman reflect the seaside hues.