The Answers Working Moms Returning to Work Are Looking For

Take one question at a time to avoid overwhelm when returning to work

What you need to know when returning to work
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Returning to work after maternity leave can raise a million questions like where will you find high-quality child care or how will you manage it all. Returning to work means leaving your baby with a stranger -- how will you ever say goodbye without crying? What will help you adjust to a new schedule both at work and at home?

There are many questions that need to be answered and we have some of them for you. If you answer one questions at a time you will transition well back into your new role as...MORE a working mom. 

When you transition into working motherhood, regardless if it's your first time, second, or third you will manage a large amount of change. Practice being patient with yourself, family, friends and co-workers. It'll take time to make everything fit well together, but you can do it mama!