Exploring Cultures Through Food

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    Exploring the World Through Food

    Exploring different cultures with kids

    The world is a big place. Most of us will never even travel out of the country that we are born in. But that does not mean that we can't explore the world from the comfort of our own home. You can explore different cultures with your kids using food.

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    Pick a Country to Explore

    Pick a country

    Using a globe or a map of the world, let your children pick a country to explore. Write it down. 

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    What Do They See Around the Country They Chose?

    Study the world

    Ask them what they see around the country that they chose. Oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains?  All are important details. Ask the children what they think people in that country would eat based on the surroundings they see. Write it all down. They can even draw pictures of what they see.   

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    Check the Facts

    Explore uisng computer

    Using the computer, or books from the library, research the chosen country with your kids. What are the main exports from that country? What things grow easily there? Look up what the country eats on a regular basis. Do they consume a lot of fish? A lot of grains? Write it all down or draw pictures. ​What are some of the common foods eaten at breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

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    Write a Menu

    Write a menu

    Write a menu for one full day based on things that would be eaten in the country chosen. This includes breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert! Don't forget about drinks too! What is customary seating? Customary dress for meals? Try to be as authentic as you can with this project. You can do this as often as you like for different countries, but a weekly time would work well for exploring other topics about the chosen country as well.   

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    Experience a New Culture at Home

    Experience culture

    Now that you have a menu, it's time to go grocery shopping for your meal supplies. Let your kids explore the different ethnic sections in the grocery store. Try to allow your kids to help as much as possible with the shopping, prep, and cooking. Enjoy learning about cultures from all over the world.