Everything You Need for a Magical Wedding Night

If there's one thing to look forward to about your wedding day, it's your wedding night! Can you believe that many couples confess they don't have sex on their wedding night? Often, it's because the couples are too tired after such a long, whirlwind day. If you want to ensure you get busy after you get hitched, you'll need the right provisions on hand to make your night a magical and memorable one! 

Whether you're entering into virgin territory or you're an old pro in the sack, these wedding night essentials will ensure you have an amazing night together after you say "I do!"

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    The Perfect Lingerie

    Wedding Night Lingerie

    Sure, lingerie is meant to be removed. Some may say it's pointless. But to make a great impression and add something extra special to your wedding night festivities, picking out the perfect wedding night lingerie is a thoughtful gesture.

    Your new spouse is sure to enjoy the extra effort, and you'll make some special new memories you can think back on for years to come! Best of all, lingerie doesn't have to be expensive. This lace nighty and thong set can be purchased on Amazon for under $12.

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    Memorable Perfume

    La vie est belle perfume by Lancome
    Courtesy of Amazon

    Choose a memorable and sexy scent to wear on your wedding day and your wedding night. Scents are a powerful trigger for memories, so choosing something special to wear on the day you get married is a great way to ingrain these moments in your minds forever. After the wedding night, you can apply this perfume on special occasions, date nights, or anniversaries to bring those romantic memories flooding back. It might even spark some sexy fun.

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    Fun Toys to Spice Things Up

    Wedding Night Toy

    Whether you're a sexual newb or a sensual goddess, having the right tools and toys on hand can really ​up the ante. If you want to ensure that both of you have an amazing wedding night sexual experience, toys can help. Look for something that you can use to stimulate your senses, like the variety of vibrating toys from LELO. They have a variety of fun options available on Amazon with stellar reviews. Don't you want your wedding night to have a five-star review, too? 

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    Candles to Set the Mood

    Flameless candles

    Candles can be a great way to create a romantic ambiance to set the mood for love. If you're looking to make your wedding night incredibly romantic, think about getting some candles to decorate your honeymoon suite. The soft glow of candlelight is incredibly romantic and will make you and your partner feel even more magical in the moment. Just don't forget the matches! For a more fire-safe option--especially if you're staying in a hotel--you may want to consider some flameless candles for a similar effect with less risk. 

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    Bubbly Champagne

    wedding night champagne
    Champagne and Suitcases

     A little bubbly helps to set the celebratory mood of the evening. You just tied the knot and celebrated with your loved ones, but the celebration isn't over yet. Have some bubbly in your wedding night suite to share a private toast. It's a great way to calm the nerves and adrenaline of the day as well as marking the momentous occasion of consummating your marriage.

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    Lotions and Potions

    massage oils

    If you're wanting to make your evening friction-free and extra sensual, consider grabbing a bottle of personal lubricant to make things go more smoothly. It can come in handy if you're feeling a little nervous or on-edge. Find a lubricant that doubles as a massage oil if you need to have your partner work out some of your tension and stress, for a little bit of sensual pampering.

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    Romantic Music

    record player

    Create the perfect playlist to help set the mood for your wedding night. Use Amazon Music, Spotify, or Apple Music to create a playlist you can listen to on-the-go from your smartphone. Music is another powerful memory trigger, so selecting the perfect songs to make love to will help ingrain these memories for the rest of your lives. If you want to make it special, consider using a record player to play your favorite love songs for a romantic vintage vibe. 

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    All the Right Moves

    do not disturb sign
    Sawdust and Sunshowers on Etsy

    If you're feeling nervous, brush up on some wedding night sex tips to make your evening magical. Don't overthink it though. Just relax, be yourselves, and have a fun and romantic time together. Remember, many couples don't even have sex on their wedding night, so just try to enjoy yourselves without doing anything too new or crazy. If you're a virgin on your wedding night, you especially don't want to psych yourself up too much.

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    Stock up on Sexy Snacks

    chocolate fondue
    Courtesy of Amazon

    Food can be incredibly sensual, and some foods are natural aphrodisiacs, meaning they can get your motor running! Assuming you had a good dinner, stocking some tasty and sexy snacks for your wedding night can be a way to make the moment even sweeter. Consider stocking a little plate or basket of foods like chocolate, honey, and fruit.

    A super sexy way to have these treats is by preparing a fondue set with strawberries, watermelon, bananas, kiwis or pomegranate that you can dip into melted chocolate. Take turns feeding each other and sipping on champagne for a sensual treat before you get busy. 

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    Fresh Flowers

    rose petals

    Whether it's a small floral arrangement or dozens or long-stemmed roses, flowers can add to the romance and ambiance to create a memorable evening. You can also consider scattering rose petals on your bed to create the perfect spot to seal the deal. Flowers give off a fresh and lovely scent to a room and help to add a little love in your evening. Allergic? Try scented candles or diffusing some essential oils instead.