Fabulous Style in a Small Laundry Room

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    Small Laundry Rooms Can Still Be Stylish


    Atlanta-based and Georgia native, Amanda, is a talented gal who shares her decorating, entertaining and lifestyle skills on her blog, Dixie Delights. When I saw what she has done with her small laundry room, I just had to share the results with you. With a good eye for space utilization, color and accessories, Amanda created a laundry room that might just make you want to linger.

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    Think Vertical In the Laundry Room


    After five years of using her front load washer and dryer side by side and storing the laundry supplies on the floor, it was time for makeover. Aside from a great tile floor, the area was pretty boring and left little space for storage or other necessary laundry activities.

    To create room for a laundry sink and accessible shelving, the washer and dryer were stacked. Amanda was concerned about reaching the controls on the dryer but found that it was not a problem. Here are some tips for stacking your laundry appliances:

    • It is best to have a matching washer and dryer from the same manufacturer with front access controls. This will insure that they will fit together and stack smoothly.
    • Purchase a manufacturer's stacking kit. The kits contain metal brackets and other parts that stabilize the dryer on top of the washer. The kits can be customized to the metal or painted finish you desire.
    • Always place the washer directly on the floor because it weighs almost double what the dryer weighs. Amanda's laundry room is on the second floor of her home so she has wisely used a drip pan under the washer to prevent leakage disasters.


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    Every Laundry Room Needs A Great Sink


    By stacking the washer and dryer, there was now room for a deep laundry sink. Until you've had the luxury of a deep work sink, you haven't done laundry. A deep sink is perfect for soaking stained clothes, rinsing off heavy soil, washing large items that won't fit in the washer and even for washing the dog.

    Deep laundry sinks can be installed in a customized cabinet but most free-standing laundry sinks are not very attractive with fiberglass or metal legs. Amanda solved that problem by using some fabric to create a pleated skirt.

    In an otherwise flawless room, Amanda admits that there is one eyesore - exposed hoses and drain lines from the washer and the sink. (Plumber insisted there was no other solution.) Behind the very cute framed quote - "If all our troubles were hung on a line, you would take yours and I would take mine." -  is the recessed water connections and drain line box.

    With a bit of extra plumbing and drywall work, sink and appliances could have switched places and the plumbing hidden. But, that's a lesson for another day and having a sink is well worth the exposed hoses!



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    Hidden Storage in the Laundry Room


    Not only does the fabric skirt work beautifully to hide the less than attractive base of the new laundry sink, it also provides some space for hidden storage. Amanda keeps her basket of clothes that await ironing under the sink.

    Woven storage baskets or bins are perfect for storing extra clothes or dry goods. For heavier items, look for rolling bins for easy access.


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    Create an Ironing Center


    Even if ironing is foreign to your everyday laundry routine, there are times that ironing is required. When that happens, why not make your life easier by having everything you need right at hand.

    This bracket holds the ironing board securely and stores the iron in the same tidy space. You will be much more likely to give something a quick press if you don't have to drag the ironing board out from a closet or from under the bed.

    Amanda loves everything Lily Pulitzer. And, while Lily doesn't offer ironing board covers (you could buy a sheet and make your own), there are dozens of ironing board covers in designer colors and designs.

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    Laundry Room Storage Is A Must Have


    With just some basic shelves and brackets from the home improvement store and matching woven storage bins, Amanda created attractive and essential storage for laundry supplies. Everything she needs for stain removal - spray bottles, brushes and products - are right at her fingertips.

    One of my favorite touches are the repurposed glass beverage dispensers to hold liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener. They are attractive and functional. Just keep a measuring cup at hand to be sure that you don't use too much! Front load washers need only two teaspoons of high-efficiency detergent per load.


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    Final Touches for Laundry Room Style


    Since Amanda's laundry room does not have windows, great lighting is a must. Amanda replaced the overhead fixture and chose a great paint color that allows light to bounce around the room.

    Adding artwork that you enjoy also improves "the view" while doing laundry. Choose prints or family photos that make you smile. Amanda choose a print of her family tree and a photo of her grandfather as a young boy.

    What a great space!