18+ Toys You Should Always Buy Used

Little girl wearing costume in power wheels car
Ben Bloom / Getty Images

Looking to save some money on toys? Are you wondering how to buy used toys?

Every family has a toy that was passed onto them from a prior generation. Popular used toys passed on from one generation to the next are often toys like dollhouses, Hot Wheels cars, board games, Radio Flyer wagons and Cozy Coupe ride-on toys.

Over time, toys can be expensive and difficult for families to afford. There are at least a dozen reasons to buy used toys.

Buying used toys are the perfect way for families to remain within a budget. Passing on and purchasing used toys to other children is also a way to "go green" and support the long-term health of the environment. 

Many toy companies have a commitment to quality and design toys that are built to last, with the hopes they will be passed on from one generation to the next.

Used toys should always be inspected for safety prior to use.  Those who buy and sell used toys should always exercise caution when meeting with unfamiliar people.

There are many choices of durable, well-made toys you should absolutely consider buying used like:

  1. Wooden train toy sets and large train tables
  2. Little Tikes and Step 2 durable plastic outdoor toys such as: basketball hoops, small slides, cars, castles, picnic tables, sandboxes, trampolines and various climbing structures
  3. Wooden Playground Sets
  4. Wagons
  5. Ride-On Toys that include items such as 3 Wheel Scooters, Luxury Cruisers, Cozy Coupes, Tricycles and even Bicycles with Training Wheels
  6. Stationary Baby Exersaucers and Activity Centers
  7. Open Ended Construction Toy Sets like LEGO, Playmobil, K’Nex, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoys, Wooden blocks
  8. Dollhouses
  9. Play Kitchens
  10. Video Game Systems like WiiU, XBox One, Playstation, Nintendo3DS, Nintendo Switch
  11. Video Game toy collectibles such as Skylanders,  LEGO Dimensions, Nintendo amiibo
  12. Fisher Price Little People Pretend Play Sets
  13. American Girl Dolls, Clothing and Accessories
  14. Rocking Horses
  15. Power Wheels Toys (battery operated driveable cars)
  16. Halloween Costumes
  17. Simple battery operated cause and effect toys like musical instruments for toddlers 
  18. Board games, dice games and card games

    Once you determine that buying used toys is the avenue you would like to pursue, There are many ways to buy used toys. 

    Buyers need to decide whether they will purchase from an online website like Ebay or Craigslist. Some buy used toys from neighbors or friends. Many neighborhood communes have online Facebook groups to buy and sell goods locally. 

    All toys, prior to use, especially if they are purchased used should be inspected for safety prior so a broken toy is not passed on to another child posing as a safety hazard. All toys that are sold used should be checked on the CPSC.gov website to make sure they have not been included in a toy recall. Toys that are part of a recall should be discarded. The company should also be contacted for a replacement.

    Prior to buying used toys, do not assume the seller will clean the toy. Wipe down and sanitize the toy, especially if it has been used by families with pets and known allergens in their home.