Fable's Dinnerware Changed How I Think About Dishes

I didn't know plates could be amazing until I used Fable's

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fable dishes

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In all my years of owning dinnerware—plates, bowls, mugs, etc.—I have never given it any serious thought beyond which size vessel I should reach for. Do I need a pasta bowl for my macaroni and cheese, or will a cereal bowl suffice?

I got hand-me-down dishes from my brother for my first apartment with a friend, and bought the cheapest matching set I could find at IKEA when I moved in with my partner. My thinking was, the star of the mealtime show is the food, so what does it matter how the pretty the venue is?

Now, I realize how wrong I was. I’m a complete convert aware of the power of a good dish now that I own the Fable dinnerware set and mugs.

Fable Home Ceramic Dinnerware Set

Fable Home Ceramic Dinnerware Set

Fable The Mugs

When Fable first sent the base dinnerware set to me to try, which includes four of each of the dinner plates, salad plates, pasta bowls, and breakfast bowls, I was looking forward to using them to arrive, but I didn't know how much I'd love them. Three months later, I’m actually excited to empty the dishwasher because it means I get to use my Fable mugs again.

In speckled white, the dishes highlight the food on the plate. They don’t feel mass produced, like my previous big-box sets did. Each plate, bowl, and mug feels like someone crafted it with their hands, with the slightest variations along the rim.

I could be eating a kale chicken salad, but on the gorgeous Fable plates it feels like an event.

My old plates had a wide curve between the base of the plate and the edge of the plate. The Fable dishes, which are mostly flat with a small upturned rim at the edge, have so much flat surface that I can actually plate my food so it looks purposeful and styled. A kale chicken salad has never looked so fancy. I could be eating takeout leftovers, but on the gorgeous Fable plates it feels like an event.

The mugs were the biggest surprise. I have always been a novelty mug person: my mug with the dancing croissant on it is a Friday mug. The mug that is a New Yorker cover of dogs wearing scarves is the designated soup vessel. A mug with Nicolas Cage’s face in a heart that says, “you’re my national treasure”? Perfect. But I have barely touched my novelty mugs since the Fable mugs arrived. One mug holds all 16 oz. of my morning coffee, and the wider handle truly does make a difference—it just feels cozier to hold such a big mug so comfortably.

Even my boyfriend, who met the Fable plates with a skeptical eye, unsure why we needed to change literally anything in our apartment, is now converted. He prefers the Fable dishes, too.

Next up: I want their dessert plates. If I’m going to eat dessert, I should at least make it feel like a real occasion. And with the Fable plates, that’s what it feels like—every meal is a special occasion.

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