Fairy Party Games

Sparkling magic wand
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Throwing a party in the enchanted forest? Everyone knows restless fairies may become mischievous, so be sure to plan plenty of games to keep the pixies on their toes.

Fairy Freeze Tag

This game requires one player to be the good fairy and one to be the bad fairy. Give a fairy wand to each of these two. The bad fairy’s wand has the power to freeze while the good fairy’s wand has the power to unfreeze. The rest of the players run around the play space, trying not to get tagged by the bad fairy’s wand. When a player does get tagged, she must freeze in place. The good fairy’s job is to try and unfreeze any frozen players (by tapping them with a wand) without being caught by the bad fairy. If the good fairy is tagged, they become a bad fairy.

Pixie Dust Relay

Turn an ordinary sandbox into a pool of pixie dust by mixing glitter with the sand. Divide the players into two teams. Give each team a bottle and a spoon. The first players in line must race to the pool of pixie dust, scoop out a spoonful and carry it back to the starting place, spilling as little as possible. The spoons of sand then get poured into the bottles (use a funnel if needed) and the spoons are handed to the next players. The first team to fill their bottle wins.

Musical Mushrooms

Set up the play area for a typical game of musical chairs. From the poster board, make several cut-outs in the shape of toadstools. Use poster paint, crayons or colored markers to color them red with white dots. Tape the toadstools to the backs of the chairs. Play some fairy-themed music and have the kids play the game in the traditional manner.

Another way to play this game is to tape mushroom cut-outs to the floor and have the kids sit on them instead of on chairs when the music stops.

Earn Your Wings

If you’re planning to give out fairy wings at your party, this game is a fun way to do it. Start by writing several tasks on small pieces of paper. Fold the papers and insert them into red balloons. Blow up the balloons and decorate them with white, round stickers to make them look like mushroom tops. Then, scatter the balloons around the garden.

Gather the fairies and tell them that in order to earn their wings, they must find a mushroom balloon, sit on it until it pops and retrieve the command that is inside. The fairies must bring their commands to the holder of the wings (a parent) and perform the written task. The holder bestows the wings upon a fairy when they complete the task.
Tasks can be as simple or extravagant as you desire, and should probably be decided according to the age of the players. Some ideas include:

  • Balance a fairy wand on your head.
  • Flutter around the party space on your tip-toes.
  • Make up a fairy rhyme.
  • Name three famous fairies.
  • Draw a flower.

Free the Fairies

For this game, you will need one small, toy fairy figurine or doll per player. If you don’t have figurines, you can use printed images of fairies instead. Hide the fairies around the party space. Tell the guests that their fairy friends have been captured and hidden by the evil fairy queen. Each player must find a fairy and set them free. When a player returns with a fairy, they are awarded a small prize. Suggestions for prizes include glow bracelets, glitter nail polish, bottles of bubbles and pixie sticks.

Fairy Costume Relay

You will need two sets of the following items: fairy tutu, slippers, halo, and wand. Divide the players into two teams. Make a path for them to follow to get to the items. You can line a path with flowers or toadstools or even balloons staked into the ground. Players must put on the costume and flutter, dance or “fly” like a fairy down the fairy path and back to their teams. Once a player has completed this task, she passes the costume to the next player, who will do the same thing. The first team to have all of its players run the course in the costume wins the race.

Fairy Tea Relay

If you’re having a fairy tea party, this game is a fun activity for the girls. Divide the players into two teams. Give each team an empty teapot, an empty teacup, and a saucer. Fill a baby pool with cold water. The teams must race to fill their teapot with water from the fairy pond (baby pool). Each player must carry the teacup on the saucer, fill it with water and carry it back to pour into the teapot. The first team to fill their teapot wins.

I Believe

To play this game, your party guests must believe in fairies. Assign one player as the Fairy Catcher, and give them a wand with which to tag other players. Any player who gets tagged must go to the fairy trap (any space designated as such).

While the Fairy Catcher rounds up more players, the trapped fairy must clap their hands and say 10 times, “I believe in fairies!” If they manage to say it before the Fairy catcher returns, they are free to run again. Play for a set amount of time and then change rounds enough times so that everyone has a turn to be the Fairy Catcher. There are plenty of classic, themed, and quiet games to keep the party going.