20 Fall Centerpiece Ideas Full of Autumnal Style

Fall table scape with flowers in a rattan vase

Finding Lovely

Add a seasonal touch to your home with a beautiful fall centerpiece. Whether you're setting a festive table for a holiday dinner or need an everyday centerpiece for your kitchen table, we have curated a collection of beautiful fall centerpieces that range from casual and whimsical to sophisticated and elegant. Here are 20 amazing ideas for fall centerpieces that will shine on any table.

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    Bountiful Floral Arrangement

    Wood table set with blue runner, colorful flower arrangements, candles and white plates

    Finding Lovely

    Create a bountiful fall centerpiece using luscious red, orange and yellow flowers and eucalyptus, antique brass candlesticks and scattered pomegranates, inspired by this elegant table from Finding Lovely. Blue may not be a color you instantly think of when it comes to fall, but it works beautifully against the traditional fall shades and creates great contrast with the warmth of the brass.

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    Pampas Grass Centerpiece

    Outdoor table set with candles, linen table cloth and tall pampas grass

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Arrange a couple of stems of pampas grass in a glass vase like Scandi Bohemian Interiors did for an outdoor fall table. It's an inexpensive idea that looks chic and effortless and since the stems are dried, you can use it for several months and even save them for next year! Relaxed linens, pillar candles and patterned dishes complete the look and allow the tall arrangement to make a statement.

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    Spooky Cheesecloth Ghosts

    Table set with white ghost centerpiece

    Finding Lovely

    Add a touch of whimsy with these adorable cheesecloth ghosts arranged down the center of your dining table for a Halloween-inspired fall centerpiece. This cute idea from Finding Lovely is simple to make and only requires a couple of supplies, some of which you may already have at home. Add some twinkle lights around the ghosts for a fun effect and spooky vibe.

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    Dried Floral Arrangement

    Bowl filled with overflowing dried flowers and wood beads

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    You're not limited to just a vase when it comes to the vessel you use to hold a floral arrangement. Use a large bowl like Homestead City Dwelling used to put together a fall dining room centerpiece. Fill it with dried flowers and greenery to create a bountiful, overflowing arrangement and tuck in a string of wooden beads for added texture and rustic warmth.

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    Greenery and Copper Accents

    Table set with greenery, copper accents and beeswax candles

    Design by MSTARR DESIGN studio / Photo by Lindsay Hite

    Gain inspiration from MSTARR DESIGN studio and set a simple fall table using casual linens, a garland made from fresh greenery and copper accents for that quintessential fall warmth. Use beeswax candles for ambient lighting and to add that warm, golden shade of yellow that's perfect for the season.

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    Dried Hydrangea Centerpiece

    Outdoor table set with fall dishes, white pumpkins and dried hydrangeas

    B&C by Host to Perfection

    You may think of hydrangeas as summer flowers, but did you know you can dry them, or purchase them already dried, and they take on a whole new look? B&C by Host to Perfection used tall hurricanes to hold large bunches of richly colored dried hydrangeas on either end of the dining table for a dramatic statement. Arrange smaller dried hydrangeas and white mini pumpkins directly on the table for a low-height centerpiece so that dinner guests have an unobstructed view.

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    Rattan Basket Floral Arrangement

    Fall table scape with rattan vase filled with fall flowers

    Finding Lovely

    Incorporate a textural element such as this rattan basket that Finding Lovely used to create this cozy tablescape. Fall is all about coziness, texture and warmth, and layering different materials is a great way to achieve this. Place a vase inside the rattan basket, fill it with water and arrange your flowers directly into it, covering up the edges so you don't see the space between the vase and the basket.

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    Mix Dried and Fresh Flowers

    Floral centerpiece in shallow white vase on a dining table

    @jcdesign1.1 / Instagram

    Create an oversized flower arrangement from a mix of fresh and dried flowers for a more interesting look such as this one from JC Design. To make an arrangement nice and full, you don't necessarily need to make it taller, instead, think wider and spread the stems out from left to right. Not only will it fill a rectangular table well, it'll be low enough so it doesn't get in the way of dinner conversation.

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    Assortment of Lanterns

    Three black lanterns with a pumpkin, tree and hurricane candle holder

    Finding Lovely

    Use an assortment of different sized and shaped lanterns such as these from Finding Lovely. Go more Halloween-inspired with black and white decorative items inside the lanterns, or stick with classic fall colors and objects such as real mini pumpkins, a hurricane filled with candy corn and a fall-themed candle.

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    Colorful Ombre Pumpkins

    Three ombre sprayed pumpkins next to vase with dried florals

    Pop of Gold

    Instead of going traditional with orange or white pumpkins, have a little fun and make these spray painted colorful ombre pumpkins from Pop of Gold. They're a fun twist on a classic fall centerpiece and you could go so many different directions with this — from rainbow colored pumpkins such as these to glittered ombre versions!

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    Large Copper Urn

    Outdoor table set with large floral arrangement and white pumpkins

    Finding Lovely

    Take inspiration from this fall centerpiece by Finding Lovely that features a stunning copper urn. Fill it with wild blooms and surround it with an assortment of pumpkins for a casual yet very holiday appropriate table.

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    Halloween Pumpkin Centerpiece

    Round table set with halloween decor and floating black hats hanging

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    The month of October is all about Halloween and this fall centerpiece by Home and Spirit takes cue from the spooky holiday. Use a mix of colorful pumpkins in the middle of the table and hang black witch hats above it for a whimsical touch.

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    Go Orange

    Table set with orange, pink and purple flowers, brass candle sticks and orange candles and white and green dishes

    B&C by Host to Perfection

    There's no color more synonymous with fall than orange, so incorporate plenty of it into your fall centerpiece like B&C by Host to Perfection did. Orange candles in brass candlesticks, tangerines on dessert plates and fiery orange flowers paired with deep purples and pinks give this table a classic elegance fit for any special meal this season.

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    Odd Numbers

    Dining table with a large vase of dried greenery, a big bowl of apples and a candle

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    When it comes to styling a round table, think in odd numbers. This fall-themed centerpiece from Lemon Leaf Home Interiors features a tall brown glass vase filled with wispy dried grass for height, a shallow bowl with apples for a contrasting shape and a candle to complete the trio and fill the home with a warm seasonal aroma.

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    Succulent Pumpkins

    Table set with gold lanterns, white candles and pumpkins with succulents

    B&C by Host to Perfection

    Give your pumpkins a modern twist by replacing their stems with succulents for an unexpected fall centerpiece. This idea from B&C by Host to Perfection is a simple DIY project you can keep on your dining table throughout the fall months or create a more elaborate arrangement of various sized succulent-filled pumpkins for special holiday dinners and get-togethers.

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    Touch of Brass

    Table set with orange and purple flowers, eucalyptus and gold candle holders with white candles

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    The warmth of brass is the perfect addition to any fall centerpiece, and this beautiful tablescape by Lemon Leaf Home Interiors shows. Use a brass vase or bowl to hold an arrangement of orange and purple flowers for a great jewel-toned complement to the metal, and incorporate brass candlesticks into the table setting for height as well as that cozy glow and ambience that's a must for this season.

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    Rustic Fall Centerpiece

    Fall table scape with wooden vase filled with various dried flowers and pumpkins around it

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    Use a wood vase to hold dried flowers and surround it with soft velvet pumpkins for a cozy fall centerpiece inspired by this one from Homestead City Dwelling. The warm colors, soft textures and rustic look will add warmth to your table and the good news is, there's no need to keep replacing dried flowers.

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    Halloween-Themed Fall Centerpiece

    Table set with halloween decor

    @homestead.city.dwelling / Instagram

    Since Halloween is a huge part of fall, create a spooky yet playful centerpiece inspired by Homestead City Dwelling. Create height by using candlesticks with black candles and stacking books, and add color contrast with orange and white Halloween themed items such as pumpkins and eyeballs that'll make for great conversation starters!

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    Candlelight Fall Tablescape

    Table set with candles, pumpkins and twinkle lights

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    Candles are the ultimate way to create an ambience and this fall centerpiece from Herzen Stimme uses plenty of them along with gourds and pumpkins to fill an outdoor table.

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    Pumpkins in a Bread Bowl

    Three pumpkins in a wood bowl on a dining table

    @modernhousevibes / Instagram

    Go simple and elegant with a rustic wood bread bowl and a couple of pumpkins inspired by this fall centerpiece by Modern House Vibes. You can use real pumpkins, faux, velvet, wood or woven ones, the possibilities are endless. The best part about a centerpiece like this is that it's easy to put together, doesn't require lots of supplies and it can stay on your dining or coffee table for several weeks without needing a refresh.