Essential Home Staging Tips for Pet Owners

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    Your Pets Could Ruin your Chances of Getting a Buyer

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    Selling a house is hard enough, but selling a home when you have pets is all the more difficult. Some argue that owning a pet can significantly reduce the value of your home. That’s because when left on their own, dogs, cats and other pets can cause serious damage to household items. While you may become accustomed and not notice the odors, scratches, stains, and other damage they might have caused, a smart buyer will not let it go unnoticed. It can be a huge turn-off, giving an impression of a dirty environment. Thus, if you want to ensure that you get the maximum final sale price, make sure to follow these home staging tips. This will either help to create an illusion that you don’t own a pet or at least minimize any signs that your furry friend is harmful or destructive.

    Helpful Tips to Control Pet Odors

    Pet odor is the first thing that needs to be fixed before you plan to stage your home. Not only it’s very obvious when an outsider enters the home, it’s usually quite difficult to get rid of. So make sure to thoroughly clean up each location where your pet had an accident. For instance, if your cat or a puppy urinated on the carpet, consider removing it along with the pad below. Then clean it up using an enzyme cleaner.

    Hire a Professional Cleaning Service if Needed

    If required, hire a professional to do the job. Finally, vacuum daily till the time your house is on the market. Although, getting completely rid of the odors may require some investment, the benefits are well worth it. 

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    Keep Pet Supplies Out of Sight of Buyers

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    Keep Pet Supplies Out of View

    Even if you choose to move the pet during your house showing, make sure that all pet related items like dog potty pads, cat litter boxes, water and food bowls, bird cages, toys and other accessories are hidden out of view. The mere sight of these items can quickly turn off a potential buyer who is allergic to pets or is just not fond of them. It is also advised to remove any photos of you and your pet pinned onto your work desk or on the refrigerator doors.

    Get Rid of Scratches & Claw Markings

    A few scratches here and there are common in any house, but there will be a lot more in a house with pets. Just like odor, there is a good chance that you have become accustomed to these damages and may not notice them any longer. However, when it comes to home staging, be sure to inspect every inch of your home. In the case of hardwood floors, consider having them treated professionally. Also, are there scratches on the doors, painted cabinets, and the walls? Perhaps, a fresh coat of paint or refinishing your wood floors could help.


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    Take Care of the Exterior and Interior of your Home

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    Don't Forget About Your Outdoor Home

    It is the curb appeal that makes the first impression, so make sure to assess the exterior of your home. Look for signs of any pet damage and treat them accordingly. The most common issue to address outside could be holes in the yard that your dog has been digging. Be it large or small, fill them before a home showing. In order to stop them from digging further, fill the holes with rocks and bricks followed by mud. Consider buying pet supplies and pet toys to help deter them.

    Ask your veterinarian if they have suggestions for how to help your pets stay clean and odor-free.

    Ensure your Plants are Protected From Plants

    Another common issue to be addressed are plant damage. Both cats and dogs have a habit of chewing on plants and other greenery. Replace plants that have damage and try and keep your pet away from them.

    Selling a home can be a stressful experience for everyone, including pets. Ensure you do not neglect them while home staging. Have pets bathed and groomed as often as necessary. Not only will it contribute to your pet’s overall wellbeing, it will give your buyers an impression that your pet and home both are cared for! When selling your home keep in mind these helpful tips for an attractive home to potential homebuyers.

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