The One Item I Could Never Host a Party Without

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I've always been someone who loves to host. Bringing friends from various parts of life together to celebrate something (or nothing!) has always brought me joy. As someone born in August, most of my birthday parties as a kid took place at home in the backyard, and I never tired of planning the agenda, which could be tailored exactly to my liking. There would always be lots of crafts, yard games, and of course delicious food. Now, as an adult in New York City, I've had to dial things down a bit due to, you know, space constraints and age, but you can bet I still absolutely adore entertaining.

Because I live in a relatively small apartment in Manhattan, the world isn't exactly my oyster when it comes to brainstorming various party activities. That said, now that I'm in my 30s, cocktails and chatting with friends over appetizers is generally my go-to "theme" no matter the season. And that's where my favorite trusty entertaining product comes in: the beverage dispenser.

Threshold 2-Gallon Glass Modern Beverage Dispenser

I purchased this leading up to a holiday party I hosted, and I don't see parting with it anytime soon (despite the fact that it takes up a lot of my cupboard space!). This beverage dispenser is great given that when it's set out on my kitchen island, it takes up a minimal amount of space, but it really makes anything I'm serving look more festive. When I host friends in December, I love to whip up a holiday-themed punch complete with cranberries, pomegranate seeds, and orange slices and always encourage their guests to top off their drinks with a spring of rosemary. The punch, which is oh-so-simple to make, always looks beautiful when presented in the beverage dispenser. Given the size of the dispenser—it can hold two gallons of liquid—I can whip up a bunch of punch at once before friends arrive and don't need to worry about replenishing it too much over the course of the evening.

What is actually such a simple punch can look so nice and elevated when presented nicely in the dispenser.

In the summer months, I love serving a rosé based sangria, and the beverage dispenser once again comes in handy for this, too. Simply fill the dispenser with rose, flavored sparkling water or juice of your choosing, and plenty of fresh fruit: think strawberries, raspberries, and even watermelon. Again, what is actually such a simple punch can look so nice and elevated when presented nicely in the dispenser. In the fall, whip up another seasonal punch... spiced sangria with cinnamon, perhaps?

One thing to note about the dispenser is that because it's made of glass and not plastic, it's fragile. If you live in a space with a small, cramped kitchen like mine, be mindful of this factor when storing the item. The last thing you would want is for your precious dispenser to accidentally fall off the shelf and break into a million pieces (I say this as someone who has dealt with my fair share of overstuffed cupboards over the years!). That said, what's also excellent about the dispenser is that at $30, it's ultra budget friendly, so if you do need to replace it at some point down the line, all will be OK. I like how its wood top makes the piece look a bit more fancy and elevated than the plain glass or plastic dispensers that I come across often. When I'm hosting, I'm all about little luxuries of this nature. And speaking of little luxuries, I can't get enough of these cute clear cups. They're so classic and look way more expensive than just $2 each!

Made By Design Glass Rioja Glasses Pack of 6

Feeling ready to purchase this piece for yourself? Go for it, and then get busy thinking of all of the fun beverages you'll be able to serve this summer, from homemade lemonade to refreshing iced tea to margaritas and beyond. Cheers!