The Fall Decor Trend for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Fall floral arrangements in a living room

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The fall season has arrived, and with it, a desire to start decorating our homes to reflect it. While pumpkins and leaves are always a staple, fall 2021 has a mix of reemerging and new decor ideas that leave us extremely excited.

With so many styles, colors, and concepts to work with, it can be hard to know where to start. Looking into our zodiac signs can give us a direction to work with that will meet our aesthetic preferences and represent our personalities well. Take a look at your zodiac sign below to see which trend you should incorporate into your decor scheme for the season.

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    Aries: Bringing the Outdoors In

    A natural living room with plants

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    As adventurous as you tend to be, you've likely been longing for the opportunity to explore the world again rather than staying cooped up inside. Fall decor is seeing an embrace of bringing the outdoors in through natural textures, nature-themed hues, and even arrays of plants. With your desire to keep your world wide open, it only makes sense you would want to include this in your home. You can also apply this to decorating outdoor spaces like the front porch or patio with pumpkins, lanterns, and festive fall accents that prepare your guests to embrace the season to its fullest.

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    Taurus: Chunky Knit Decor

    A chunky throw blanket on a couch

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    We know you're all about comfort, Taurus. As fall is rolling in and the temperatures start to drop, we may all be breaking out our sweaters and coats—but those chunky knit textures are also making their way into our home decor, too. Think large weave blankets, cable knit throws and pillows, and luxurious bedding that absolutely screams cozy.

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    Gemini: Vegetative Decor and Candles Galore

    An arrangement of candles and pumpkins

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    Who doesn't love decorating with pumpkins and leaves for fall? While there are plenty of ways to go about it, fall 2021 is looking into realistic pumpkins (and other vegetative) decorative items to continue with the natural trend. Additionally, adding plenty of stylish votives boasting autumn-inspired scents is the way to go. With your love of flexibility and the tendency to switch things up, you love having plenty of smaller items you can rearrange and play around with rather than sticking with one strict color or style.

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    Cancer: Kitchencore

    A rustic country kitchen

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    While we've been enamored by cottagecore and cabincore design ideas for quite some time, the two seem to be blending together lately—and focusing quite a bit on the kitchen area. It's no secret that the last year has had us cautiously yet hopefully preparing to gather and entertain our loved ones again. It makes perfect sense for you, Cancer, to want to focus your aesthetic preferences on a room in the house that brings everyone together—and the rustic, whimsical decor options for the kitchencore scene radiate the same cozy, inviting vibe that you're so well known for.

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    Leo: Going Bold With Velvet

    Two velvet chairs in a mid century living room

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    This season has the luxurious velvet on the rise once again—especially paired with rich, decadent hues like plum, navy blue, and maroon. The cozy factor is a huge plus, and it meshes perfectly with other fall decor options—especially if you are going for an upscale vibe like you tend to do, Leo. This fabric find is a perfect addition to your fall collection: From couches to armchairs, to throw pillows—you name it, you can find it in velvet.

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    Virgo: Earth Tones With Pops of Warm Colors

    A living room decorated with neutral and warm colors

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    While shades of orange, red, and yellow have always (and will continue to be) staples, this season has us including natural earth tones as well. Think deep shades of emerald and hunter green, earthy brown tones, and gorgeous whites and beiges that will be making their way into the fall decor scene. However, these natural colors are also bringing with them pops of warm colors to help liven up their neutral nature. With your penchant for stability and hospitality, you'll have no trouble incorporating these shades into your decor theme.

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    Libra: Rose Blush and Macrame Accents

    A bedroom with blush pink and macrame accents

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    With an eye for aesthetic design, you love preparing your home for each new season. For the upcoming fall, the color blush is back in full force—so if you're looking to change things up outside of the normal color scheme yet still have a warm palette, this color does the trick. Macrame decor is also becoming more prominent this year as the bohemian home decor styles continue to shine. Including macrame plant hangers, a tapestry, or even small details on the furniture create a homey environment perfectly embodying the feel of autumn.

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    Scorpio: Moody Florals

    Fall floral arrangements in a living room

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    Who says florals are just for spring? Fall hues tend to be warm and inviting, yet moody florals have been making a name for themselves—and are back for 2021. Think dark bouquets, decorative items, and even black wallpaper and artwork depicting dramatic yet vibrant arrangements. It's the perfect mix of drama and ambiance, and given your love of both, this fall trend is an ideal fit for you.

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    Sagittarius: Boho Chic Decor

    A boho chic living room

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    Boho chic is a popular decor style that is only picking up steam as we move into this later season. Given its association with those who prefer to live freely and who have a bit of an eccentric streak, this trend suits you quite well. Opt for earthy neutrals and jewel tones, and even include metallic accents if the mood strikes you. Layering different textures and styles from different types of themes and fabrics and embracing vintage furniture will have your space coming together in no time. You can add touches of leaves and nature elements if you want to take a more distinctive fall approach—the choice is yours!

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    Capricorn: Vintage Styles

    A living room with vintage furniture and plants

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    With a love of rustic and natural textures, we've been seeing a stronger preference for vintage styles over modern in fall aesthetics. Given your love for things that are timeless, this is a trend you have no trouble adapting to. Try including decor that is tarnished and rustic in nature, alongside vintage fabrics and styles. If it isn't broke, don't fix it, right?

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    Aquarius: Retro Fusion

    A retro living room decorated with 70s furniture and patterns

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    Always one to try something different, the concept of retro fusion seems like it would greatly appeal to you, Aquarius. This style looks to the '70s for its color palette and art deco for its inspiration—and its love of velvet and retro fabrics is making it a must-try for this year. While some might be hesitant to move in such a distinctly unique direction, that's not the case for you.

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    Pisces: Nostalgic Y2K Styles

    A retro disco ball planter

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    As an often stereotyped daydreamy Pisces, you tend to have your head in the clouds and a love for the past—so infusing a Y2K vibe into your fall decor is an ideal fit. This year Millenials and Gen-Zers are feeling a nostalgic pull back to the late 90's and early 2000's decor style, and fall 2021 is seeing this idea picking up in full force. Think light pastel colors and maximalist gallery walls, retro pop art, and decor items that hold a strong reminiscence for an earlier time.