18 Fall Container Garden Ideas

Fall is a great time to experiment and have fun with container gardens. Try different colors and textures. Think about using perennials or trying out some cool looking, cold-loving annuals in your containers.

By grouping container gardens, you can change the look of an area, be it a deck, a yard, a terrace, a landing, or stoop. You can also move your containers around in the grouping to change the look. This is particularly handy in fall because plants like asters and mums get tired and when they do you can easily move them to an out of the way spot. However, don't forget that a single plant in a wonderful pot can look stunning. 

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    Ornamental Grasses and Color

    Ornamental grasses and orange million bells fall container garden idea
    Kerry Michaels

    These relaxed fall planters boast a mix of textures and a bright pop of color. The lower planter contains calibrachoa hybrid, Superbells 'Dreamsicle,' and 'ponytails' grass (Stipa tenuissima), also called Mexican Feather Grass. The larger pot includes purple fountain grass, golden leaf sage 'Icterina' (Salvia officinalis), and stonecrop (Sedum tetractinum)

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    Fall Planter with Snapdragons

    fall container garden with snapdragons and grass
    Kerry Michaels

    Have a little fun with your fall container garden, such as with snapdragons, which look just like candy corn, a favorite Halloween treat. Additionally, the purple nemesia 'blue bird' contrasts beautifully with the snapdragon ''brown and orange bicolor.' While the snapdragon 'crown red' adds some pop, the leather leaf sedge pulls it all together.

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    A Birch Log Container Garden

    Log container garden filled with plants
    Kerry Michaels

    This grouping of rustic fall container gardens features planters made from hollowed out birch logs, and the shades of red and purple scream autumn festivities. This particular planter features coleus, fuchsia, impatiens, and purple shamrock.

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    Knock Out Fall Container Garden

    cabbage branches basket mum container garden
    Photo © Kerry Michaels

    This huge fall container garden from VSF, of New York City. is both imaginative and beautiful. The use of bittersweet, branches, moss, and ivy with the giant gourd and flowering kale is really a knockout. 

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    Basket of Flowering Cabbage

    Container garden basket with three flowering cabbage
    Kerry Michaels

    This basket of flowering cabbage will look even better as the weather gets colder and the colors deepen. Because of its low profile, this container garden would look great as a table centerpiece or on a low step.

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    Purple Fountain Grass with Wirevine

    container garden picture of annual grass and wirevine
    Kerry Michaels

    This fall container garden will last well past the first frost.

    This fall container garden uses purple fountain grass ('Rubrum," Pennisetum setaceum) and creeping wirevine (muehlenbeckia) in a simple arrangement. The plain metal planter works well with the elaborate textures of the grasses and wirevine, giving the container garden a modern look.

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    Lamb's Ear Arrangement

    Container Garden Picture of lamb's ear
    Kerry Michaels

    Large-leafed lamb's ear is a great fall container plant. It can be beautiful in a mixed container or alone in a pot. This pot, by TerraCycle, is made from recycled e-waste like old computers.

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    Sedum, with Rosemary and Fiber Optic Grass

    Sedum, grass and rosemary in a container garden
    Kerry Michaels

    This fall container garden uses the wonderful structure of rosemary to complement the loosey-goosey look of the fountain grass. The combination of the dusty pink and sage of the Sedum, also known as stonecrop, looks great draping over the edge. This container garden will look fantastic through fall and into winter.

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    Basket of Fuchsia and Shamrock

    rustic basket of fuchsia and "charmed wine," shamrock
    Kerry Michaels

    This container garden in a rustic basket is made for the shade. The fuchsia ('Summer Splash') and purple shamrock ('Charmed Wine,' oxalis) work well together and are happy in shade to part shade. Neither is fussy and when the temperatures start to dip you can bring them inside to overwinter.

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    Hens and Chicks in an Old Wire Basket

    hens and chicks in old metal basket
    Kerry Michaels

    This basket of hens and chicks (sempervivum,'Red Beauty') will last right through the fall. These succulents thrive on neglect and you can transplant them before the ground freezes. They are incredibly easy transplant - you basically just rest them on some sandy, well-drained soil. If it's sunny they should spread and thrive.

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    Heuchera with Gourd

    container garden picture of Heuchera Hybrid, with gourd
    Kerry Michaels

    You can't beat coral bells, also called heuchera, for a fall container garden plant. They love the cold and only get more beautiful as the temperature drops. Hybrids come in a gorgeous array of colors from a bright 'Key Lime,' to an almost black-purple, 'Blackcurrant.'

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    White Clover and Asters in Bamboo Basket

    container garden picture of basket filled with white clover and pink aster
    Kerry Michaels

    White clover, "Dark Dancer," is a wonderful fall container garden plant. The colors are fantastic and it's hardy to -30°F! The leaves are small and the plant is compact and dense so it can really tie a container garden together. The pink of the aster really brings out the deep purply-pink of the white clover.

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    Lamb's Ear, Sweet Potato Vine and Kale

    container garden picture of large terra cotta pot with fall plants
    Kerry Michaels

    This large terra cotta pot is stuffed to the brim with fall plants: large leafed lamb's ear, sweet potato vine, sedum, flowering kale, and a small ornamental grass.

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    Mums, Coral Bells and Ornamental Grass

    Coral bells, toffee twist sedge and pink mum in a fall container garden
    Kerry Michaels

    This fall container garden has a great look. The dark coral bells (Heuchera hybrid, 'Dolce Mocha Mint'), with the rich looking and textured ornamental grass ('Toffee Twist' carex flagelifera) and some mums for color, make this container garden a classic for fall.

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    Birch Bark Covered Nursery Pot with Mums and Wirevine

    fall container garden picture with birch bark covered container holding mums and wirevine
    Kerry Michaels

    This birch bark covered nursery container takes about 10 minutes to make if you have access to the bark. All you have to do is cut the bark to fit a large nursery container and attach it to the pot with twine. For a finished edge, just tuck the bark under the rim of the nursery pot. Using a plant that drapes over the side, in this case, wirevine also pulls the look of the pot together.

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    Peppers in a Fall Arrangement

    container garden picture of several pepper plants in terra cotta pot
    Kerry Michaels

    We love the playful look of hot peppers and they thrive in container gardens. Wait until they turn red and then cut them and hang them up to dry. Keep some for decoration and grind up the others to use for cooking.

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    Heuchera, Dolce 'Key Lime'

    container gardening picture of heuchera Dolce key lime in a log planter
    Kerry Michaels

    Heucheras come in totally fabulous colors and are very hard to kill. They look great alone but also play well with many other plants. Most heucheras scoff at sub-zero temperatures, and some are so good-natured that they are equally happy in full sun or full shade and anything in between.

    Coming in a huge variety of colors and leaf textures, heucheras look great in almost any pot. This garden planter is made from a birch log that was found naturally hollowed out in the woods. Filled with potting soil, and a Dolce 'Key Lime' heuchera, it makes the perfect fall decoration.