Essential Boxing Day Food and Drink

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    Easy Boxing Day Food and Drink

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    Boxing Day is a holiday unique to the British Commonwealth. It is a one day holiday on 26th December. Just why and how this holiday came about, you can read here. The history of Boxing Day is fascinating and has nothing to do with the sport of boxing, instead, it is a time to continue the Christmas festivities, and includes, of course, food and drink.

    After so much cooking on Christmas Day, Boxing Day food continues to be rich and festive but will predominantly be served as more of a buffet, or...MORE certainly less formal than the day before.

    This is a day for Turkey Leftovers of course, but it is also the time to bring out some of the stalwarts of the British buffet table; hams, pies, Christmas cake and mince pies.

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    Easy Boxing Day Menu: Savoury Food

    Baked Ham, Glazed Gammon
    Baked Ham.

    A Boxing Day menu is not as daunting as it sounds especially with a bit of stress-free planning using leftover foods, advance preparation and buying a few goodies along the way. The food may be similar to Christmas day cooking but it does tend to be a little less formal, especially if friends or family tend to just drop by.

    Typical British Boxing Day Savoury Foods

    Pork Pie

    Pork pies are notoriously difficult to make and get right, they are also fiddly and even though I like making them there are...MORE many experts out there, so to be honest,  if you are pushed for time then buy one.

    Unless you have had a hungry hoard round for Christmas day there is bound to be some leftover Christmas bird which of course is perfect for the Boxing Day table. It can be served cold, or warmed through slightly with a little added warm gravy, a dollop of cranberry sauce and maybe even a little bread sauce. You can, of course, turn the meat into another dish entirely if you have the time, here are a few leftover recipes to tempt you.

    Always handy to keep a little-smoked salmon on the fridge over Christmas, it keeps well and can be whipped out to add a little fishiness to a Boxing Day Table.

    No British Boxing Day food table would be complete without a traditional ham. Serve it warm, or cold with piccalilli, with spicy, tasty pickled onions, and perhaps a dab of chutney.

    Stilton Cheese is the traditional cheese on the Christmas table but there is no need to limit yourself to just one; the range of British cheese is immense. Follow my choosing cheese guide to help you decide which cheeses work.

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    Boxing Day Menu: Sweet Food

    Christmas Mince Pies
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    There's plenty on offer when it comes to sweet food for your Boxing Day Menu.

    Mince Pies - a Must Have

    No Christmas table would ever be right without a plate or two of traditional mince pies. There are also a couple of variations on the traditional pies.

    Christmas Cake

    is a must on the buffet table, it is good on its own and also works really well with a piece of cheese.

    Classic British...MORE Trifle

    So lovely after so many dried fruits in mince pies and cake.

    A great alternative to a classic Christmas cake, a Yule log also makes a great addition to the Boxing Day table.

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    Drinks for Boxing Day

    Illustration Portugal - Region of Port Wine
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    Essentially, any of the drinks served for Christmas Day will be just as suitable for Boxing Day, the food, after all, is very similar, just not as formal.

    Champagne, of course.

    Always popular in Britain is a  Bottle of Port for Christmas.

    Thanks to Stacey Slinkard you will be able to negotiate your way around the complex subject of  Which Wines to Serve at Christmas.

    Less popular but fun nonetheless are  Cocktails for Christmas.

    If you were organized in October, hopefully, you may have some lovely  H...MOREome-Made Sloe Gin to offer round.

    And, of course, there must always be a selection of non-alcoholic drinks for the non-drinkers, drivers and young people. Elderflower Cordial is always welcome, it is a drink perfect for a celebration.