European Kitchen Cabinets: Snaidero vs. IKEA

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    Introduction: Euro Style Cabinets, IKEA, and Snaidero

    Euro Style Kitchen Cabinets
    Euro Style Kitchen Cabinets. Oliver: Robert / Getty Images

    In the battle of European kitchen cabinets, it's the big dogs who prevail. While market conditions and demand dictate ​the pricing of most items, tastes in the U.S. typically don't run in the direction of swank Euro-cabinetry.

    In other words, there is not enough competition to drive down prices. Many homeowners looking for European kitchen cabinets find themselves going to the expensive importers.

    There are exceptions, most notably IKEA. IKEA-lovers in touch with kitchen trends ​will swear that the high-end Italian cabinet manufacturer Snaidero is the true maker of IKEA kitchen cabinets. True or false?

    I have compiled comparisons of Snaidero kitchen cabinets alongside far, far cheaper IKEA cabinets. Short story: you cannot find exact duplicates of Snaidero kitchen cabinets in IKEA form (in a perfect world, right?). In many cases, you can get much cheaper kitchen cabinets which are very much in the spirit of the ultra-expensive Snaidero cabinets.

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    European Kitchen Cabinets: White Cabinets

    European Cabinets Snaidero IKEA
    Snaidero; IKEA

    Left: Snaidero Florence

    White wood veneer over particleboard core for the doors. Melamine over particleboard for the "carcass" or box part of the cabinets.


    High-gloss white melamine surface over particleboard core.

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    European Kitchen Cabinets: Light-Brown Wood Finish

    Euro Style Kitchen Cabinets
    Snaidero; IKEA

    Left: Snaidero Idea

    Matte cherry wood finish. Particleboard panel and covered with polymeric laminate. Carcass or box: melamine over particle board.


    NEXUS yellow-brown finish. Melamine surface over particleboard core.

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    European Kitchen Cabinets - White Traditional

    European Kitchen Cabinet Traditional
    Snaidero; IKEA

    Left: Snaidero Gioconda

    Traditional style with raised features. Feather Grey matte lacquer. Particleboard doors in ​an ​acrylic matte finish. Carcass or box: melamine over particle board.


    White melamine surface over particleboard core. Traditional style with recessed features.