Don't Make These 5 Exterior Paint Color Mistakes

Exterior of a home

David Papazia/Digital Vision/Getty Images

There is more to choosing an exterior paint color scheme for your home than choosing a "nice" neutral and a white trim color. Today's homeowners have embraced the curb appeal trend and have given exterior style as much attention as the interior. Choosing the right exterior colors for your home can be simple, but to get maximum curb appeal you'll want to avoid these common mistakes.

You Didn't Start With a Color Scheme

Creating a paint color scheme isn't just for interiors. Before you choose any paint, take the time to create an exterior paint color scheme. You'll want to include a color for the main body of your home, a color for the trim, and an optional third color which can line the windows panes, or even become your front door color. For a pulled-together look that can boost your curb appeal, add a pop of color with a micro-accent. This color works best for yard or porch decor, pottery, and flowering plants.

You Didn't Sample the Colors on Your Home Before Painting

Yes, sampling paint colors are every bit as important on the exterior of your home, as it is on the interior. Sampling paint color is essential, especially with exterior paint color, and may help you avoid an expensive paint color mistake.

Many home exteriors are painted with the "give me a good beige for the exterior" paint color from the store. The problem with this popular approach is that you have no idea of the paint undertones of that color, and how it will look on your home. Sampling paint can give you an idea of what the color will do on your own home.

You Didn't Notice Your Neighborhood Exterior Color Schemes

It would be wonderful if we could choose our exterior paint color scheme without concerning ourselves with anyone else. The reality is that even if you don't have an HOA that dictates your exterior paint color choices, a quick look at the neighborhood can tell you if your color idea is going to be way out of place there.

If you'd like to paint your home turquoise, sample the color on your home and be open to toning it down if the color looks completely wrong for your neighborhood vibe. This little trick can help you when it's time to sell your home.

You Forgot About Your Landscaping

There is more to your home's curb appeal than just paint colors. Choosing the right exterior paint colors includes careful consideration of your landscaping colors. If your front yard features bright green/yellow foliage, then a cool or blue-based green exterior house color may look dull and cold.

Your flowering landscape can also be a problem if one color dominates the front yard. Using a paint color app to match colors, or to simulate a new paint color with a photo of your existing landscape, can help.

You Forgot Your Front Door

Your front door can be like jewelry to your home's exterior. Your home can look nice with the stock white or wood door the builder used, but it can really shine with the right front door color. Your front door color can be used as an accent to pull everything together for your all-important curb appeal. 

The perfect front door color can do more than just complete your exterior color scheme; it can accentuate your architectural style.