Creative Fall Harvest Decorating Ideas

fall home decor ideas
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    Decorating Your Home for Fall

    Fall: it's a magical time of year. The heat of summer is behind you, the frenzy and excitement of the holidays is still to come. Instead, fall celebrates the harvest, abundance, good living, family comforts, and the beauty of nature. Adding a few fall touches to your home decor is a lovely way to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Here, you'll find 24 decorating ideas – many of them easy DIY projects – to bring fall's glories into your home.

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    Autumn Living Room

    Decorating for autumn doesn't have to be an overwhelming display of harvest elements, nor a tacky, overdone presentation of kitsch. Instead, take a note from this gorgeous living room from farmhouse living blog StoneGable, and set out just a few fall motifs, such as a scattering of small pumpkins and a sheaf of corn husks.

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    Small Touches of Fall

    Decorate a side table or buffet with a few fall motifs. Here, blog On Sutton Place shows you how to do it right: a small wreath of greenery hangs from a pretty ribbon around a lamp, one small pumpkin sets a spell of fall, and a few sprigs of autumn berries in a vase add a touch of color.

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    Untraditional Color Combos

    Sure, traditional fall colors are the warm tones of yellow, orange, burnt red, and brown. But as style editor Eddie Ross proves here so beautifully, there's no law saying you have to stick with those colors. Instead, consider using traditional fall decor elements such as chrysanthemums in nontraditional colors. Lovely, and yet unexpected.

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    Autumn in the Dining Room

    Ring in autumn in the dining room with an elegant display of white pumpkins, as in this lovely room from farmhouse living blog StoneGable. A glass terrarium holds a small gathering of pumpkins, while two larger gourds sit on cake holders. In the background, a small bouquet of autumn leaves adds color. Stunning, simple, perfect.

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    DIY Ombre Painted Pinecones

    Imagine all the ways you can use these darling ombre painted pinecones to decorate your autumn home. Fill a basket with them and set it near the fireplace. Layer them in a tall glass vase. Scatter a few across your coffee table. Use them to hold placecards for your holiday dinner parties. And of course, the colors are up to you. Check out Whimzeecal for the full directions.

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    Fresh, Cheerful Fall Decor

    Found on Home Bunch, this photo shows off a mantel decorated for fall, and yet not in the expected autumn colors. Instead, a pretty gathering of yellow and pale green gourds, topped by a yellow-green moss wreath, set a simple, lovely, and cheerful vibe.

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    Beautiful Fall Mantel

    Blogger Beth Bryan of Unskinny Boppy shows off the power of natural, simple elements for fall decorating. Feathers, ribbon-wrapped bundles of wheat, greenery, and small pumpkins create a scene that is tranquil, lovely, and elegant.

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    Gorgeous Fall Floral Centerpiece

    Wow. This stunning fall celebration table from blog The Lettered Cottage shows off autumn centerpieces done right. Instead of the expected mums, these vases are full of eucalyptus leaves, autumn berry sprigs, small daisies, and autumn-blooming wildflowers. A few small votive candles finish the scene to perfection.

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    Decorate the Front Door for Fall

    A fall door decoration is a great way to welcome the season; but who says you have to stick with a traditional round wreath? Take a note from blog At the Picket Fence, and instead, fill a burlap sack with a pretty autumn bouquet. Finish the scene with a couple of pumpkins and planters filled with chrysanthemums, and your front entryway is transformed. What a way to say "Welcome!" to your visitors.

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    Painted Acorns

    Here's another easy fall craft that is just as much fun for kids as adults. Use your painted acorns to fill a glass vase, a basket, a wooden bowl, or scatter them around your houseplants. Home Stories A to Z has the complete instructions.

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    Simple Fall Living Room Ideas

    Here's another room that proves you don't have to go overboard to celebrate the season. Instead, here, The Turquoise Home created a beautiful fall living room with the addition of a few small pumpkins, a small wreath, and a bouquet of colorful autumn leaves. So pretty.

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    Pumpkin Vases

    What could be more fall-tastic than a pumpkin-turned-vase holding a glorious display of autumn flowers, such as the mums, berries, and wheat shown here? The combinations are nearly endless, just visit your local florist or even grocery store for pretty, inexpensive bouquets of flowers, then follow the directions at DIY Enthusiasts to turn a pumpkin into a vase.

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    Autumn Leaves

    Love to collect colorful fall leaves? Why not display them, as in this great headboard replacement idea from Midwest Living. It's as easy as taping pressed leaves to crafting paper, then hanging them on the wall with removable adhesive tape.

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    Easy Fall Centerpiece

    Looking for an easy fall centerpiece idea? Blog Life on Virginia Street has one for you. Set out a few clear glass vases in different shapes and sizes, and then slip a colorful fall cutting into each. Often, the simplest things are the best.

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    Frame Fall Leaves

    Decorate your mantel, dresser, or foyer with a framed collection of fall leaves. Here, Midwest Living used a pretty red frame, but you could substitute gold, brown, green, or any other harvest color.

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    Simple Autumn Decor

    When your home is already decorated in the warm tones of fall, as in this lovely space from design firm Johnson McLeod, you don't need much more than a basket filled with interesting twigs to add autumn interest.

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    DIY Fall Yarn Wreath

    There are lots of fall wreath ideas out there, but this one, from blog Architecture of a Mom, is especially nice. The supplies are all inexpensive, and it's so easy to customize to your liking. 

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    Decorate Your Dresser for Fall

    Want to add a little touch of autumn to your bedroom dresser or front foyer? Blog The Turquoise Home shows how easy it can be. Just tie pretty ribbons in fall colors around your lamp, add an extra bow to a mirror, and voila! A taste of fall without much fuss or expense.

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    Indian Corn

    Indian corn is another colorful way to celebrate the harvest. Here, blog Eclectically Vintage gathered up several ears with husks still attached and displayed them in a vintage metal basket. You could also hang them from a ribbon or set them in a wicker basket or wooden bowl.

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    Fall Window Box

    Window boxes aren't only for spring! You can celebrate fall – and even through winter, if you live in a mild climate – with a colorful and striking planter like this one from Driven by Decor. Ornamental peppers, ornamental kale, mums, and a few interesting gourds is all it takes.

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    DIY Fall Leaf Bowl

    Set this unique bowl on your coffee table to welcome autumn. While you can make it with real leaves, you'll find it an easier project if you use faux foliage; plus, then you'll be able to display the bowl year after year. It's a great craft for kids, as well. Get the complete directions at Made With Happy.

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    Make Your Own Fall-Themed Throw Pillows

    You've probably seen the beautiful but expensive seasonal throw pillows in upscale decor stores, and maybe you've even been tempted but resisted once you saw the price tag. Well, you're in luck, because if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can whip up your own gorgeous accent pillows for a fraction of the price. Blog Thrifty Decor Chick tells you how.

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    Succulent Cornucopia

    Cornucopias might be traditional harvest elements, but they don't have to follow tradition if you don't want them to. Here, faux succulents take the place of the usual fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Check out blog Zevy Joy for all the details.