6 Fall Home Decor Trends According to Pinterest

Seasonal Style Pulls in Looks from the Past

Oh So Kel

Oh So Kel

The transitioning of seasons is always the perfect time to refresh what’s on your home shelves... and also the walls, furniture and floors. Changing up and changing out your space’s decor every September is as much a ritual as Pumpkin Spice-everything and the turning of leaves on the trees.

So what’s trending in Fall 2021? We turned to Pinterest trend reports to see what’s popular on the social sites in their users’ searches for the season. Here are a few of the top topics of interest right now.

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    Y2K? Why Not?

    herzenstimme twinkle light bedroom

    Herzen Stimme / Instagram

    Nostalgia is again all the rage this season. Decor reflecting the look and feel of the turn of the century is catching the fancy of folks who fall into both the Millennial and Gen Z categories. (Millennials are generally people born between 1981 and 1996. Gen Z picks up with those born in 1997 through 2012.) Pinterest says searches for “Room decor Y2K” have blow up for Gen Z and Millennials.

    What is Y2K decor? Think fun, youthful looks with bling and strings lights everywhere. Hearts, daisies, and rainbows on everything from bed linens to throw pillows and beaded curtains. Or curtains of beads and string lights. Hello Kitty might not be hanging on the walls (or maybe she is!), but the colors and textures of the 2000s are finding updated ways to shine in the homes of people who are looking back at the era with fondness.

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    School Colors

    lucky plot 13 pastel bedroom

    Lucky Plot 13 / Instagram

    The 2000s were big on pastels, and Gen Z is looking to bring it all back. College-age searchers are blowing up Pinterest for fun ways to create their home away from home with such shades. Whether they are looking to make the space pretty in pink, cheery with a mellow yellow or calm with soothing blues and greens, dorm dwellers will definitely be too cool for school this fall. 

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    Bed and Bath

    michelle boudreau green bedroom

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    Look for bedrooms awash in sage greens and browns, bringing the outdoors in for a peaceful place to rest your head. Layer the colors with bed linens and throw pillows, and add texture with furniture and accessories. Pinterest users are also looking for tips on putting together a bathroom that is peachy keen—literally. The throwback shade is showing up on walls, and on fun prints for shower curtains. Pull the style together with accessories such as throw rugs and countertop organizers.

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    Give It a Rest

    home and spirit boho bedroom

    Home and Spirit / Instagram

    And speaking of calm, turning your bedroom a place for relaxation seems like an obvious choice, and there are many ways to go about that. But what does that look like for fall? Boho chic is trending right now, with rattan chairs, side tables and headboards forming the framework for a room meant to be an oasis. Add in chenille throws and pillows upon pillows for the bed, a fabric rug and some greenery for the perfect place to catch some Zzzs. Another hot design trend for creating calm? Crystals. Himalayan rock salt or geode lamps or agate tea light holders cast a soft light perfect for drifting off. 

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    Skater Chic

    skateboard art

    @nuevalana / Instagram

    You can’t be “board” with this gnarly theme, which uses skate gear as shelves, bookcases, wall racks, mirrors and more. If you live and breathe the sport, marry function to form with hooks to hold everything in place while showcasing your skater style. Add a colorful action print, or even a signature furniture piece such as a stool or chair made of the wheel-less skateboards. As with any theme, you don’t want to over do it. Select accessories that make a statement and you will end up with a look that will make everyone flip.

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    Make It Pop


    Oh So Kel

    If you are looking to change things up this fall without doing a complete redesign, you have good company. Pinterest pros have been searching for ways to add a little zing to their interiors. You can always add things such as new pillows, a rug, or wall art to make a quick edit. But another way you can instantly update and enliven a room is by adding a pop of color such as a red chair or bright blue sofa in your living room, like Oh So Kel did here. Replace or update a boring white appliance with unexpected color in the kitchen. You don’t have to go over the top to redefine your decor.

Fall is traditionally a time to settle in and get comfortable. With these trending Pinterest searches, you will find ideas on how you can move into the season in style.