Using Mexican Equipale Chairs in Your Home Decor

Equipale Chairs Are Our New Favorite Furniture Trend

In the world of furniture, every few years we see a new trend crop up. This is especially true when it comes to chairs. There was the mid-century modern trend, then about a decade ago, anything lucite was all the rage. That was followed by the rise of the Acapulco chair. And now, this year, something new is on the scene—the Equipale.

This barrel chair with roots in Mexico is making appearances everywhere from the rooftop of LA's popular Ace Hotel to chic dining rooms in homes around the country. Crafted from tanned pigskin and Mexican cedar strips, Equipale furniture is made by hand with all-natural materials. The seating blends rustic details with an organic shape, making it cozy seating for just about any space in the home.

Let's take a look at Equipale chairs in different environments.

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    Outdoor Dining

    Equipale Chairs in patio dining set.
    April Palmer Landscape Design

    Traditionally made, Equipale chairs are perfect for the great outdoors. In this beautiful outdoor dining room, the seating sets the stage for alfresco dinners in a natural setting. Colorful cushions add a touch of coziness as guests sit back and relax in these casual dining chairs.

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    Equipale Chairs in front of outside fireplace.

    These vintage chairs are reminiscent of an earlier time. Many Mexicans remember them as the furniture that their grandparents would have in their home. They were the ultimate in comfortable seating for family gatherings, a position that they are reclaiming in many modern homes today. This outdoor living space is simple yet gorgeous.

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    Indoor Dining Room Space

    Equipale Chairs around dining table.
    Curated Style

    With Equipale furniture, centuries-old tanning and dyeing techniques can result in variations in color. Chairs can range from light tobacco to much darker hues depending on the dye. In this rustic dining room, chairs in a shade of dark tobacco add to the aesthetic of this cozy space.

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    Living Room

    Equipale Chairs in colorful seating area

    Mexican Equipale chairs are great for adding a global touch to any space. We love how they are featured in the Pod 39 hotel located in the mid-town area of New York City. While busy New Yorkers run around outside, inside, this hotel is a peaceful respite from the bustling city. Filled with global elements, and bright hues, shapely Equipale chairs add to the vibrant cultural mix.

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    Outdoor Restaurant Space

    Equipale Chairs in outside dining area.
    Aqua Haus

    Equipale chairs add so much to the decor of outdoor spaces and indoor spaces alike. These chairs are the perfect blend of modern and rustic, and it shows in this outdoor dining area. Here, the chairs add a beautiful and relaxingly rustic touch to this open space. Equipale chairs are ideal for when you need pieces to do double duty—providing comfortable, practical seating while adding to the overall design aesthetic of a space.

    A departure from the typical tan shade of the barrel chair, the white backing is great for a casual and summery vibe. With these chairs, the more the merrier, as a host of Equipale chairs makes quite an impact when grouped.

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    Kitchen Dining

    Equipale Chairs at Dining Table
    Design Sponge

    We love the global elements in this dining room, the heart of a beautiful Michigan home. A framed African Kuba print adds an artistic element on the wall while woven baskets bring in layers of texture. Around the table, Equipale chairs handmade in Mexico add to the cultural aesthetic. These chairs are perfect in rich spaces with a mix of global elements.

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    Open Living Space

    Equipale Chairs in living room
    Apiece Apart

    This home is a celebration of bringing the outdoors in. With plenty of greenery​ and relaxed seating, it's all about enjoying a natural environment. At the dining table, a set of Mexican Equipale chairs adds to the natural feel of the space. The tanned leather and cedar strips add warmth to this all-white living room. They are the perfect chairs for a mix of indoor and outdoor style.

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    Outdoor Dining Space

    Equipale Chairs at outdoor dining table
    Green Wedding Shoes

    If the tan shade isn't for you, reimagine your Equipale chairs in a new hue. A simple paint job will do the trick. In this beautiful west coast setting, surrounded by cacti, two of the Equipale chairs surrounding this dining table have been painted white. The new shade adds to the color story of this gathering with the table decorated with black and white elements. Just mix your favorite shade to turn your Equipale chair into colorful seating that can be part of any room in your home.