European Outdoor Chef City Grill - Discontinued

European Outdoor Chef City Grill
European Outdoor Chef City Grill. Regarding BBQ Inc.

The Bottom Line

This is a little, lightweight portable gas grill with the features, function, and power of a full sized grill. The internal engineering centers around a pair of baffles (for lack of a better word) that allow you to focus the heat or distribute it. This gives you heating versatility in a single burner design. Under normal grilling you actually get a hot zone around the outside so you have lots of searing space and since you can reach over 500 degrees F.

with this unit you can actually sear a steak. This is an excellent portable grill as well as a great apartment grill.

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  • High heat output for a portable
  • Large cooking area in a small unit
  • Wide range of highly versatile accessories available
  • Easy clean up and grease control


  • Accessories can be a little expensive
  • A little slow on the heat up, but reaches very high temperatures


  • 195 square inches cooking area
  • 10,000 BTU
  • 25 pounds total weight
  • Collapses into a 17-inch diameter ball
  • Uses standard one pound disposable propane bottles
  • Built in piezoelectric igniter

Guide Review - European Outdoor Chef City Grill

This grill has been discontinued in North America and is only available on a limited basis elsewhere.

European outdoor chef has been making gas powered kettle grills for many years now and they have been very successful there. During this time they have been trying to expand their market and this grill is the first to be distributed in the United States.

The years of experience and popularity in Europe have allowed them to perfect the design and make a series of very good gas grills.

This grill is a mastery of engineering. To look at it, you would think it is just another little portable gas grill. Actually, it is one two inches smaller in diameter than a full sized Weber kettle charcoal grill, so it has lots of space for cooking.

The large domed lid will accommodate lots of food. It is capable of reaching very high temperatures (I could get it over 500 degrees F. after about 15 minutes). Yet the whole think packs up into a 25-pound ball that is easy to transport. Best of all the design lets you carry it with one hand.

The internal baffles distribute heat depending on the kind of cooking you are doing. I found that this unit was actually a little hotter around the edges than in the middle. With the high heat output, good ventilation and focused heating you can really do some serious grilling with this unit. You can also roast at lower temperature thanks to the very wide range of control on the burner.

If you need a good portable gas grill, or a small grill for the balcony this is definitely a grill to buy. With the optional "universal pan" and pizza plate you can grill virtually anything. Best of all it will all pack together for easy transportation and storage.

Really, this is one grill that is hard to find fault with.

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