ESPN Game Station from Fisher-Price

ESPN Game Station from Fisher Price
ESPN Game Station from Fisher-Price.

The Bottom Line

The ESPN Game Station from Fisher-Price is 6 games rolled into one big arcade style game station. Your kids can play hockey, basketball, soccer, football, golf and baseball with this fun and exciting toy. Included is an electronic scorer with the voice of ESPN's Stuart Scott and lots of cheering and music too. This comes with a full range of accessories including several balls for the different sports, golf putter, and stick.

This is a great buy for your kids!

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  • Six games in an electronic style arcade provides variety and entertainment
  • Electronic scorer with the voice of Stuart Scott, as well as cheers and music adds to fun
  • Stimulates interest in different games, as well as promotes competitive spirit


  • On the expensive side
  • Assembly may take a while
  • Some games are not as good as the others


  • Six different games are possible with this arcade style ESPN game station
  • Basketball consists of shooting baskets into the basketball hoop provided
  • Football and Baseball games are very similar with throwing balls into the hoop
  • Soccer and hockey are played on the ground with a small target to be hit for a goal
  • Golf consists of a golf ball to be putted into a mini cup
  • Has three different skill levels per game for variety and challenges
  • The canned voice of ESPN's Scott Stuart provides encouragement and says a few phrases
  • Can be folded for quick storage, though one does tend to leave it as it is
  • Has an electronic scorer which cheers and plays music, and provides commentary during the game

Guide Review - ESPN Game Station from Fisher-Price

The ESPN Game Station awes you in more than one way, including its size! It approximately measures 84" high by 32" wide by 90" long, so make sure that you have enough space before buying this product.

It does take a while to assemble, with a detailed instruction booklet, but the overall assembly isn't too bad. There are 6 games that can be played with this arcade style game station, including football, soccer, hockey, golf, baseball and basketball. Undoubtedly, not all games are equally good, with basketball and soccer being better than the rest. The station comes with a complete set of accessories including 2 basketballs, 2 baseballs, 2 footballs, a soccer ball, a golf ball & putter and a hockey puck and stick. The electronic scorer provided adds to the excitement of the game, with an autodetect mechanism which activates when a goal is scored or a point is made. It has happened once or twice, however, that the scorer sensor has failed to detect the ball, but luckily, this doesn't seem to be a regular occurence. Each game has 3 levels of skill, and different ways of playing and scoring. The station can be reconfigured easily to play the different games, so you can be rest assured that your kids won't bore of this product so fast. At the steep price though, you sure hope that they wouldn't! Overall though, this is a good product to go in for, and the included accessories are great too.

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