A Dozen Must-See Facebook Pages For Bird Enthusiasts

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    A Dozen Must-See Facebook Pages For Bird Enthusiasts

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    Facebook is more than just a social media website. Trust me, there’s a lot of valuable information being shared that makes finding new information easier. Organizations such as the World Parrot Trust, The American Federation of Aviculture, Phoenix Landing, and various sources of accurate and timely information all have Facebook pages and they all feature some great articles and websites that can be a valuable tool in getting the latest and most accurate information out there. In a nutshell,...MORE Facebook is a lot more than just funny cat videos. There are more that I will be featuring in future articles, but to get started, here are twelve excellent pages on Facebook for people who love their birds. 

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    Avian Raw Whole Food Nutrition

    Jason Crean. Photo Courtesy of Jason Crean

    Avian Raw Whole Food Nutrition is an excellent group for people who are interested in learning more about raw food for their companion birds. Run by Jason Crean, a biology teacher and aviculture speaker, this group was "...created to accompany the information disseminated by Jason Crean in his lectures to avian groups across the country. The philosophy of the group is simple: feeding an abundance of raw, whole foods is what our birds need to thrive and this is a place for sharing different...MORE methods in which to do so."

    It is an excellent page at Facebook and is focused on the benefits of raw food presented with scientific facts and explanations. There are wonderful new ideas offered almost every day with absolutely zero drama. 

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    The Parrot's Pantry

    Chopping At The Parrot's Pantry. Patricia Sund

    I love The Parrot's Pantry. I'm a little biased about this one because I am an administrator of the group. But I have to say it's an excellent group with almost 18,000 members. It has great images and fabulous ideas on how to feed your birds nutritiously and imaginatively. The shared images are amazing! This is what they say about themselves: "The Parrot's Pantry is a group of people dedicated to feeding their parrots healthy, nutritious and enriching foods to improve all...MORE aspects of their quality of life. We share healthy parrot recipes and meal ideas."

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    The Parrot's Workshop

    Illustration by Robert Seymour/Parrots Workshop

    The Parrot's Workshop is a wonderful place to get ideas for homemade bird toys. They have terrific ideas and concepts. They describe their page this way: "The Parrot's Workshop was created to be a place where people can share their ideas and sources for making toys, perches, playstands, play areas, and any other items that will enrich the lives of parrots living in our home."

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    The American Federation Of Aviculture

    Photo: Courtesy of American Federation of Aviculture

    The American Federation Of Aviculture was founded in 1974 and "promotes the advancement of aviculture through educational programs that enable better husbandry, management, and living conditions for exotic birds; promote avian research and conservation of exotic birds; keep our members aware of legislative issues that affect aviculture and aviculturists and keep legislators aware of the need for fair and equitable regulations." They are very motivated to provide education and support...MORE to aviculture enthusiasts everywhere. 

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    Feathered Angels

    Feathered Angels

    Feathered Angels discusses and shares information on proper avian care. This includes Nutrition, Health, Behavior, and Enrichment. They are a friendly group and they share some wonderful ideas and lots of avian information on caring for companion birds. It's a drama-free group!

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    Kathy LaFollett/Flockcall

    Flock call is all about the companion parrot "Lifestyle." And it is indeed a lifestyle. This Facbook page supports an excellent blog by Kathy LaFollet. It encourages people to share their life experiences with their birds. 

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    Home Aviary Design

    Photo Courtesy of Home Aviary Design

    Home Aviary Design is a group that discusses and shares home aviary designs, construction, materials, and concerns as well as furnishing and decorating tips. They have wonderful designs and ideas for home aviaries as well as backyard versions.

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    The Animal Behavior Center

    Lara Joseph with Rocky. Lara Joseph/Animal Behavior Center

    The Animal Behavior Center which was started by Lara Joseph has a simple message: "We are an educational center for all animal caretakers promoting positive reinforcement interaction and training. We strive to provide continual learning environments through mental and physical enrichment based on the individual animal." Lara does good work teaching these principles. 

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    Parrot Nation

    Patricia Sund/Robert Sacha Graphic Design

    Parrot Nation happens to be my page at Facebook where I share articles here at this website and other useful websites. it began as a promotional page for my blog and has become the Facebook page for this website. Most of the posts are educational in nature. 

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    World Parrot Trust

    Valdir Hobus/ World Parrot Trust

    Founded in 1989, the World Parrot Trust has been tirelessly working in parrot conservation. They describe themselves as having "led conservation and welfare projects in 42 countries for 66 species of parrots, focusing its efforts on the deployment of immediate and long-term conservation strategies built on established scientific principals, as well as effective bird welfare advocacy efforts." They have 4 objectives:

    1) Restore and protect populations of wild parrots and their native...MORE habitats;
    2) Promote awareness of the threats to all parrots, captive and wild;
    3) End the trade in wild-caught parrots;
    4) Educate the parrot caregivers and the general public on high standards for the care of pet parrots

    They are indeed an honorable organization. 

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    Phoenix Landing

    Photo Courtesy of Phoenix Landing

    Phoenix Landing  has been "HELPING PARROTS through Adoption, Education and Refuge" since the year 2000. Founder Ann Brooks has been helping parrots and people with adoption and education and has done a fabulous job! It's a wonderful non-profit organization.

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    Florida Parrot Rescue

    Photo Courtesy Of Florida Parrot Rescue

     Florida Parrot Rescue is a non-profit organization that "is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of companion parrots. We strive to educate parrot owners on proper handling and care of parrots." I've worked with this group and they do a wonderful job educating people as well as finding homes for birds in need.