5 Exciting Needlepoint Designs for Chinese New Year

Needlepoint Lanterns, Blossoms, Fireworks & More for Chinese New Year

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people celebrate Chinese New Year all over the world. There are parades, fireworks, colorful lights, lanterns and costumes, as well as yummy delicacies to enjoy during the 15-day celebration.

These five exciting needlepoint projects can be easily completed before the New Year festivities end. Grab a copy of the design charts, pull out leftover threads in your stash or indulge in a shopping frenzy for new needlepoint supplies; and then stitch while savoring a...MORE Chinese treat or two.

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    Chinese New Year Lanterns Needlepoint Design

    257Autumn Chinese Lanterns Needlepoint Chart
    Day 257-Autumn Chinese Lanterns Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to About.com

    Work these colorful Chinese lanterns and adapt them to suit your needs and taste as a fitting tribute to Chinese New Year.

    Stitch on fine mesh needlepoint canvas or with waste canvas directly on to a table runner, napkins or placemats for stunning New Year party decorations.

    If you wish, the small motif can also be expanded into a larger needlepoint project including a pillow and wall-hangings by adding an Asian-themed border or working it on Quickpoint canvas.

    You can make each lantern even more...MORE appealing by using four different colors with brighter hues. Experiment a bit and blend your own color combinations to create unique needlepoint items that can be appreciated simply as decorative pieces for this special holiday celebration.

    Here are two important stitching tips to keep in mind:

    • Use only threads that are made specifically for needlepoint to work this simple project.
    • Keep your stitching tension as consistent as possible, bearing in mind that if you pull the stitches too tight, the canvas will distort the work out of shape. If you have trouble keeping your stitches consistent, try mounting the project on a frame.
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    Day 50 Chinese New Year Free Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to About.com

    Join in the excitement of Chinese New Year by stitching these fun needlepoint patterns. Make needlepoint fireworks and a sign in Chinese and English that commemorates the special occasion. Although charted for 14-mesh canvas, this project would look stunning worked on 18-mesh for a finished size that’s a little over 8 inches wide and about 2.8 inches high.

    Use only the best materials available in your stash to make the two patterns easier to stitch (no snags, snarls or excessive distortion)....MORE Check for knots and any flaws that may be in the stitching area. And then, purchase good quality needlepoint supplies to make the finished pieces look beautiful and professional.

    There are so many decorative needlepoint stitches that may interest you for one or both of these designs, but you really need only a few basic stitch techniques. Choose stitches that will create the effect you’re looking for in the finished fireworks and Chinese New Year sign.

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    Peach Blossom Free Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to About.com

    Peach blossoms are important symbols in Chinese culture. Since they symbolize increase, longevity and romance, they are traditionally used to decorate homes and other places of celebration during Chinese New Year.

    This Peach Blossoms needlepoint chart is so quick and easy that it can be finished in a few hours while watching the parade. After working the motif in Continental stitch, add a few rows of decorative edging to “increase” its size and draw attention to the blossoms themselves.

    Choose...MORE “romantic” peach hues to give the needlepoint project depth; and finish into a small sachet filled with peach fragrance that will last “long after” Chinese New Year is over.

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    Chinese New Year is also the Spring Festival. This needlepoint pattern features a stylized design of colorful Asian blossoms that herald in the spring. It would look fabulous sewn on a spring jacket, back pocket of a pair of jeans or slacks, or a totebag.

    You will want to have an extra supply of tapestry needles on hand that can be threaded with each color in the design. That way you will not have to stop stitching to re-thread a single needle every time you need to change to a new color you’ve...MORE chosen.

    Work multiple copies of this needlepoint pattern during Chinese New Year to share with friends and family. They make great party favors!