8 Colors You Should Really Have in Your Home Right Now

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Adding the right colors to your home's color palette is one of the easiest ways to make a big decorating update without having to change a lot. It's easy to slip into the same decorating rut with a color palette that you may have created years ago. It's also very possible that your color palette was not exactly planned, but just sort of happened. By adding some of these essential colors to your home, you can freshen up your decor without overthinking everything or having to start from scratch.

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    Add Drama With Black Accents

    Kitchen with black accents

    No matter what your decorating style is, you can add black accents to your color palette. Black has gone from being considered too modern for most decorating styles, to being a popular neutral in even the most casual homes. 

    The secret to decorating with black is in the sheen or finish you choose. In a casual room, black can be used for cabinetry, furniture, and even doors. You'll want to choose a flat or matte paint sheen to get a relaxed style. With the right lighting, black paint can be used for an accent wall or for a dramatic dining room. Black paint has gone mainstream in the decorating industry, so look for pretty furniture and decor accessories if you aren't ready to commit to black walls or cabinetry just yet. 

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    Aqua Could Be the Most Perfect Cool Paint Color Ever

    Sherwin-Williams HGTV Watery
    Sherwin-Williams HGTV Home

    Aqua is so popular right now that entire blogs and Pinterest boards are dedicated to its awesomeness. The beauty of this fresh color is that you can find a cool aqua that is has a strong blue undertone, or an aqua color that has more green and has more warmth. As a color for your home, aqua is surprisingly versatile. If you're ready to move on from pale blue or sage green on your walls, there is an aqua paint color out there for you

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    Personalize Your Color Palette With a Favorite Color

    Clark+Kensington wall colors
    Clark+Kensington OPI

    It's possible that your color palette just fell into place without much work or planning. A few impulse purchases or great deals can change the course of your decorating plan quickly. If you have a color palette at home that you like, but don't love, then it's time for a change. 

    The easiest way to freshen up a tired color palette is by adding your favorite color. If your closet is filled with red clothes and accessories, but your home outside the closet has no red at all, then something is out of balance. Choose a color that makes you happy, then look for easy ways to incorporate it into your decor. Adding accessories is the simplest and most obvious way to add a new color to your space. A rug, throw pillow, or artwork, can change the vibe of any space in minutes. 

    If you love the idea of living with your favorite color but it absolutely will not work with your existing color palette, you can still find ways to add it subtly. Add your favorite color away from the public spaces of your home. Consider new sheets and towels for your master bath, linens for your kitchen, or even decorating with fresh flowers in your favorite colors.

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    Yes, Gray Really Is the New Beige

    MasterBrand Cabinets

    With so many gray paint color options from a cool blue-gray to a warm greige, you can easily find a color that will work with your existing decor. After years of beige and tan, gray is now one of the top neutral paint color choices. All shades of gray work beautifully for living rooms and dining rooms, but now gray is a hugely popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, too. The white kitchen trend is still going strong, but it's branching out into more sophisticated color palettes. With the popularity of stainless steel appliances, it's not surprising that gray would be the latest trend in kitchen colors. 

    For your kitchen, adding an island or a wall of cabinets in gray will give the space a custom look. Gray is a good color for a bathroom, especially for the vanity, and is something you can DIY with paint for a quick transformation. If you aren't going to be choosing new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you can still make a big change with paint. 

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    Try Color in Unexpected Places

    Paint color and decorating trend ideas
    Benjamin Moore

    Maybe recharging your color palette doesn't require any new colors, but instead a new way of looking at color. Have you heard? Ceilings are the new accent wall. Not only are ceilings now getting a coat of color, but they're also getting pattern and graphics, too. 

    The secret to putting a trendy ceiling pattern in your home is preparation. Intricate designs like this gorgeous chevron design project from Benjamin Moore is more than just a Saturday afternoon project. Make sure you have the right tools, paint, and help. If you are adding a new ceiling color to your space, be sure to sample the color to be sure it's perfect, and considering using an existing wall color, but have it mixed several shades lighter. 

    You can also add color the back of bookcases, glass-front cabinets, and with weekend DIY painting projects. Your color palette may be perfect right now but may just need a little extra help and imagination. 

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    Make Sure You Have the Perfect Neutral

    Beach-inspired living room
    Clark + Kensington

    Your color palette may have a lot of neutral colors, your palette may even be based on a neutral color. If the colors you chose don't seem to be working for you, you may have the wrong neutral color.  The right neutral color will be soothing and relaxing and will create an inviting space in your home.

    Choosing neutral colors is not easy, which is a surprise to most of us. The undertones of the neutral color in your home may be wrong. If you suspect that your neutral wall colors are the problem, try sampling other paint colors. Beige may be the perfect choice for your decor, but you may need to find the right one to pull everything together. The right beige may turn out to be more of a gray or greige, so be open to new ideas when you're sampling. 

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    A Bright Accent Color Can Supercharge Your Color Palette

    Bright living room accent color
    Hoxton/Tom Merton/Getty Images

    Your home may be in need of an infusion of bold color. Even the most perfectly planned color scheme could use a little drama and energy with a bold pop of color. That's the secret to achieving balance when you're decorating your home. 

    You may not feel adventurous enough to install a fuchsia carpet, but you can add touches of fuchsia, or any other bright color, on throw pillows or a gorgeous velvet ottoman. Even the smallest pop of bold color can wake up a tired room.  

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    Copper and Bronze Fixtures Add Warmth and Color

    Copper Globe Chandelier

    Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and lighting add a warm neutral accent color and can be mixed with brushed metals throughout your home. Copper metal accents are popular because copper shows the warmth of oil-rubbed bronze, but is definitely more casual. Oil-rubbed bronze and copper are both beautiful with warm or cool paint colors, in a variety of decorating styles, but really shine with greige and off-white. A dramatic bronze or copper light fixture, like the Quorum Celeste Chandelier from Wayfair, is a great way to add a subtle color accent to your home.