Fabulous Feng Shui Home Altar Photos

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    Get Inspired To Create Your Own Altar

    If you are ready to create your own altar but feel a bit unsure, these beautiful home altars will inspire you. From zen to bohemian, from simple to colorful, see which one can help you create your very own altar.

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    Many Deities Altar

    This colorful altar has plenty of deities to charge the space with strong energy. From Ganesh to Krishna, from Tara to two centerpieces of serene Buddha heads. With a beautiful mirror in the back to double this great energy, this altar serves as a powerful energy center for the whole home.

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    Nature's Peace and Serenity

    rocks on the altar
    (c) blog.freepeople.com

    This simple altar breathes peace and serenity. Filled with candles (Fire feng shui element) crystals/rocks (Earth element) and vibrant plants (Wood element) and set by an open window, this altar is very peaceful and calming indeed.

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    Religious Altar

    Here's a simple religious altar with soothing feminine energy. Love the colors and the lavender flowers, love the beautiful statue of mother Mary.  Notice the blackboard frame creating a good, solid background for the whole altar space.

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    Om Ganesh Altar

     A vibrant Om Ganesh altar with protective, auspicious and active fiery energy. Love the candles, the crystals, the Ganesha statue, and the awesome OM sign.

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    Modern Altar With Crisp Energy

    A modern altar with fresh, crisp energy. Love the black and white color scheme (yin yang dynamic), the feng shui money plant/Crassula ovata, the exquisitely painted Russian egg, the heart, and the graceful Buddha hand mudra

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    Bohemian Altar

    A playful, happy, and bohemian-looking altar with an abundance of crystals and flowers is vibrant and adorable. Don't you just love the tree stump base of the altar? It's very creative!

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    Playful Altar

    Here's an altar with a lot of intention—from specific images and words to the positioning of items and the use of color.

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    Clean Zen Altar

    Love the Zen simplicity of this altar, the small carvings of deities and, of course, the beautiful feng shui lucky bamboo plant.

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    Flowers and Dancing Ganesha Altar

    A joyful and simple altar that can be easily set for specific events—either moving to a new home or sharing a circle with your women friends. It has all the basics of a good feng shui altar—fresh energy (flowers) purifying fire element (candle) and spiritual presence (dancing Ganesha statue).

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    Native American Altar

    A Native American altar with a lot of beauty, power, and honor. From the smudge stick to the feathers, from the leather ornament to the altar fabric—I love it all.

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    Love Altar

    divine feminine altar
    (c) chakradoodles.co.uk

    An altar bursting with healing feminine love energy—love the rose quartz crystal piece and the awesome amethyst geode behind it, the vibrant mandala with rose quartz at its center and the simple angel statue. 

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    Joyful Altar

    divine feminine altar crystals
    (c) unlieusurterre.com/

    An abundance of crystals, shells and a happy feminine figure—this altar is bursting with joyous energy, love it!

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    Prosperity Altar

    prosperity altar
    (c) ivypaths.blogspot.ca

    Here is a prosperity altar with a lot of gratitude energy and power. Love all the details—from flowers to grapes, and of course the candles and the female goddess figurine in the center.

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    Altar Offering

    A simple altar as an offering, created with impeccable respect for geometry and form. Love its energy, love the rose quartz wands, love the herbs.

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    Garden Altar

    Can you create an altar in the garden? Or even in a plant pot? Yes, you sure can! Look at this beautiful love altar—a whole new and magical world in a small but vibrant space.

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    Buddha With a Tray of Crystals Altar

    I love the simplicity and sacredness of this altar! A Buddha sculpture holding a tray of stunning crystals, somewhere in a hidden corner of one's garden. Looks so enticing, soothing and full of magic, too!

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    Colorful Mother Mary and Jesus Altar

    This joyful and colorful altar—with mother Mary and Jesus—studded with jewels, candles and beautiful flowers. The happy and vibrant energy is of reassuring love and freshness.

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    Buddha Windowsill Altar

    buddha windowsill altar
    (c) eckermannfitness.com

    An altar on the windowsill—what can be more simple? And beautiful, too!  Watch the sunset or the sunrise reflected in the sacredness of your altar. Not much is needed except a serene Buddha sculpture, lots of candles, and some rocks, along with amazing mother nature views, of course. It makes every moment sacred.

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    Mystical Feminine Altar

    purple altar
    (c) LastChantsStudio/etsy.com

    Mystical feminine altar infused with the magic of color purple and green, and a sensual goddess dancing and holding the space. We love it all—the fresh flowers, the candle tray, the incense, the fabric, and the jewelry—all so beautiful!

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    Crisp Golden Simplicity Altar

    modern clean altar
    Per Magnus Persson/Getty Images

    Love the golden fiery simplicity of this altar. Lots of candles (fire feng shui element) lots of metal surfaces (metal feng shui element) create a sense of crispness, warm clarity, and genuine joy.