7 Fall Home Decor Trends According to Pinterest

Stylish and cute scandinavian decor of newborn baby room with natural toys, hanging decor balls, macrame, pouf, plush animals and teddy bears. Beige walls. Interior design of kid room. Home staging.
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While spring may be the season of the deep clean, fall is definitely the season to revamp and rejuvenate your home. Between the quiet of a peaceful house once the kids have gone back to school, the smell of damp autumn leaves and the breeze you can finally let in through the windows, it's impossible not to be inspired to redecorate this season. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out the fresh decor trends everyone is pinning right now (and no, there's no subway tile or faux marble on this list!).

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    Fall Is All About Blush

    A bedroom with blush and gray colors
    Little Liberty / Adore Magazine

    Blush is having a moment this year, and while it may seem inherently a color for spring, mixing this soft hue with cool blue and gray tones creates a warm and inviting palette that's perfect for fall. Pinterest users have been searching for and saving this subtle-but-beautiful color over 600% more from last year. We love it paired with copper and chambray.

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    Beautiful Blush Tones

    Dark blue walls in pink bedroom
    Adore Magazine

    Take this look to the next level with deep navy walls and blush accessories. This room just screams "relax" in the most beautiful way.

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    Macrame Is Back

    A macrame table runner
    Cheetah Is the New Black

    Macrame has officially left the 1970s and landed firmly into 2017. While you may think first of macrame plant hangers, there are so many ways to use macrame throughout the house. Pinterest users are saving this trendy look 62% more than last year, and from table runners to wall hangings to woven chairs, the options to incorporate macrame into your home are endless.

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    Macrame Wall Hangings

    A macrame wall hanging
    Hey Lila Hey

    Not only is macrame a gorgeous way to decorate your house, it's actually fairly easy to DIY. Whether you're a novice knotter or you're a pro from way back in the peace-and-love days, a few hours is all you need to get the look this fall.

    DIY Macrame Wall Hanging from Hey Lila Hey

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    Hanging Decor (Especially Branches)

    Hanging vases from a branch
    Kate Young Design

    From dorm rooms to living rooms, hanging decor is up 72% this season, and it's all about nature. Rather than decorate with pumpkins this season, try branches and leaves. We love this hanging vase idea that could be replicated with fall leaves, feathers or beads as well.

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    Simple (But Beautiful) Hanging Decor

    Hanging eucalyptus over a table
    @homeyohmy / Instagram

    Eucalyptus is a simple but stunning plant to use in your home, and while a vase is great, hanging it can make even more of an impact. We love this simply strung piece that instantly lends a warm, restorative calm to any room.

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    Plush Velvet

    Velvet couch in a white room
    JWT Associates

    Velvet has been big for a while now, but this season it's 352% more popular than last fall. And it's no surprise–velvet is warm, luxurious, easy to clean and adds a gorgeous touch to every decor style. A stunning velvet couch, as seen in this living room, is a long-lasting piece that will keep you warm all through the winter.

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    Velvet Is Inviting (And Pet Friendly)

    Blue velvet bed headboard
    House of Hipsters

    Velvet isn't just for the living room. It's a stunning and romantic way to add glam to a bedroom with a headboard or throw pillows. We love that this fabric stands up to wear, and it's an especially great choice for pet owners since it's easy to clean.

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    Time to Go Green

    Eucalyptus covered mirror
    Fall for DIY

    Sorry, oranges and yellows, green is having its time in the spotlight right now—since last year, Pinterest users are saving and searching for greenery 101% more. While traditional autumnal color schemes are lovely, incorporating eucalyptus, boxwood or ivy into your home this fall is a fresh and easy way to welcome in the new season.

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    Greenery Is Everywhere

    Thanksgiving centerpiece with pumpkins and plants
    Stone Gable

    Embracing neutrals and greenery this season doesn't mean kissing pumpkins and leaves goodbye. Buying different colored pumpkins and gourds or painting them neutral and light colors is a stunning way to show off autumn's bounty this year.

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    Lanterns for Warmth and Beauty

    Fireplace with lantern above it
    Planete Deco

    When the weather turns cold, there's nothing better than warm fireplaces and candles. This season, everyone is turning to simple pillar lanterns to decorate their homes, up 39% from last year. While Moroccan-style lanterns are lovely, this fall is all about simple and subtle. A few glass pillar lanterns for your dining table or your living space will make your home feel cozy and inviting.

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    Simple, Beautiful Ambience

    Pillar lanterns
    Greg Finck Photography / 100 Layer Cake

    If you really want to take this look to the next level, lining your walkway or your porch with glass lanterns will make your space feel chic and upscale with very minimal effort. Using battery-operated tea lights is a great way to make this look child- and pet-safe.

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    Mud Cloth Everywhere

    mud cloth decor in a room
    Old Brand New

    Shibbouri, indigo-dyed and neutral mud cloths are massive on Pinterest right now, up 550% from last year. Up your textile game this season by going head first into mud cloths; from throw pillows to blankets to rugs, there are many ways to draw from this African-influenced decor trend.

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    More Mud Cloth

    mudcloth pillows
    House Seven

    Try DIY-ing a few pillows (here's a tutorial from The Painted Hive) to get the mud cloth look this fall. Pair neutral mud cloths with fresh greenery and lanterns and you'll have a trendy and inviting home this fall.