This Designer’s 1920s Cottage Celebrates Pattern and Color in the Best Ways

Plus, there’s a gorgeous porch full of plants.

Florida house by Lisa Gilmore living room with overlay

Lisa Gilmore Design

Owner: Lisa Gilmore of Lisa Gilmore Design

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida. Its location was the number one reason Gilmore chose this home. “I was looking for a home with a yard for my German shepherd pup, Cawshe, and when this house became available to rent, I didn’t think twice,” Gilmore says. “I moved from a high-rise downtown and was so excited to have a quieter street and a lot more space!” The house, which Gilmore describes as cottage-style, sits on a historic brick street lined with crepe myrtle trees—and is just minutes from Gilmore’s studio, the St. Petersburg waterfront, and downtown. “I truly have all the wonderful things about living in St. Petersburg right at my fingertips,” Gilmore says.

Size: 1,300 square feet, with three bedrooms, one bathroom

Florida house by Lisa Gilmore living room

Lisa Gilmore Design


“My personal design aesthetic is certainly a ‘more is more’ approach, and I love celebrating color, pattern, and art,” Gilmore says. “I love mixing fun antique pieces with more modern items. I wouldn't describe my style as bohemian or eclectic, but certainly a touch of that. It’s a little more tailored, so maybe bohemian with a tailored finish.”

That blend of styles fits perfectly into Gilmore’s 1920s cottage, which has original oak floors throughout and features traditional details—such as the living room mantel—paired with colorful art and Gilmore’s personal touches for a space that feels playful and cohesive.

Florida house by Lisa Gilmore fireplace with mantel

Lisa Gilmore Design

Nurturing a Green Thumb on the Front Porch 

“I have loved, loved, loved to explore my green thumb here!” Gilmore says. “I am learning as I go and love every minute of it. My front porch has turned into a lovely oasis where I journal, drink coffee, plan my day, and often unwind, too. My pets love to sit out and watch passersby on their neighborhood walks!”

Gilmore also says that the front porch has become her favorite view in the house. “I personally love sitting on the front porch and relaxing,” she says. “I love to be outside, so listening to the crickets and birds makes it so lovely.”

Florida house by Lisa Gilmore porch with plants

Lisa Gilmore Design

A Naturally Bright Kitchen

“I love the space and natural sunlight [of the kitchen],” Gilmore says. “I haven't done anything structural to the house, and I got pretty lucky that the kitchen is a fairly blank slate and easy to live with.”

Florida house by Lisa Gilmore kitchen

Lisa Gilmore Design

The Bedrooms

Gilmore describes her bedroom as nice and relaxing, with a rusty color palette featuring mixes of blues and greens. “I honestly don't spend a lot of time in my bedroom, but when I do, it is very calming,” she says. 

The second bedroom has been converted into a dual dressing room and home office. “I needed a dedicated spot in my house to work, so I transformed the vanity to function also as a desk area,” Gilmore says. “I outfitted the room with freestanding modular pieces from IKEA, and it's wonderful. I love the experience of getting dressed and pairing clothes, shoes, and accessories, so having this dressing room is a great treat and so functional since the closet space is so limited in a small home!”

Florida house by Lisa Gilmore dressing room

Lisa Gilmore Design

Extra Special Touches

“So many pieces are special to me and have many stories, but I think my most favorite is the vintage area rug I found in the corner of an antique shop in Paris,” Gilmore says. “I brought it home and had many funny stares throughout the airport, but it was so worth it!”

Florida house by Lisa Gilmore bedroom with animal print pillows

Lisa Gilmore Design

“Honestly, my home is just a reflection of items that speak to me and I truly love. When you let your home be filled with items that make you smile, you can't go wrong!” she says.

Florida house by Lisa Gilmore dining room

Lisa Gilmore Design