Fair Housing Protected Classes FAQ

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Tenants and prospective tenants alike all too often get discriminated against by their landlord, property manager, broker, or other housing professional. If you believe you're being unfairly singled out, the first step in knowing whether you're the victim of illegal housing discrimination is understanding "protected classes."
Q: What is a "protected class"?
A: The term "protected class" refers to a group of people whom the law protects against illegal...

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Q: What are the protected classes under federal law?
A: The Fair Housing Act, which is the federal law governing housing discrimination, includes the following... Read more

Q: Race and color seem so similar. What's the difference?
A: These two protected classes may seem the same, but they're actually a little different... Read more

Q: Are only physical disabilities covered?
A: No. Federal law protects you against discrimination from your landlord... Read more

Q: Is atheism protected?
A: Although not specifically mentioned under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), atheism is... Read more

Q: What does "familial status" cover?
A: "Familial status" protects families with children (under 18) from housing discrimination... Read more

Q: Is sexual harassment protected by fair housing law?
A: Courts have held that the law's ban on housing discrimination based on sex includes coverage for claims of sexual harassment.

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Q: What about sexual orientation? Is that a protected class?
A: Federal law does not protect people against housing discrimination based on their sexual orientation... Read more