5 Essential Home Staging Tools to Help your Move

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    Home Staging Tools like a Furniture Repair Kit are Helpful

    Look for these furniture repair kits online or at home improvement stores.
    Furniture repair kits can be used to fix nicks, scratches and gouges in your furniture. Copyright 2012 by Kristen DiNobile

    When staging your home it is essential to have home staging tools that will help you repair, fix and make life easier for you. Take a look these tools for moving and repairing furniture will make the home staging process more tolerable.

    Home Staging Repair Tools to Help your Move

    Repairing furniture, especially wood or laminate, can be challenging. Furniture repair kits can make this task much easier. They are actually great for touching up nicks and scratches on wood surfaces throughout the home, including floors, furniture, cabinets, trim, and molding. They also work on products that are not real wood, such as laminate.

    Furniture repair kits consist of both markers and filler sticks (that look like crayons). Both are provided in a range of brown shades. The markers are useful for small nicks and areas that look worn out or faded. The filler sticks can be used for gouges or deep scratches. You can blend the colors to match just about any wood tone.

    While it's important to make sure anything included in the home is in excellent condition, such as moldings and any built-ins, it is also important that your furniture looks good as well. Even though you are most likely not selling the furniture with the home, the condition of any of your home's items sends a message to buyers about how well you take care of your home. Don't leave any room for doubt in their minds.

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    Use a Multi-Purpose Tool For Paint Removal and More

    Make sure to keep one of these multi-purpose tools in your home.
    These multi-purpose tools can be used for task throughout your home. Copyright 2012 by Kristen DiNobile

    Paint Removal is Made Easier with a Multi-purpose Tool

    Tired of trying to scrape paint off of electrical switch plates and other areas? Shur-Line makes an excellent 10-in-1 model. It includes a head that can be used for pounding, flip-out screwdriver, crown molding scraper, knife/cutter, nail remover, scraper, paint can opener, bottle opener, and roller cleaner. This comes in extremely handy when you are completing your staging plan. And I'm sure you'll come up with a dozen or more other uses, both for staging and other tasks around the house.

    Look to Easy Furniture Movers to Make Life Easier

    Moving furniture is so much easier with these sliders. You might need a second hand to slide them under very heavy items, but after that, you can move items around the room, whether on carpet or hard surfaces. I have moved entire bedroom sets on my own using these movers. You can choose from a few different kits. Newer versions come with a lifting tool that allows you to lift heavy pieces before sliding the movers underneath. In addition to making the task easier, it also helps to prevent damage to floors that can result when dragging furniture across a wood or laminate floor.

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    A Wire Brush Set Help you Clean Around the Home

    This 3-piece wire brush set is great for the heavy-duty cleaning needed when staging a home.
    These wire brushes are especially useful for the cleaning step of staging a home. Copyright 2012 by Kristen DiNobile

    A Wire Brush Set Works for a Multitude of Projects

    These are amazing cleaning tools for the entire home. They work especially well around drains, along with the base of faucets, and along grout lines on the sink and tub. The 3-piece set includes brushes in stainless steel, brass, and nylon. Each one is suited for different tasks: nylon for delicate jobs, brass for metal items, and stainless steel for heavy duty projects. Many people also use old toothbrushes for these tasks, but I find that these work much better. In my area of the country, it is quite common to have hard water. These come in really handy when trying to remove hard water stains. They have even removed some rusty spots on a sink drain in an older apartment.

    Look for Green Household Cleaning Products

    When you stage your home, cleaning and sanitizing should be a priority. Green household cleaners such as vinegar, water, baking soda, and mild dish detergent can go a long way in cleaning your home. From removing tarnish on silver decorative items to cleaning tile grout in your bathroom, you'd be surprised at how far green cleaning products will take you. Here are green cleaning products to consider.

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