21 Amazing Bedrooms With Exposed Brick Walls

attic bedroom with brick wall

Sara Parsons Blog 

Exposed brick, with its natural beauty and easy warmth, is definitely a desirable trait in homes these days. From New York-inspired lofts to quaint country bungalows, brick walls often steal the spotlight in every bedroom. If you're lucky enough to have one (or more!) exposed brick walls in yours, there are countless ways you can decorate while still maintaining the brick's integrity and rawness.

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    Embrace Exposed Brick

    bedroom with exposed brick and a mid century dresser

    As seen in this modern bedroom from Jojotastic, when it comes to brick, all you need to do is show it off. But if you're hunting for ways to decorate and highlight your bedroom's brick wall, we've rounded up some truly stunning bedrooms that feature it as a design element. And if you don't have brick? Don't worry, you can fake it

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    Modern Brick Bedroom

    bedroom with white brick
    Cate St Hill

    This whitewashed brick bedroom from Cate St Hill is everything we love about minimalistic and modern design. We love the contemporary furniture paired with industrial-inspired white walls. Brick looks instantly chic and modern without a lot of effort—just add a few modern lamps and a side table for a well-rounded and updated look. 

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    Pair Brick With Natural Wood

    bedroom with hanging paper lantern
    Hall of Homes

    Brick and raw wood go together like black and white. This stylish bedroom from Hall of Homes is simply decorated but feels entirely purposeful. The natural pallet headboard and rich wood furniture pairs well with the brick accent wall.

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    Brick in a Boho Design Bedroom

    boho bedroom with platform bed
    Simply Scandinavian / Tumblr

    If contemporary isn't your style, why not give boho design a try? This gorgeous bedroom spotted on Simply Scandinavian's Tumblr is fun, youthful and inviting without coming across as juvenile. Copy this eclectic bohemian look by layering different textures and colors. Either bare or covered in frames and artwork, your brick walls will ground the hippy-inspired bedroom and pull it all together. 

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    Scandinavian-Style Room With Faux Brick Mural

    bedroom with white brick and black frame bed
    Taryn Whiteaker

    Even without artwork on the walls, this bedroom from Taryn Whiteaker is visually interesting and appealing. And what's even better is that this brick wall is a faux DIY job you can do in your own home. The white paint makes it look even more realistic and helps to open up ​the space. ​

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    An Exposed Brick Fireplace

    blue bedroom with a white brick fireplace
    A Jennison Interiors

    If you're lucky enough to have exposed brick and a bedroom fireplace, like in this bedroom from A Jennison Interiors, consider us officially jealous. Whether in a living space or a bedroom, a brick fireplace is a great focal point for the room and allows you to decorate around it. We love the high contrast blue walls and white brick used in this bedroom. 

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    Brick Wall in an Attic Primary Suite

    attic bedroom with brick wall
    Sara Parsons Blog

    Blogger Sara Parsons renovated her attic to create a stunning primary bedroom and decided to leave a brick accent wall exposed, and the results are magical. When paired with white shiplap, the brick feels even fresher and more distinctive. If you're considering transforming your attic, keeping brick exposed is a great way to make sure the space feels warm and cozy.  

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    Brick in a Nursery

    nursery with pink decor
    Project Nursery

    If you thought whitewashed brick walls were cold or sterile, this adorable nursery from Project Nursery is proof that they are anything but. By painting the exposed brick white, the room comes across as girly and sweet while still maintaining a modern feel. 

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    Brick Bedroom With No Headboard

    bedroom with a bed in front of a brick wall
    Casa e Jardim

    Exposed brick is the perfect backdrop for a bed and adds enough texture and interest that you don't even need a headboard. The proof is in this cozy bedroom from Casa e Jardim, which feels inviting and charming despite having only minimal furniture. 

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    Loft-Style Bedroom With White Brick

    loft style bedroom with white brick wall
    Twelve Chairs Boston

    One of the best features of a loft-style bedroom is that they often have exposed brick. But if you're worried about so much raw brick taking over the space, painting it white (or a light gray), like in this bedroom from Twelve Chairs Boston, is a great way to keep the brick from becoming overpowering. 

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    Exposed Brick in an Industrial Space

    Bedroom with brick and a hammock
    Gravity Home

    This bedroom from Gravity Home is very raw and industrial, with exposed beams and an unfinished ceiling, but it also has some fun quirks—like an indoor hammock and twinkle lights to keep it from feeling too urban. 

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    Faux Brick Wall in a Bedroom

    fake white brick wall with a dress hanging on it
    Fall for DIY

    This white brick wall from Fall for DIY is actually fake, but looks just as good as the real thing. We love using a faux-brick wall as a backdrop for an exposed closet or shelving unit. 

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    Whitewashed Brick in an Airy Room

    white bedroom with exposed brick
    My Scandinavian Home

    Brick is by nature raw and gritty, but the whitewashed brick in this room spotted on My Scandinavian Home takes it to the next level. The distressed brick could look cold and uninviting, but when paired with some hygge-approved decor, it looks unique and artsy instead. 

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    Exposed Brick Behind Bookshelves

    brick wall with exposed bookshelf
    Katie McDuffee / Pinterest

    When you have exposed brick, especially if it's only a small accent wall, the last thing you want to do is hide it behind a heavy bookcase. This open shelving from Katie McDuffee on Pinterest is a great way to add storage to your brick bedroom without covering up its natural beauty. 

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    Brick in a Kids' Bedroom

    kids bedroom with a brick wall

    White brick isn't just for nurseries or lofts. This gender-neutral bedroom seen on Decorpad is whimsical and fun, and the painted brick pulls the whole room together. 

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    Exposed Brick and Edison Lights

    room with a bed and lights and a brick wall

    There's just something about string lights that make us feel warm and cozy inside, and when you combine them with brick—like in this bedroom from Chatelaine—they become even more inviting. String some lights across a brick wall or add low-light floor lamps to make your brick space feel extra-charming. 

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    A Modern Brick Room

    bedroom with brick wall and bookcases
    The Urbanist Lab / Pinterest

    This bedroom spotted on Pinterest from The Urbanist Lab is a great example of a space that's both masculine and design-forward. Exposed brick walls can take on a variety of decor styles when paired with the right accessories. 

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    Farmhouse Bedroom With Brick

    bedroom with white brick and farmhouse look
    Northern Nester

    While you may associate brick with modern and loft-like bedrooms, this room from Northern Nester proves it works just as beautifully in a rustic farmhouse-inspired decor scheme. 

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    Brick in a Small Bedroom

    tiny bedroom with a brick wall
    La Maison D' Anna G

    Sure, this bedroom from La Maison D' Anna G is on the tiny side. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in style. The exposed brick wall helps to create a cozy sleeping nook that feels warm, but not suffocating.

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    Interior Windows and Brick in a Bedroom

    bedroom with interior windows and brick wall
    Coco Lapine Design

    This loft bedroom from Coco Lapine Design mixes exposed brick with modern design elements–like a black-framed interior window and exposed beams–to create an open, airy feel and make a small space feel larger.

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    White Brick With a Wood Headboard

    white bedroom with a hanging lamp
    Tribeca Citizen

    It's clear by now that we love brick walls, especially when they look fresh and bright. Pair crisp white brick walls with deep wood accessories, as seen in this bedroom from Tribeca Citizen, for a sense of contrast that's eye-catching and unique.