Black-Owned Businesses to Support From the Etsy x Black History Month Curation

A collection of planters from Etsy shop Tal & Bert

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amelia Manley / Tal & Bert

February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month, which began back in 1926. What began as a week later became officially recognized as a month-long celebration in 1976. Though it's a time for celebration, reflection, and action, supporting Black businesses and creators should be a constant effort year-round.

One way of doing that from a consumer point of view? Buying your decor and home goods from Black-owned businesses—and there is no shortage of fantastic options. All those exciting trends you've been looking to implement in 2022 are possible with the following brands.

Unsure where to start? Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson shared several tips for incorporating this year's trends into your home, many of which can be brought to life with products from these brilliant businesses (think: intricate woven installations to inclusive illustrations and wall art to modern clay arches). Johnson also went in-depth about how Etsy is supporting Black businesses and creators during this month and beyond.

How Etsy Supports Black Businesses

Aside from shoppers doing their part, businesses have a responsibility, too. There are several ways that Etsy works towards supporting BIPOC creators and shops on its site, and Johnson notes that "Etsy has always believed in showcasing, celebrating, and uplifting the talents of diverse creatives."

She adds: "This Black History Month, we are proud to continue to spotlight Black-owned Etsy shops across our marketing channels, from social media to our blog, The Etsy Journal." Shoppers can also browse the company's Black-owned shops Editors’ Picks page and the Black-owned shops Etsy Team.

The Uplift Makers program is another way in which Etsy aims to support. Through this initiative, Johnson says Etsy provides "financial opportunities to historic artisan communities that often face economic hardship—like the Gullah basket weavers and renowned Gee’s Bend quilters."

Home Trends to Try in 2022

This year will still see a large spike in residents channeling energy into perfecting their spaces. And it's never been more important to do so since the line has blurred between a workspace and a home for many people in the last few years.

"As shoppers continue to spend more time at home, many are decorating their spaces with pieces that are filled with character, bring them joy, and express their personal style—like crystal-adorned planters, heirloom recipe cutting boards, baskets with history, and illustrations that celebrate women," says Johnson.

When it comes to particular colors emerging in the home space, jewel-toned hues will be joining the ever-popular neutrals and Pantone's purply Very Peri tone. "Many are also embracing emerald green, Etsy’s 2022 color of the year, and incorporating the hue into everything from kitchen aprons to luxury clocks." The searches for this shade have amped up since last year, which makes sense as Johnson deems this a "rich and grounding shade," an atmosphere many owners and renters are looking to evoke in their spaces.

Finding and Incorporating Decor Trends

"When it comes to trying out new home decor trends, I recommend pairing trendier accents with neutrals and perennial furniture," explains Johnson. And this year's design trends and concepts have never been more fitting implementing a timeless foundation along with fun, poppy details throughout. "2022 is all about embracing lagom—a Swedish philosophy that loosely translates to 'not too much, not too little'—and this approach perfectly embodies that sentiment, allowing shoppers to achieve the perfect balance of on-trend and timeless decor," says Johnson.

Now, time to finally implement those trends. Below are a just a small handful of the many Black-owned brands on Etsy to put on your radar from now on out to help you create and design the perfect spaces around your home.

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    Rustic Coffee Table from ArcherHomeDesigns

    Farmhouse coffee table


    The perfect addition to any modern farmhouse is this rustic coffee table from Ntebo Archer's shop ArcherHomeDesigns. After discovering her ability to give thrift shop finds a new life, she began making beautifully crafted pieces for homes other than her own. It's a gorgeous statement piece on its own, but it also serves as a stunning base for a collection of books or a vase and candles. The brand has a unique wheeled table, too, worth checking out.

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    Geode Crystal Soy Candle from Tal & Bert

    Terra cotta colored candle

    Tal & Bert

    It's impossible to have too many candles, especially when they're as chic as the ones from Val and Ray Talbert—the husband and wife team that make up Tal & Bert. Their creations are adaptable for any home style and pull inspiration from wabi-sabi, a Japanese philosophy, which appreciates both the beauty of nature and all of its quirks and imperfections. Once the candles have burned completely, their lives don't stop there. The brand suggests repurposing the crystal-imbedded holders as planters or catchalls to extend their use.

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    Empath Illustration from MKobyArt

    Illustration of two women holding hands


    The deep hardships the pandemic inflicted led to people coping in different ways. For Melissa Koby, it was channeled into creativity. With her illustrations, she emphasizes women supporting women and a diverse array of figures and faces. "Women are underrepresented in art, especially women of color," Koby told Etsy. "We’re strong, beautiful, and so much more powerful than the media gives us credit for. It’s my duty to represent us exactly as I see us, and amplify that as much as possible." The stunning colors and composition of each piece make them perfect as standalone pieces or additions to gallery walls.

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    Black Marble Decorative Arch from Perpetual Bliss Co.

    Marble arch decoration

    Perpetual Bliss Co.

    Concrete has become a popular medium of home decor and with the number of ways it can be manipulated and morphed, it's understandably a beloved texture to bring into homes. Perpetual Bliss Co.'s founder Erin Carter started out as an interior and retail designer but began constructing candles and decorative objects out of concrete once the pandemic hit. Her candles are perfect for adding to a tabletop and the arches and bowls make great decorative pieces for empty corners.

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    Olive Fiber Art Wall Hanging from Studionom.

    Olive woven art wall hangings


    This Netherlands-based studio run by Nom crafts stunning art installations that utilize macrame and weaving techniques. She spent 12 years in fashion then branched out to start creating these spectacular art pieces. One on its own adds a gorgeous pop of texture and dimension to a wall, but a collection of three or more is a great design choice for homes that want to embrace a bohemian-style look with a minimal, modern edge.

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    I Can Do Anything Affirmation Illustration from DillyCurls

    I Can Do Anything illustration


    Much of the mainstream artwork and illustrations available for purchase don't accurately reflect the numerous faces, hair types, body types, and people there are. Latanya Nowatnick decided to change that. Her illustrations not only embody this diversity but offer affirmations that encourage and support children of color. Printed and framed, they're a lovely piece to gift to new parents and hang in nurseries, playrooms, and kids' bedrooms.

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    Geode Succulent Planter from Tal & Bert

    Geode planters on shelf

    Tal & Bert

    Just like their glittering candle counterparts, these gem-focused planters from Tal & Bert are eye-catching when lined up on shelves and sprouting with air plants or succulents. Plain terracotta planters and minimal concrete vessels are fine, but indoor plant collections shine brighter when housed in something with a unique twist.