20 Creative Fall Home Decor Ideas

Fall colored throw pillows on a sofa.

KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Fall is a time of fresh starts and a chance to celebrate the changing of the seasons before the holidays roll around. That can mean bringing the outdoors inside by hanging a simple wreath made of vibrant fall leaves on the inside of a window. Or creating a sophisticated take on fall design like this sumptuous sitting room designed by IDF Studio, with its wood paneling, chairs upholstered with dark floral fabric, tufted leather ottoman, and pumpkin velvet couch.

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    Embrace Dark Florals

    Dark floral wallpaper in a kitchen.
    Sean Litchfield / Cecilia Casagrande Interiors

    As the days grow shorter, embrace a moodier vibe with dark florals. In this kitchen design from Cecilia Casagrande Interiors, the Dutch Masters-inspired wallpaper by Ellie Cashman feels right for fall but looks great at any time of year. For something less permanent, try some dark floral throw pillows in monochromatic tones or more vibrant colors.

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    Mix Fall-Colored Linens With Warm Lighting

    Fall colored linens and tapestry from Caravane.

    For an eclectic-chic take on fall decor like this room from Caravane, create a seating area with linen pillows and a fabric wall tapestry in soft shades of rust, yellow and green. Baskets of greenery and plants bring the outdoors inside, and a cluster of warmly glowing pendant lights made from natural materials creates a relaxing ambiance. You could achieve a similar effect in the bedroom with fall-colored linens and a complementary quilt hung as a headboard. 

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    Add In Some Plaid

    Blue plaid bedspreads in a twin room.
    Erin Williamson Design

    In this charming twin room designed by Austin-based Erin Williamson, plaid blankets at the foot of each bed add a cozy cool-weather note, while the bright blue color keeps it fresh. Even a simple plaid throw pillow in any color you fancy will add a touch of fall spirit to the living room sofa, kitchen nook banquette, or bench in the entry or mudroom.

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    Fall-Proof Your Porch

    Fall textiles on a front porch.
    Gaëlle Le Boulicaut / Maison de Vacances

    To take advantage of a covered porch into the cool days of autumn, layer a summer hammock and outdoor seating with real or faux fur throws and pillows in earthy shades of brown like this dreamy outdoor space from Maison de Vacances.

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    Less Is More

    Minimalist fall table decor.
    Siham Mazouz / French By Design

    Setting a festive fall table can be as simple as this chic minimalist set-up from Siham Mazouz of French By Design, with its white tablecloth, miniature white pumpkins, linen napkins, olive branches, and gray candles in vintage brass candlesticks.

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    Turn Your Mantel Into a Halloween Shrine to the Grape Harvest

    Fall mantel with wine corks, berries and candles.
    Michael Marquand / Getty Images

    Celebrate the autumn grape harvest by upcycling all those wine corks you've been popping, piling them into a glass cloche for a decorative mantel display. Complete the picture with a vase of dried flowers, berries, or leaves, a couple of vintage books, candlesticks for height, and a small, fake skull or skeleton hand purchased at a craft store for a pre-Halloween hint of the macabre.

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    Monochromatic Palette

    Monochromatic fall table decor.
    Modern Glam

    This low key take on autumn decor from Ashley at Modern Glam works with the room’s neutral modern rustic farmhouse table aesthetic. The big wood dining table is heightened for fall with white pumpkins, pops of bright copper and fur throws on the transparent Philippe Starck Ghost chairs.

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    Create a Cozy Reading Nook

    Country house reading corner.
    Beth Kirby / Jersey Ice Cream Co

    Create a fall-weather reading nook with a hunting lodge vibe like the one in this country house designed by Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of the Jersey Ice Cream Company. With its weathered French leather club chair, brown leather Moroccan pouf, dark wood, mushroom-colored walls, trophy head (feel free to substitute an animal-friendly version rendered in wood, paper, or wire) and make sure there's a cozy real or faux fur throw nearby.

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    Style Your Bar Cart for Fall

    Fall bar cart
    Modern Glam

    You don't have to decorate the whole house to create a fall mood. Case in point: This fun, festive bar cart styled for autumn by Ashley of Modern Glam, with votive candles, white antlers, and a copper ice bucket.

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    Create an Edible Table-Top Still Life

    Autumn still life with flowers, pumpkins, fruit and flowers.
    Sarsmis / Getty Images

    Celebrate the abundance of the harvest season by creating your own edible still life. Use seasonal produce like baby pumpkins, pomegranates, purple grapes, and apples. Light it as beautifully as an oil painting with scattered candles. Store fruit in a decorative wooden box or other repurposed containers you find around the house, and amp up the drama by arranging your edible still life on a mix of platters and pedestal stands to vary height and interest.

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    Bring on the Velvet

    Fall colored throw pillows on a sofa.
    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Fall is velvet weather, so why not do a quick, budget-friendly seasonal change on your neutral-toned, all-season living room. Swap out summery throw pillows with cotton velvet in shades of rust, mustard, and green, and trade breezy fair weather curtains for heavier autumn drapes.

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    Create an Indoor Outdoor Reading Nook

    Outdoor reading nook with uphostered armchair and oriental rugs.
    fotostorm / Getty Images

    Before it gets too cold to sit outside, create an inviting outdoor reading nook with all the comforts of the indoors, like an upholstered armchair, layered rugs, a blanket, a side table for your mug of hot cider, and a pile of seasonal pumpkins and flowers. If you don't feel like moving furniture around, improvise by dressing your lawn furniture with some extra blankets and a hurricane lantern for fall.

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    Set an Outdoor Fall Table

    Autumn outdoor table setting at night.
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    Decorate an outdoor fall table with a crisp white tablecloth, foliage, flowers, or berries in seasonal shades of orange and warm glowing lanterns to set the scene for an alfresco meal before winter comes.

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    Switch out the Throw Pillows on Your Bed

    Natural bedroom with autumn colors.
    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Transition a neutral bedroom from summer to fall by incorporating natural elements like simple vases full of dried foliage, and scatter your bed with throw pillows in the rusts and burnt gold colors of turning leaves.

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    Dress Your Bed in Purples and Plums

    Purple linens in a bedroom.
    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Linens and textiles in the rich, jewel-like colors of fall fruit such as plums and purple grapes create a luxurious feel in your bedroom and work beautifully with deep gray walls.

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    Layer Your Bed With Cozy Textures

    Fall bed with sheepskin and pillow.
    JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty Images

    Fall is the perfect excuse to put away lightweight linens and layer your bedroom with decadent textiles. This monochromatic color scheme will take you right through winter with cream-colored linens, a camel-colored throw, and a sheepskin throw and wild sheep hair pillow to help you count sheep before bed.

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    Dress Your Windowbox With Fall Flowers

    Window box with autumn flowers.
    Anna Soltys / Getty Images

    Filling your window box with seasonal plants or flowers is an easy way to decorate your home for fall, like this lushly planted window box in Venice, Italy that is bursting with autumn vibes. If you don't have window boxes, decorate your window sill with a pot of fall-colored flowers or a decorative orange pepper plant.

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    Fill a Window Box With Corn Husks and Gourds

    Gourds and corn in a window box
    Bill Boch / Getty Images

    Don't have a green thumb? Give your empty window boxes a low maintenance dose of autumn cheer by filling them with a generous pile of colorful gourds and dried corn husks.

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    Use What You Have

    Copper pots in a country kitchen.
    Skye McAlpine / Jersey Ice Cream Co

    Fall is about simple pleasures, and fall decor doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, so get creative and use what you have. Display your set of copper pots and pans on a rack in the kitchen for a fiery metallic accent that works all year but feels especially resonant in autumn, as demonstrated in this lovely London flat designed by Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of the Jersey Ice Cream Company. Decorate your kitchen island with bowls of fall fruit or add an extra-tall vase of autumn branches to dress up the counter of your all-white minimalist or country kitchen.