These Essential Items Will Make Your Move Smoother Than Ever

Let's Get Moving

Photo: Valerie de Leon for The Spruce; Graphic: Amy Sheehan for The Spruce

Deciding it is time to tackle a move can be an exciting season of life—it marks the start of a new chapter and new experiences to be had in a different home. But, the excitement of moving is often dulled by the amount of stress that comes with it, unfortunately.

Packing up a life's worth of belongings—and later finding a way to ensure these belongings land unharmed in your new place—is certainly the cause of many headaches. But, the good news is that it doesn't have to be.

As pros on all things home, we have tried a lot of moving materials and products in our day. That's why we are sharing the essential items that you should invest in before you begin packing to ensure a smooth move—and yes, it's possible.

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    A Push Cart

    Whether you are moving into a new house, apartment, or college dorm, one of the handiest tools you can have is a push cart. Save some back strain by placing heavy items and bins securely on the cart, which you can push down hallways and into elevators with ease.

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    Moving Blankets

    In a similar vein to avoid muscle strain, moving and packing blankets are key to transporting your heavier furniture and decor out of your old home and into your new one. The blanket makes it easy to slide heavy things around with ease and protects your pieces from being damaged when transporting them.

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    Blank Labels

    An essential moving tip: label everything. There are infinite ways today to create a labeling system for your belongings, from helpful apps to handwritten lists, and you can back this up by keeping your bins labeled. These large blank labels are perfect for sticking to storage bins. They are large enough to go into as much detail as you please and visible from a distance.

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    Stackable Containers

    A product that you should not overlook: storage bins, and many of them. But, there are a few factors to keep in mind before buying just any large bin. Ensure that the bins come with locking handles, as this prevents accidents down the line, and opt for clear containers—simply because you can keep your belongings in sight and never forget exactly which item are packed in each bin.


    Stocking up on coordinated bins is a great idea, but another option is saving your boxes from online orders and storing some of your belongings in them when it's time to move.

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    Packing Tape

    Reliable packing tape is a must, and if you are reusing boxes, you're definitely going to need this to seal them shut. Packing tape comes in handy in just about every part of the move, from wrapping and securing your breakable belongings to sealing off the infinite amount of boxes you have.

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    Stretch Wrap

    Another multitasking supply is stretch wrap. If you're moving furniture pieces that would require a bit too much bubble wrap to secure, this wrap is just the trick. It has a multitude of uses, including wrapping oddly-shaped things that don’t fit in boxes together so they are easier to move.

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    Water & Snacks

    Some additional essentials to stock up on before you start packing: water and snacks. Remember, moving takes lots of time, energy, and coordination to complete, and it's completely okay to rest in between. Take breaks, regroup, and make sure you are fueling your body as you prepare your belongings for an important new chapter.