11 Essentials for a Cooler Home This Summer

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Dehumidifier set up in a living room

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Seasoned renters and homeowners who go head to head with intense temperatures each summer often have a few tricks up their sleeves for staying cool. Hacks like putting bowls of ice in front of a fan or avoiding ovens and hot appliances are smart moves, but there are handy products to cushion your efforts. Although heat waves are hard to battle, you can equip your home with a few thoughtful items to help you beat the heat rather than simply switching on the air conditioning.

Appliances like fans and dehumidifiers can step in to support air conditioning units, or at the very least help move air around rooms and take away unwanted moisture. While bedrooms may be outfitted with fans and cooling sheets, kitchens are another room that can be prepped with cooling features (think iced coffee machines, ice cream makers, and freezable cups). Outdoor areas are another place that can be well-equipped, too, for warm weather, whether it's through a chic form of shade or mini paddling pool.

So, to supplement your best heat-reducing hacks, here are the products to continue the quest for staying cool.

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan


Beef up your line of defense against the heat with a cooling fan that keeps air flowing. It may not provide the same cooling capabilities as an in-window A/C, but it's perfect for circulating air through rooms, even while you're sleeping. With eight modes of power (including sleep and whisper-quiet options), this model is far less noisy than other fans that might easily disrupt light sleepers trying to make it through sweaty nights.

hOmeLabs Energy Star Dehumidifier

hOmeLabs Energy Star Dehumidifier

Courtesy of hOmeLabs

A dehumidifier isn't an air conditioning unit, but it's a powerful tool to have on hand for lowering the temperature. Dehumidifiers suck moisture from the air, which can eliminate the muggy, sticky feeling that hangs in a room. When this dissipates, rooms can feel much less warm. Shoppers have relied on it in basements, bedrooms, and garages, pleased, too, that the air it releases is typically cool.

H.VERSAILTEX Premium Blackout Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains

Blackout curtains


Block out heat and sunlight with a set of thick curtains. Limiting the amount that gets in through windows ensures your fans and air conditioning won't be working overtime against the elements. These drapes come in plenty of colors and dimensions and over 13,000 people granted them a five-star rating. Shoppers noted that they're useful for maintaining a cool atmosphere in the summer but can reversely keep heat in when winter comes along.

Minnidip Splash Outside the Lines Luxe Inflatable Pool

Inflatable pool


No in-ground pool? No problem. A mini blow-up pool can be the perfect little treat to have on a patio or in a backyard. Fill it up and take a dip. Minnidip has plenty of fun designs that make these summertime accessories feel more like decor than tools for cooling off—including Italian-inspired patterns, bright sunny yellow shades, and marble prints.

nuLOOM Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug
Courtesy of Amazon.

A woven textile can be lighter underfoot during summer, much more so than its thicker and plusher counterparts. An indoor-outdoor rug, such as this one, is even better as it can be used indoors for comfort or placed outside as a homey touch that can handle sun and rain exposure. Some shoppers have even used it to protect their feet on outdoor flooring that gets too hot when exposed to the sun—another heat-busting benefit.

CHICOLOGY Roman Shades for Windows

Roman shades


If curtains don't quite fit your window sizes (or style), a Roman shade might be a great alternative. While they aren't full blackout curtains, they still fold down and provide the same kind of protection from direct sunlight and unwanted extra heat that many curtains offer. A handful of reviewers noted that they're relatively thick and simple to install.

Rabbit Frozen Cocktail Tumblers Set of 2

Cocktail tumblers


There are plenty of ways your cooking space can contribute to staying cool and one of those is having drinkware that stays chilly. These tumblers can be frozen with the ingredients for smoothies, cocktails, and other blended drinks and come out six hours later ready to enjoy. Because of the freezing capacity, beverages won't turn tepid after a few minutes on a hot day, but your hand won't feel numb either thanks to the silicone grip.

OXO Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

OXO BREW Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Swap hot lattes and Americanos out for cold brew and iced coffees when the weather is sweltering. Coffee fans will love having this appliance that's dedicated to making a chilly version of their favorite beverage each day. This small carafe doesn't take up much space, which is ideal for small kitchens. Prep it the day before a heat wave in order to have cold, smooth coffee at the ready.

Bed Threads Sage 100% French Flax Linen Waffle Bath Towel

Green linen towels

Bed Threads

Like linen clothing, towels made of the same material can absorb moisture, dry quickly, and not feel too cozy or warm to the touch. Swap out plush cotton towels for linen versions when the temperature soars to keep you cool after a cold shower. These ones are OEKO-TEX 100 certified and made of 100% French flax linen—making them a quality pick that can help you withstand the summer heat.

Bayou Breeze Larios 108'' Market Umbrella

White outdoor umbrella


Though this doesn't go inside of your house, it's a must-have for outdoor rooms. Shade is a necessary feature for any patio, deck, or porch, and if there isn't built-in roofing or cover, an umbrella is a useful solution. When put up close to nearby windows, it can also help filter out sunlight and heat that may typically get inside.

Luxrite A19 LED Light Bulb 60W Equivalent

LED light bulbs


There are a lot of appliances, fixtures, and objects around the home that can give off a surprising amount of heat—lamps and lights being one of them. Instead of classic incandescent bulbs, energy-efficient options can cut down on the warmth that emanates from reading lamps, overhead lights, and other forms of illumination. Not to mention, they help cut down on cost and environmental impact, too.

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