Essential Wedding Photos to Take

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    15 Candid Wedding Photos You Can Recreate

    Outside of your wedding party, your wedding photographer will spend the most time with you throughout the day. You want to love not only their photography style but also their personality. Unless you opt to keep pieces from your wedding day or choose to hire a videographer (something else we recommend if your budget allows!), the photos your photographer captures will be the only tangible piece left from your celebration once the final song comes to a close. Your photos are, essentially, everything.

    Your wedding photographer will likely capture all of the classic shots – you and your partner getting ready, the joy you share as your ceremony comes to a celebratory close, and the fun you have with your guests during your reception. However, there are other photos that are equally as important to have: creative candids. These photos capture you, your partner, and your family and friends enjoying your day, and we have a feeling they are some of the ones you will treasure most.

    From first looks with groomsmen to military arches and photos perfect for thank you cards (or announcements!), we’ve gathered together 15 creative wedding photos to inspire you. Rather than gags you may look back on years later and promptly ask “why did we do that?”, these photos are all classic and timeless with just the right amount of whimsy. 

    Photo by Lucy Birkhead via Bridal Musings


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    First Look with Dad

    For some couples, a first look is a given. However, we love when brides (and grooms!) do a first look with their fathers. This capture by Izzy Hudgins is one of the best we’ve ever seen. 

    Photo by Izzy Hudgins Photography via Domino

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    First Look with Groomsmen

    Think about a new take on a classic, and take a first look photo with the groomsmen! Thanks to Whitney Wysong Photography, we can all enjoy the awe on these gents’ faces, and we’re certain they reported in to the groom. 

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    Bridesmaids Watching the First Look

    Mackenzie and Will tied the knot on Nantucket, and the bride and her bridesmaids spent the morning getting ready at her family’s home on the island. Mackenzie’s bridesmaids couldn’t wait to catch their own glimpse of M+W’s first look, so they peered out the window to take in their own view. This capture by Cameron & Kelly Studio is definitely a favorite. 

    Photo by Cameron & Kelly Studio via Design Darling

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    I Loved Her First Dog Sign

    Don’t forget your pup! Finnegan Photography captured the bride’s dog during his or her walk down the aisle, and the sign wrapped around the golden is the perfect reminder—the bride’s dog loved her first. 

    Photo by Finnegan Photography via Southern Living

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    Grandmas as Flower Girls

    There is a new trend among couples in which they ask their grandmas to do be the flower girls. Be warned: your grandparents may become the most talked about members of your wedding party. They will treasure their moment, and we think you will too. 

    Photo by Ashley Elizabeth Photography via Huffington Post

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    Navy Saber Wedding Arch

    Military weddings boast their own set of traditions, and we’re particularly fond of the classic Military Arch formed by members of the Navy post ceremony. The couple walks underneath the sabers, and they often end their walk with a kiss like this one captured by Natalie Franke Photography

    Photo by Natalie Franke Photography via Style Me Pretty

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    Double Film Exposure

    Film photography has made a comeback, and you may have seen what’s known as a double exposure. The photographer exposes the film while taking a series of photos, and the result is a piece that resembles fine art. The movement captured in this photo by Byron Loves Fawn is stunning. 

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    Wedding Day Landscape

    If you’re celebrating in an area that’s particularly picturesque, a gorgeous landscape shot is in order! Paper Antler Photography captured this couple during their wedding day in New York, and the sunset and panoramic views are striking. 

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    Carousel Ride

    Lucy Birkhead captured this couple as they took their own spin on a carousel, and the photo would have been equally as fun if the pair had opted to ride the swings, a Ferris wheel, or a rollercoaster at a fair or amusement park. 

    Photo by Lucy Birkhead via Bridal Musings

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    Embrace the Weather

    You cannot control the weather on your wedding day, and the best thing to do is embrace it! Abby Grace Photography encouraged this couple and their wedding party to take a stroll in the rain under clear umbrellas, and the result is a happy one that makes it seem as though the sun was shining. 

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    Iconic City Landmark

    Most cities have an iconic landmark, and it’s usually a great spot for photos! Philadelphia’s iconic landmark is City Hall, and couples frequently capture photos, just like this one by Rachel Pearlman Photography, in front of it on Broad Street.

    Photo by Rachel Pearlman Photography via Styled Snapshots

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    We Eloped Sign

    If you’re planning to elope, you will want to announce your exciting news post nuptials! Photographer Clarence Chan captured this couple during their elopement, and we love the sign they opted to hold. This would be perfect to print onto cards to put in the mail, and we think it would also be your most liked picture on social media. 

    Photo by Clarence Chan via Intimate Weddings

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    Reception Reveal

    You have spent months planning your reception décor, so it only makes sense to enjoy your first peek of the space during an unobstructed and uninterrupted reveal! Ask your wedding planner to coordinate the moment, and don’t forget to have your photographer on hand. Anna and Spencer Photography captured this couple perfectly. 

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    Sorority Sing

    Sororities have many traditions, and one of them is the members encircle the bride at her wedding and sing their sorority’s song. If you’re not in a sorority, bring a flag from your college or university and ask all of the alums to gather together for a photo. It’s particularly meaningful if you and your love met in college. 

    Photo by Jenny DeMarco via Southern Weddings

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    Thank You Sign

    Don’t forget to thank your guests! Doing so with a photo from your wedding day makes your notes feel even more personalized. Make your own sign or purchase one off of Etsy to recreate this shot by Kylee Yee with ease. 

    Photo by Kylee Yee via Style Me Pretty