Fall into better sleep

Fall Into Better Sleep: Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom

With fall around the corner, we are all about creating a cozy home environment where we feel warm and comforted—and your bedroom might be the most important room in the home for doing just that. Your bedroom should be a haven where you can relax and wind down from your day, and everything from decorating to cleaning can go a long way to achieving peace in your own space.

But, where do you start? From learning how to properly make a bed to stocking up on editor-approved sleep products to knowing when it's time for a new mattress, we hope our tips will help you fall into a better sleep this season and beyond.

How to Properly Make a Bed

How to make a bed

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It seems so easy to leave your bed a jumbled mess when you wake up—after all, you're only going to mess it up again later. Making the bed has become one of those chores that very few people bother with, but a properly made bed can have a dramatic impact on the way a room looks and feels. Not only does it help the room appear less cluttered and chaotic, but it also sets the stage nicely for your night's rest. After all, it's so much nicer to slip into a bed with smooth, crisp sheets rather than one with rumpled sheets and a balled-up blanket.

15 Cozy Bedroom Ideas

Cozy bedroom ideas

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While everyone loves a cozy living room, there is nothing more important than a cozy bedroom that makes you feel safe and warm and sheltered from the chaos of the world. And any bedroom can be made to feel cozier by keeping a few simple principles in mind.

So what makes a space feel cozy? While that might be subjective based on your personality and individual tastes, there are some elements that make a room feel universally cozy—a comfy bed, soft lighting, and decor details that make it feel like home. Check out these inviting bedrooms in a range of styles for inspiration on how to do the same for your own space.

The 16 Products Our Editors Don't Sleep Without

Editors favorite sleep products

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If you've had difficulty sleeping over the last two years, you're not alone—it seems like everyone is on the quest for a better sleep. There's no doubt that creating a cozy, relaxing, and comfortable bedroom is important. From having the right comforter, to filling your room with relaxing scents, to adding ambience with accent lighting, these are all ways you can improve your bedtime routine—just take it from our editors.

4 Signs You Need a New Mattress

Signs you need a new mattress

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If you find yourself tossing and turning more often than not when you turn in for the night, it might not be your state of mind. It could be your mattress. You don’t have to have visible lumps and bumps in the mattress to raise the flag for replacement. Instead, it is more of a formula or feeling you should keep an eye on. 

10 Mistakes Designers Always Notice in Bedrooms

Mistakes designers notice in bedrooms

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary—a place where you can unwind, practice self-care, and (hopefully) get a solid night of sleep. But if your space isn’t designed well, it can do more harm than good, often contributing to a sense of imbalance and unease. With this in mind, we turned to some of our favorite designers to find out what common design mistakes they notice in people’s bedrooms and how to fix them.

6 Easy Ways to Fake a Clean Bedroom

Fake a clean bedroom

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Perhaps you've just received word that friends will be stopping by in 15 minutes—but your bedroom is an absolute mess. Sometimes, shutting the door to your room just isn't an option. Maybe guests need to walk through your sleep space to access the bathroom or the only logical place to stash coats and other belongings when friends arrive is, well, on your bed. If you're feeling stressed about faking a clean room in just a matter of minutes, don't! We asked experts to weigh in with simple tips that will help you get your space looking spick and span even when time is super limited.