18 Front Porches With Fall Flowers

front porch seating areas fall flowers

 Cherished Bliss

Amp up your home’s curb appeal—without calling a landscaper—by beautifying your porch for fall. Adding festive accents isn't all corn stalks and scarecrows, however. Decorating with flowers is a sophisticated way to add seasonal spice (pumpkins are optional). For a little autumnal inspiration, here are 18 ways to add fetching fall flowers to your front porch.

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    Plenty of Pumpkins

    orange and red mums neutral pumpkins front porch
    Liz Marie Blog

    Pumpkins are to fall what evergreens are to winter. This pin-worthy porch combines the seasonal fruit with ornamental cabbage and orange garden mums. So what's the decorative strategy for arranging? Don't overthink your layout. When decorating this entrance, blogger Liz Marie just unloaded her autumn harvest onto the porch and then made a few tweaks.

    Rustic Fall Farmhouse Steps via Liz Marie Blog

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    Decorative Hay Bales

    fall flowers bale of hale front porch
    Katie Brown Workshop/YouTube

    A bail of hay leftover from a hoedown-themed party becomes the perfect centerpiece for a fall-inspired front porch. To dress it up, grab a wet floral foam, several old leather belts, and your favorite blooms. This porch includes purple Russian sage, which produces precious, tiny flowers.

    Fall Outdoor Porch Decor via Katie Brown Workshop

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    Modern Farmhouse Decor

    white fall flower porch
    Little White House Blog

    The modern farmhouse aesthetic combines clean, modern design with cozy, rustic elements to create a fresh and uncluttered twist on traditional country style. This fall porch combines budding white mums, Russian sage, and lovely greenery with upcycled planters to create a modern farmhouse porch blooming with style.

    Farmhouse Front Porch via Little White House Blog

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    Fall Potted Plants

    simple fall flower porch arrangement platt

    Sara Platt Design/Instagram

    A festive front porch doesn't have to be complicated, nor does the decor need to be expensive. This chic, fall-themed porch is simple but sophisticated in how it pairs yellow garden mums with multi-hued croton plants. A pumpkin-lined walkway adds seasonal flavor.

    Potted Plants Front Porch via Sara Platt Design

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    DIY Fall Wreath

    Natural Fall Wreath DIY
    Craftberry Bush

    Prettify your front door with this autumnal fall wreath. To make it, attach freshly picked flowers, whether from your garden or a local nursery, as well as found leaves to a grapevine wreath form.

    DIY Fall Flower Wreath via Craftberry Bush

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    Potted Plants for Fall

    colorful fall flowers front porch with budha

    These potted lovelies add gorgeous pops of color to this autumn porch. The fall season means back to school and back to business as usual, too, so you may want to consider adding a meditating Buddha statue for a calming vibe.

    Buddha Fall Porch via KDHamptons

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    Jumbo-Sized Front Porch Planters

    Fall container gardens for porch
    Garden Answer

    For many folks, September feels like the start of a brand-new year, so it makes sense to celebrate the autumnal solstice with an explosion of color. This spectacular oversized porch planter combines colorful flowers, including red globe amaranthus and golden yellow bidens, with hardy perennial greenery.

    Fall Planters via Proven Winners

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    Bohemian Chic Front Porch

    boho fall porch with flowers
    Thoughts From Alice

    This eclectic fall porch features a bohemian-style sitting area punctuated by white, red, and yellow garden mums. The frilly foliage plants are ornamental kale. On the door is decorative corn framed with lovely goldenrod.

    Boho Electric Front Porch via Alice Wingerden

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    Tiny Autumn Porch

    Colorful Floral Arrangement Fall front porch
    Not Just a Housewife

    Skimpy square footage shouldn't dampen your fall spirit—just look at this example. For what the porch lacks in size, it makes up for in autumnal gusto, particularly when it comes to the large planter filled with red Gerber daisies, golden craspedia, yellow garden mums, and, for texture, ornamental cabbage.

    Fall Front Porch via Stacy Risenmay

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    Cozy Front Porch

    front porch seating areas fall flowers
    Cherished Bliss

    This cozy porch, complete with pillows and a throw blanket, just calls for relaxing and enjoying a hot drink on a chilly night. The jewel-tone garden mums liven up the otherwise monochromatic décor.

    Simple Fall Porch via Cherished Bliss

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    Hanging Planter

    Hanging flowers fall porch
    Clean and Scentsible

    Flaunt your fall flowers in a hanging basket with a fall-focused saying or word association. Some of the top blossoms for hanging baskets include begonias, pelargonium, and petunias.

    Fall Front Porch via Clean & Scentsible

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    Halloween Porch Ideas

    Fall Flowers Halloween Front Porch
    Zoe With Love

    What's the successful formula for creating a festive Halloween-inspired porch? You'll need four essential ingredients: mums, pumpkins, ornamental grasses, and—last but not least—something both cute and ghastly like a pair of witch legs. 

    Fall Porch Decorating Ideas via Zoe with Love

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    Fall Colors

    Bold Colorful Porch Large Plants
    Two Twenty One

    When it comes to decorating your porch for fall, don't be afraid of bold color. Here, blooming mums and assorted greenery dress up this doorstep, featuring the classic fall colors of orange and purple.

    Color Fall Front Porch via Two Twenty One

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    Bucket of Flowers

    bucket of posier front porch

    Shewitt Home/Instagram

    A galvanized tub full of fall posies adds pleasing color to this laid-back front porch. Don't forget that gourds other than pumpkins are just as eye-catching as the orange favorite.

    Fall Porch Decor via Shewitt Home

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    Autumn Container Plantings

    Fall Floral Urns Planters
    Flores Del Sol

    These autumn container planters feature glorious sunflowers and adorable mums. Plus, ornamental cabbage adds a bit of rugged character with its interesting texture.

    Fall Container Gardens via Flores Del Sol

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    Front Yard Drama

    french country fall flowers porch
    Serendipity Refined

    For those looking to make a dramatic entrance, consider an urn planter. The extra-large urns lend a bit of a spooky vibe, particularly apropos for the Halloween season.

    Fall Urns via Serendipity Refined

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    Nontraditional Colors

    Home Story White Green Fall Porch
    Home Stories A to Z

    Not a fan of traditional fall colors? This blue and cream porch scape celebrates the season using unexpected hues that still scream autumn. The dried hydrangeas coordinate beautifully with the white and blue heirloom pumpkins.

    Blue and Cream Fall Porch via Home Stories

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    Rustic and Modern

    Farm thistle Fall Porch
    Thistlewood Farms

    These delicate flowering plants—coreopsis verticillata 'zagreb'—add a sunshiny touch to a rustic yet thoroughly modern autumn porch. Pumpkins made out of branches—as well as actual pumpkins—round out the look.

    Rustic Fall Porch via Thistlewood Farms