70 Exterior Paint Colors For a Better Looking Home

Upgrade your curb appeal with paint color ideas that range from neutral to bold

exterior house paint colors

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Deciding what color to paint your house is a big decision that will have daily consequences for years to come. Choosing a light neutral exterior paint color such as white, beige or gray is a safe bet that won't upset the neighbors and will ensure that your house remains buyer-ready if you don't plan to live in it forever. Darker neutrals such as charcoal or black are a popular choice with a bit more edge but require more elbow grease to repaint if you or your real estate agent decides it's time to brighten the mood.

Timeless, crowd-pleasing colors like blue, yellow, red, or green are go-to exterior paint colors that add a hint of personality without stealing the show. And if you love bold color, live in a place where you are allowed to paint your house any color that you want, and are looking to make a statement, there is a world of vibrant hues to choose from that will give your home some stand-out personality and unforgettable curb appeal.

Here are some wide ranging exterior paint color ideas on a variety of houses in a range of styles and settings that will give you some inspiration for choosing a paint color for your home. Remember that paint colors look different in online image galleries and on paint store swatches than they do in real life, where everything from the time of day to the orientation of your home and the light quality where you live will have an effect on the overall look.

To save yourself from disappointment and unnecessary expense, architect Jimmy Crisp of Millbrook, NY-based Crisp Architects offers this wise piece of advice: "Always paint samples on the exterior before ordering the paint."

Here are 70 exterior paint colors to inspire you.


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What to Consider When Picking a Paint Color for Your House

There are several factors to consider when choosing an exterior paint color, from the history and architectural style of your home to the construction materials used on the facade, to the natural setting and surrounding landscape. It's up to you to decide whether you want an exterior paint color that blends in or provides a vivid contrast, whether you live in a beachfront cottage, a suburban new build, a cabin in the woods, or a historic country farmhouse. While painting the house red can give it a whole new lease on life, keep in mind that you can also create a new mood with something as simple as changing the door color.

  • Should you paint the exterior of your home white?

    Even if you decide to paint your house white, keep in mind that finding the perfect shade of white for your particular home can be more complicated than it seems, and take some time and effort to nail down. What looks fresh and bright on one house exterior can look too stark on another; that soft creamy white you think you see in an inspiration photo can end up looking too yellow when you see it in person. Just when you think you have it all figured out, that seemingly simple shade of pure white can end up looking too gray, or too cool, or not cool enough when you see it up close and unfiltered in real life.

  • What paint colors help sell homes?

    If you want to sell your home, realtors advise that you stick to crowd-pleasing colors such as white, beige, gray, and earthy, natural tones.

  • What exterior colors make your house look bigger?

    Lighter neutrals and earthy tones will make a smaller house appear larger. Consider off-white, light yellow, light gray, or other pale hues to reflect higher amounts of light than darker hues, creating an optical illusion or tricking the eye.