10 Fall Activities to Keep Kids Occupied

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    Decorate for the Fall Season

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    Summer is quickly becoming a distant memory, but there are plenty of fall activities to keep kids (and you) occupied. The change of seasons brings in new ways to play, explore, and have fun together.

    Start by getting festive with your decor. Kids absolutely love to help decorate for the new season, whether it's fall, winter, spring or summer. This fall, turn your kids into your own personal designers to decorate your home inside and out. With projects like Mason jar fall centerpieces and creating fall garland out of old sweaters, you can't go wrong with DIY home decor ideas for fall. As Halloween approaches, make a giant pumpkin window decoration that will treat the kids and trick the neighbors. Or try a ghost and pumpkin lollipop tree that makes your front door boo-tiful.

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    Join Kids' Clubs

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    As school starts back, you'll find plenty of clubs start back with new sessions too. Scouts, 4-H, academic clubs and church groups are some of the kids' clubs that usually pick back up from their summer break when fall season comes along.

    Each group lets your child explore her interests while challenging her and building character. Clubs are a great way to give your child not only a fun extracurricular activity but one she can learn valuable skills from at the same time.

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    Sign Up for Fall Sports

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    Get your family back into a sporting routine and sign up for fall sports. Football, flag football, soccer, hockey, volleyball, cheerleading, baseball, and softball are just some of the sports this new season brings.

    And if your child isn't up for team sports, encourage her to sign up for lessons in individual sports. Tennis, swimming, golf, gymnastics, and cross country are great ways to get exercise without having the stress and hectic schedule of team sports.

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    Take Up Geocaching

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    Geocaching is the ultimate scavenger hunt with new places to discover and new treasures to find. Plus, you get to leave your own treasures behind too. With geocaching, you only need a GPS-enabled device, comfy shoes, a pencil, and some trinkets to get started.

    Using your GPS device, such as a smartphone, you locate coordinates from other geocachers and take the treasures they've left behind. Add your name to the registry you find in the box and leave your own treasure in the box for the next person to discover. With millions of geocaches out there just waiting to be discovered, the kids will quickly become addicted, and it's a perfect family activity for the fall season.

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    Plant a Fall Garden

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    Get those green thumbs in the dirt and keep your garden colorful even in the fall. And don't forget those yummy vegetables you can plant in autumn too.

    Plant colorful fall flowers that will brighten up your garden that includes chrysanthemums, ornamental kale and annuals like pansies, marigolds, and snapdragons. On the veggie side, plant a garden with the kids in the fall that will give your family fresh beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and peas.

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    Hit the Fall Festivals

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    Celebrate the new season by taking in a fall festival. Many cities have seasonal festivals that not only center around Halloween but also the change of colors and the cooler temperatures. These family-friendly fall activities typically feature festival games, crafts for the kids, music, and food.

    Can't find a fall festival near you? Make up your own with festival games like dino dig, pick a duck and a bean bag toss. Ask the neighbors or your friends to come over, bring a side dish, and hold a fall festival right in your own backyard.

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    Create Fall Art

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    The explosion of colors makes the fall season one of the best for crafting with kids. From making a fall leaf banner to greet the season to fall leaf art, there are plenty of fall season crafts the whole family can enjoy together.

    Get out and explore Mother Nature for art supplies. You'll find plenty of leaves, sticks, rocks, and even bird feathers that can be turned into beautiful fall art. Use this fall art to create keepsakes for yourself, gifts for family and friends, and seasonal decor for your own home.

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    Enjoy Cooler Bike Excursions

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    Bikes get parked in the garage when the weather gets too hot. And once that kickstand goes down for a few days, kids tend to forget about their bikes until next spring. But fall is the perfect time to dig them out of the garage to go on some bike excursions.

    The cooler weather makes for a more pleasant bike ride. Parents should strap on the helmet and go for a ride too because even toddlers can get in on the fun with a bike trailer that attaches to mom or dad's bike — looking for regular family rides? Local bike clubs usually have a weekend day exclusively for casual family rides. It's a fun way to meet other families, get some exercise, and enjoy the outdoors too.

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    Go Camping

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    Summer bugs are gone. Let's go camping, whether it's out in the woods or in your backyard.

    You won't have to worry about sweating all night in your tent or being eaten up by all of those pesky bugs with your fall camp out. And since you'll actually feel like doing something instead of being so miserable from the heat, plan a camping trip that will give you time for storytelling, a campfire and other camping activities that will make you wish you could stay in your tent and unplugged from the world a little while longer.

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    Play Indoors

    A picture of a boy painting on an indoor canvas
    Paint indoors without the mess. Set up a blank canvas on your wall and spark your child's creativity. Photo © Guido Mieth / Getty Images

    You've been going, going, going all summer long. Fall can give you a great excuse to stay indoors together. When that chill in the air has you scurrying inside, keep the kids busy with plenty of indoor activities.

    Build a fort or go to the closet and play flashlight games. There's so much fun you can have with your kids in the house that gives you quality time together and prevents them from spending the day in front of the TV or on their tablets.