6 Laundry Tricks to Know if You’re Not a Fan of Folding

pile of laundry

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Let’s be honest: Some household chores are more tedious than others, seeming to go on forever with no end in sight—and many of us probably would add laundry to that list. By the time everything is washed and dried, the idea of folding clothing and linens and putting them in their place can seem a step too far. 

We want to help you find a better solution, so you can actually look forward to laundry day. Cleaning and laundry experts offer their best tips on how to put up laundry neatly without taking the time to perfectly fold it all.

Meet the Expert

Hang It Up

Putting clothing and linens on hangers right out of the dryer keeps them free of wrinkles and negates the need for folding. Karina Toner, operations manager of Spekless Cleaners, says this is ideal for items such as jackets, dresses, and shirts that don’t wrinkle as easily as other pieces of clothing. 

Toner suggests taking this a step further. “Hang clothing items together—a lightweight cardigan over a dress or blouse or a lightweight sweater over a button-up shirt for a professional and stylish look,” she says. “With this simple layering trick, you'll save time on both laundry day and when getting ready in the morning.”

Not enough space to hang everything? No problem. “Consider installing tension rods in closets or under shelves to create additional hanging space,” says Toner. You can also add hooks to the back of doors and use those to hang scarves, coats, and anything else you want to avoid folding.

Roll With It

Folding clothes the traditional way can not only be time-consuming but can also take up a fair amount of space in your dresser drawers. Consider the rolling method which takes less work and less space in your drawers.

“Rolling clothes is a great way to prevent wrinkles and save space and is more efficient than having to fold clothing items individually,” says Toner. “Roll shirts, pants, and socks tightly and store them in drawers or bins.”

This idea can also be used with bed linens. Roll up a sheet set and then place it inside a matching pillowcase. Then, when it’s time to make the bed, you can just grab the pillowcase and you won’t have to hunt for matching pieces.

Use Tools

Many clothing store employees use folding tools to neatly display their shirts. Tools can act as guiding agents since they help people know where to fold on each end. “Tools such as folding boards, hangers, or clips can make the task of folding laundry easier and more efficient,” says Toner.

Lighten Loads

Sometimes we have to trick ourselves in order to make a chore seem less onerous. For laundry duty, that means making more seem like less.

“Smaller loads can be easier to handle and quicker to fold, making the overall task seem less tedious,” says Toner. “It prevents the buildup of laundry, reducing the amount of time spent sorting and folding.”

Doing the job in smaller chunks will help the task feel less tedious compared to if it is done in one whole load.

Bring in Baskets

If you are the only person in your family taking on laundry duty, it's time to share the work.

“Assign each family member a basket and label them accordingly,” says Lily Cameron, a supervisor at Fantastic Services. “This method can help you save time and keep your laundry more organized.” Splitting up the work will take the weight off of one designated person. It also allows everyone to fold and store their clothes the way they prefer.

Baskets can also be a good option for items around the house that might not necessarily need to be wrinkle-free or neat. “For larger linens, simply toss them into the basket without folding,” says Toner. “This can be especially useful for items that are constantly used, such as throw blankets for the living room area.”

Outsource the Work

If none of these tips makes folding palatable enough for you, never fear: You don’t have to do it at all. Many laundromats offer wash and fold services. You can drop off your soiled clothing and linens and pick them up, sometimes the same day, clean and neatly folded.

We all need clean clothing and linens, and we want them to look neat and wrinkle-free. Try out some of these expert tips to make this everyday chore seem easier, faster, and stress-free.