Everything You Need to Know When Grown Children Move Home

Seven Key Issues, From Rental Contracts to Health Insurance

An ever-increasing number of grown children are moving back home. Whether it's because of crushing student debt, layoffs or personal crisis, the move is bound to cause upheaval for parents. Here are some key issues to think about first.
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    Apartment for rent
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    Grown children usually move back home for financial reasons. They’re job hunting, paying off college loans, looking for work or saving for a place of their own. So most families wrestle with a basic issue: whether or not to charge rent on a childhood bedroom. About half the 20-somethings that move home pay some sort of rent, but don't fret. There are many options between zero and market rate.

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    How does this even work? How long will they stay? Do you charge rent? And do you still have to wash their socks? Fortunately, happy “re-filled" families tend to have six things in common. They set goals, discuss rent and timetables, and reach an agreement on issues like guests, booze and 2 a.m. noise. Here are their tips.
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    When your grown-up child moves back home, it’s best to be clear about expectations and financial agreements. Some families draw up formal paperwork, others use a rental contract simply as a guide to launch the big discussion. This sample rental contract can get you started on the process.
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    It's natural for parents to wonder if they did something wrong. Heck, we fret about that all the time, not just when a grown child returns to the nest. But when grown kids move home, anger, anxiety and joy are all part of the mix. Frankly, they're usually not super happy about the arrangement either. Here's a guide to understanding the boomerang trend, so you can figure out - or at least expect - the accompanying riot of emotions and find your way to a serene living arrangement.
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    Alternatives to Moving Home

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    Some 60% of young adults end up moving back home, at least temporarily. But that's not a solution for everybody. The friction may be too much for some families, while others, who have downsized to smaller digs, may be dealing with space constraints. So here are three other possibilities for different situations.