57 Fall Decor Ideas to Get You in an Autumnal Mood

fall decor scene

The Spruce

Fall is a time of fresh starts, a chance to celebrate the changing of the seasons before the holidays roll around. It's also a decorating opportunity to make your home a cozier and more inviting place to nest while the temperatures begin to drop. Fall decor can range from traditional to trendy, and should always be adapted to your own taste, lifestyle, and environment.

Fall decor can be as simple as bringing the outdoors inside by hanging a DIY wreath made of vibrant fall leaves on the inside of a window, decorating the mantel with a seasonal garland, arranging a display of pumpkins in the entryway, or padding your bed, couch, windowseat, or armchairs with extra throw pillows and blankets in rich fabrics and autumnal shades. You can also use the changing of the seasons as inspiration for a bigger interior design project or transformation, whether that means painting a room in a moody shade or incorporating dark florals or plaids in wallpaper or upholstery.

Whether you’re looking for a micro fall makeover or planning a full-blown decorative ode to fall, these inspiring ideas for every room in the house will help you embrace the season and put you in a fall mood.

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    Embrace Dark Florals

    Dark floral wallpaper in a kitchen.
    Sean Litchfield / Cecilia Casagrande Interiors

    As the days grow shorter, embrace a moodier vibe with dark florals. In this kitchen design from Cecilia Casagrande Interiors, the Dutch Masters-inspired wallpaper by Ellie Cashman feels right for fall but looks great at any time of year. For something less permanent, try some dark floral patterned throw pillows in monochromatic tones or more vibrant jewel colors.

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    Mix Fall-Colored Linens With Warm Lighting

    Fall colored linens and tapestry from Caravane.

    For an eclectic take on fall decor like this room from Caravane, create a seating area with linen pillows and a fabric wall tapestry in soft shades of rust, yellow and green. Baskets of greenery and plants bring the outdoors inside, and a cluster of warmly glowing pendant lights made from natural materials creates a relaxing ambiance. You could achieve a similar effect in the bedroom with fall-colored linens and a complementary quilt hung as a headboard.

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    Less Is More

    Minimalist fall table decor.
    Siham Mazouz / French By Design

    Setting a festive fall table can be as simple as this chic minimalist set-up from Siham Mazouz of French By Design, with its white tablecloth, miniature white pumpkins, linen napkins, olive branches, and gray candles in vintage brass candlesticks.

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    Style Your Bar Cart for Fall

    Fall bar cart
    Modern Glam

    You don't have to decorate the whole house to create a fall mood. Case in point: This fun, festive bar cart styled for autumn by Ashley of Modern Glam, with votive candles, white antlers, and a shiny copper ice bucket.

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    Turn Your Mantel Into a Halloween Shrine to the Grape Harvest

    Fall mantel with wine corks, berries and candles.
    Michael Marquand / Getty Images

    Celebrate the autumn grape harvest by upcycling all those wine corks you've been popping, piling them into a glass cloche for a decorative mantel display. Complete the picture with a vase of dried flowers, berries, or leaves, a couple of vintage books, and candlesticks to add height.


    Make Your Own Stylish Wooden Vases In A Few Simple Steps

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    Create a Cozy Reading Nook

    Country house reading corner.
    Beth Kirby / Jersey Ice Cream Co

    Create a fall-weather reading nook with a hunting lodge vibe like the one in this country house designed by Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of the Jersey Ice Cream Company. With its weathered French leather club chair, brown leather Moroccan pouf, dark wood, mushroom-colored walls, trophy head (feel free to substitute an animal-friendly version rendered in wood, paper, or wire) and make sure there's a cozy real or faux fur throw nearby.

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    Monochromatic Palette

    Monochromatic fall table decor.
    Modern Glam

    This low-key take on autumn decor from Ashley at Modern Glam works with the room’s neutral modern rustic farmhouse table aesthetic. The big wood dining table is heightened for fall with white pumpkins, pops of bright copper, and fur throws to warm up the transparent Philippe Starck Ghost chairs.

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    Pink, Orange, and Amber

    Fall decor ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    Elsie Larson at A Beautiful Mess created a high-spirited fall table in shades of pink, orange, and amber.

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    Use What You Have

    Copper pots in a country kitchen.
    Skye McAlpine / Jersey Ice Cream Co

    Fall is about simple pleasures, and fall decor doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, so get creative and use what you have. Display your set of copper pots and pans on a rack in the kitchen for a fiery metallic accent that works all year but feels especially resonant in autumn, as demonstrated in this lovely London flat designed by Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of the Jersey Ice Cream Company. Decorate your kitchen island with bowls of fall fruit or add an extra-tall vase of autumn branches to dress up the counter of your all-white minimalist or country kitchen.

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    Add In Some Plaid

    Blue plaid bedspreads in a twin room.
    Erin Williamson Design

    In this charming twin room designed by Austin-based Erin Williamson, plaid blankets at the foot of each bed add a cozy cool-weather note, while the bright blue color keeps it fresh. Even a simple plaid throw pillow in any color you fancy will add a touch of fall spirit to the living room sofa, kitchen nook banquette, or bench in the entry or mudroom.

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    Create an Edible Table-Top Still Life

    Autumn still life with flowers, pumpkins, fruit and flowers.
    Sarsmis / Getty Images

    Celebrate the abundance of the harvest season by creating your own edible still life. Use seasonal produce like baby pumpkins, pomegranates, purple grapes, and apples. Light it as beautifully as an oil painting with scattered candles. Store fruit in a decorative wooden box or other repurposed containers you find around the house, and amp up the drama by arranging your edible still life on a mix of platters and pedestal stands to vary height and interest.

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    A Whole Fall Mood

    Fall decor ideas

    Christopher Stark Photography / IDF Studio

    This sumptuous sitting room designed by IDF Studio is a sophisticated take on fall design, with its wood paneling, chairs upholstered with dark floral fabric, tufted leather ottoman, and pumpkin velvet couch.

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    Layer Your Bed With Cozy Textures

    A rustic farmhouse bedroom with an antique bed frame

    Milk and Honey Life

    Fall is the perfect excuse to put away lightweight linens and layer your bedroom with decadent textiles. This monochromatic color scheme will take you right through winter with cream-colored linens, a camel-colored throw, and a sheepskin throw and wild sheep hair pillow to help you count sheep before bed.

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    Seasonal Swap

    Fall colored throw pillows on a sofa.
    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Fall is velvet weather, so why not do a quick, budget-friendly seasonal change on your neutral-toned, all-season living room. Swap out summery throw pillows with cotton velvet in shades of rust, mustard, and green, and trade breezy fair weather curtains for heavier autumn drapes.

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    Neutrals + Golden Hues

    Fall decor ideas

    Sara Ligorria-Tramp / Emily Henderson Design

    This black-and-white dining space from Emily Henderson Design has the kind of all-purpose fall decor that works throughout the season and makes every meal feel like a celebration. Starting with a neutral base makes small touches pop, like a wheat stalk wreath, and a mix of golden and white pumpkins.

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    Vintage Fall Leaves

    Fall decor ideas

    Heidi Caillier Design

    In this lovely bathroom from Heidi Caillier Design, a Midcentury Modern wall sconce with a leafy design echoes the brass hardware of the sink while adding vintage charm.

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    Create an Indoor Outdoor Reading Nook

    outdoor fall reading area

    Kirsten Diane

    Before it gets too cold to sit outside, create an inviting outdoor reading nook with all the comforts of the indoors, like an upholstered armchair, layered rugs, a blanket, a side table for your mug of hot cider, and a pile of seasonal pumpkins and flowers. If you don't feel like moving furniture around, improvise by dressing your lawn furniture, as Kirsten Diane did, with some extra blankets and a hurricane lantern for fall.

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    Switch out the Throw Pillows on Your Bed

    home and spirit cozy fall room

    Home and Spirit

    Transition a neutral bedroom from summer to fall by incorporating natural elements like simple vases full of dried foliage, and scatter your bed with throw pillows in the rusts and burnt gold colors of turning leaves.

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    Rustic Chic

    Fall decor ideas

    Sara Ligorria-Tramp / Emily Henderson Design

    This cozy living room from Emily Henderson Design is all about rustic chic touches that scream fall. Even if your room doesn't have wood paneled walls or a wood-burning stove, you can add some autumnal notes to any space with simple touches. Think scented candles, vases full of vibrant fall leaves or branches, and velvet accent pillows in a mix of creamy neutrals and rich jewel tones to keep it fresh and modern.

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    Felt Leaf Wall Hanging

    Fall decor ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    Laura Gummerman at A Beautiful Mess made a colorful felt leaf wall hanging to add some fall charm to an autumnal sidetable vignette.

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    Bountiful Centerpiece

    Fall decor ideas

    Craftberry Bush

    Lucy Akins of Craftberry Bush created a generous neutral-hued fall centerpiece by filling an empty hurricane lantern with white pumpkins, white roses, dried wheat stalks, gourds, and a bountiful spirit that is right for fall.

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    Fall Fashion Vignette

    Fall decor ideas

    Sara Ligorria-Tramp / Emily Henderson Design

    Sometimes you have everything you need to add a touch of fall decor to your home. In this entryway from Emily Henderson Design, fall clothes and accessories in burnt orange and shades of brown are on display on an open rack. A couple of inexpensive pumpkin figurines posed nonchalantly on the bench, and some seasonal branches in a vase and you've got your very own no-waste, penny-saving fall decor vignette.

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    Natural Centerpiece

    Fall decor ideas

    Heidi Caillier Design

    An ode to fall can be as simple as a vase bursting with autumnal branches that complement the natural tones of this eat-in kitchen from Heidi Caillier Design.

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    Cozy Reading Nook

    Fall decor ideas

    Sara Ligorria-Tramp / Emily Henderson Design

    Fall is a time to look around the house and make every nook and cranny just a little bit warmer, cozier and more inviting. This appealing reading corner from Emily Henderson Design has fall vibes, with its bold checkerboard upholstery on a generously proportioned armchair made even more comfortable with a rust-colored throw pillow and a cozy pompom throw in a creamy hue.

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    Swap Out the Throw Pillows on Your Bed

    Fall decor ideas

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona add layered bedding and jewel-toned velvet throw pillows to get her bedroom ready for fall.

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    Fall Walls

    Fall decor ideas

    Sara Ligorria-Tramp / Emily Henderson Design

    If fall is your favorite season, you can create autumnal vibes in your bedroom all year long with a giant wall mural of bare trees like this room from Emily Henderson Design. A wood bed frame and side table pick up on the woodland theme. An olive green accent pillow adds to the organic, natural feel that works year-round but will feel especially seasonal in the fall. If you don't want to commit to a wall mural, there are plenty of peel and stick removable wallpaper options that are easier to install than conventional wallpaper, will pack a punch, and are easy enough to change out if and when you want something new.

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    Fall Guest Room Refresh

    Fall decor ideas

    Sara Ligorria-Tramp / Emily Henderson Design

    This guest room from Emily Henderson Design gets an easy fall refresh with pillow covers and extra blankets in shades of mustard and royal blue that add color, texture, and pattern and make the room feel inviting and seasonal. The neutral base of the room allows for simple season interventions just by changing the throw pillows and blankets, and adding in some seasonal greenery and a scented candle that matches the autumnal mood.

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    Fall Entry

    Fall decor ideas

    Heidi Caillier Design

    Adding a few throw pillows in fall plaid and check patterns transitions this charming mud room from Heidi Caillier Design with its cheerful spring/summery wallpaper to fall. Use pillow covers and you can easily change your pillows with the seasons.

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    Dark Accents

    Fall decor ideas

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Add some dried branches or flowers in burnished tones, dark wood antique accents, and moody textiles to create a fall feeling, like this bedroom from interior designer Ashley Montgomery of Toronto-based Ashley Montgomery Design.

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    Moody Velvet

    Fall decor ideas

    Christy Q. Photo / Cathie Hong Interiors

    Fall is a melancholy season full of moody weather and a feeling of wanting to slow down, settle in, and cocoon. In this condo bedroom from Cathie Hong Interiors, dark green-blue walls, a forest green velvet headboard, and olive green bedding create a soothing ambiance. The brass reading lamp in a shiny finish adds a point of light.

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    Swap Out the Artwork

    Fall decor ideas

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    The best kitchens are decorated with as much love and personality as the rest of the house. An easy fix to signal the change of seasons and lend a fall mood to a neutral kitchen is to rotate out the artwork. In this kitchen from Ashley Montgomery Design, interior designer Ashley Montgomery added a dark floral framed painting on the counter that feels like autumn. Leaned against the wall it has an effortless look, and can be easily swapped out when the weather changes.

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    Warm Lighting

    Fall decor ideas

    Nick Glimenakis / AHG Interiors

    In this serene and sophisticated living room from interior designer Stefania Skrabak at AHG Interiors, warm wall sconces create an inviting amber glow. A brown accent pillow on the off-white linen sofa and an abstract bowl that recalls the bare branches of a tree are a subtle nod to the changing of the seasons.

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    Copper and Leaves

    Fall decor ideas

    My 100 Year Old Home

    Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home added a touch of fall to her windowsill by filling a shiny vintage copper pot with bright orange autumn leaves that catch the light during daytime and add a cheerful seasonal note.

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    Dark Carpet

    Fall decor ideas

    Jenn Pablo Studio

    As the light dwindles with the onset of fall, embrace the darkness by swapping out your kitchen rug for something with a moodier hue, like this kitchen from interior designer Jenn Pablo of Jenn Pablo Studio.

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    Shades of Rust

    Fall decor ideas

    Nick Glimenakis / AHG Interiors

    In this clean and contemporary bedroom from interior designer Stefania Skrabak at AHG Interiors, a lush tufted rust-colored velvet headboard is complemented with burnt orange linens and a chunky giant knit blanket in deep rust. A shiny copper lamp with Midcentury style brings the color story together.

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    Bare Branches

    Fall decor ideas

    Jeanne Canto / Calimia Home

    A vase full of bare branches is a chic, eco-friendly, and inexpensive way to introduce a fall note to a neutral interior, like this dining room area from husband and wife team Gustaf Svensson and Monique Miller of Calimia Home.

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    Fall Bookcase

    Fall decor ideas

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona styled her built-in living room bookcase for fall by gathering earth-toned books in beiges and browns, adding in some art and seasonal greens for good measure.

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    Fairweather Fall

    Fall decor ideas

    Jeanne Canto / Calimia Home

    Not every fall refresh has to involve traditional autumnal colors. This Florida bedroom from husband and wife team Gustaf Svensson and Monique Miller of Calimia Home got a cool-weather update with the addition of neutral textiles in the form of a giant knit blanket to add texture and a cozy layer that works with the home’s climate and location.

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    Autumn Bathroom

    Fall decor ideas

    Vanessa Lentine / Mindy Gayer Design Co.

    Interior designer Mindy Gayer of Mindy Gayer Design Co. added fall vibes to the bathroom with a vintage rug, an antique wooden stool, and a vase of dried flowers next to the bathtub, proof that you can add a bit of autumnal decor to any room in the house if you keep it subtle and consistent with your existing interior design.

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    Mud Room Makeover

    Fall decor ideas

    JK Interior Living

    NJ-based interior designer Julie Kantrowitz of JK Interior Living dressed up this spacious mudroom with bold fall vibes thanks to a slew of cozy throw pillows in a mix of light neutrals and rich seasonal jewel tones in checks and plaids, a no-fail fall-has-arrived combination.

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    Unconventional Colors

    Fall decor ideas

    A Crafted Chen

    Cheerful unconventional colors and multi-colored velvet pumpkins stacked in a silver bowl and on top of stacks of brightly hued coffee table books in this living from Ariel G. Chen of A Crafted Chen put an uplifting modern spin on fall décor.

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    Cognac Leather

    Fall decor ideas

    Carina Skrobecki Photography / Jessica Nelson Design

    Leather works any time of year, but the rich cognac leather headboard in this bedroom from interior designer Jessica Nelson at Jessica Nelson Design brings a touch of warmth that feels especially right for fall.

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    Table Staging

    Fall decor ideas

    My 100 Year Old Home

    Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home likes to keep her farmhouse dining room table set even when not in use. She staged it for the fall season with autumnal decor including a centerpiece composed of velvet pumpkins and faux greenery in a vintage brick mold.

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    Wood Accnets

    Fall decor ideas

    Charlie Coull Design

    Firewood stacked stylishly in a built-in wall nook, a generous rustic chic table and chairs, exposed brick, and a burnt orange armchair with plush upholstery makes this dining room from interior designer Charlie Coull of Ontario-based Charlie Coull Design ready for fall.

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    Sideboard in Waiting

    Fall decor ideas

    My 100 Year Old Home

    On a sideboard in the formal dining room, Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home added a tall vase of faux white flowers that will work in any season, and decorated a vintage cake plate with velvet pumpkins in pretty fall colors.

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    Go Dark

    Fall decor ideas

    Carina Skrobecki Photography / Jessica Nelson Design

    If you've been thinking about painting a room in a dark comforting hue, fall is a great time to take the leap. This restroom from interior designer Jessica Nelson at Jessica Nelson Design is calming, stylish, and perfect for fall nesting.

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    Wheat + Eucalptus Mantelpiece

    Fall decor ideas

    Thistlewood Farms

    Home blogger KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms created a simple fall mantelpiece with dried wheat, eucalyptus, and white pillar candles.

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    Embrace the Underground

    Fall decor ideas

    JK Interior Living

    Fall is the perfect time to spruce up your basement and create a relaxing place to hole up while the temperatures drop. In this finished basement from interior designer Julie Kantrowitz of JK Interior Living, the ceiling is painted black, and the bar is well stocked, lit, and styled.

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    Indoor Fall Harvest

    Fall decor ideas

    My 100 Year Old Home

    Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home took a maximalist approach to fall decor in her living room, where she hung a trio of autumn leaf wreaths in the windows above the sofa, and piled her coffee and side tables with a jumble of pumpkins, pine cones and berry sprigs.

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    Embrace Texture

    Fall decor ideas

    K Shan Design

    Fall is the perfect time to embrace texture, like this geometric black-and-white tufted rug in a living room from Kelly at K Shan Design.

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    Neutral Fall

    Fall decor ideas

    Maison de Cinq

    Sheila from Maison de Cinq created a neutral ode to fall by filling vintage French urns with white pumpkins and hydrangeas, a theme she carried throughout the house using repurposed vessels and mixing in greenery like eucalyptus here and there for added dimension. It's an easy, achievable look that works well with neutral decor schemes and creates a sense of occasion without being a slave to tradition.

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    Pomegranates and Pears

    Fall decor ideas

    Craftberry Bush

    Lucy Akins of Craftberry Bush created a simple fall table with pomegranates, pears, greenery, and shiny copper jugs assembled to look effortless and inviting. A black and white plaid tablecloth adds a sophisticated fall note.

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    All Natural

    Fall decor ideas

    Musings By Madison

    Madison from Musings By Madison created a fall themed side table with warm natural vibes and minimalist appeal using a vase of dried wheat stalks and sculptural accessories.

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    Faux Greenery + Fresh Fruit

    Fall decor ideas

    My 100 Year Old Home

    Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home decorated her modern farmhouse kitchen with a mix of faux greenery and fresh fruit like pumpkins and a big rustic wooden bowl full of apples.

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    Plaid Pouf

    Fall decor ideas

    Mary Patton Design

    Plaid might be a go-to fall staple, but designer Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design turned it up a notch with an oversized black-and-white plaid pouf in this bold living room design that is seasonal but works year-round.

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    Fall Entryway

    Fall decor ideas

    My 100 Year Old Home

    Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home decorated her home entryway with a vignette of dried leaves, vintage books, and china pumpkins in complementary weathered tones, posed on a shabby chic side table.

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    Calming Cloffice

    Fall decor ideas

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona added magnolia leaves to add a seasonal note to her calming dark-toned cloffice, with its metallic accents and styled shelving that can be closed up after work, but looks good enough that it doesn't have to be.

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