15 Fun Fall Party Ideas

Fall party

The Spruce / Autumn Wood

The leaves may be turning and the sun is setting a little earlier every day, but that just means now it's time for fall party ideas and other welcome autumn holiday celebrations. From pumpkin spice to pumpkin carving, fall has so much to offer—and if you need an excuse to invite family and friends over, we've got it. Here are some great ideas for gatherings, from fall outdoor birthday party ideas to plain old good reasons to share some chili and tacos to help you welcome autumn the right way. 

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    Host a Fall Harvest Bonfire

    Outdoor bonfire with hay benches
    Joy in the Commonplace

    Outdoor parties don't have to end just because summer is over. This fall, invite your friends or have your teen invite friends over to relish the crisp air and host a harvest bonfire. Blogger Joy in the Commonplace gathered a few hay benches and some cozy flannel and hosted an epic bonfire party—complete with a s'mores bar for adults and kids alike. 

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    Pumpkin Carving Competition

    Pumpkin top cut off
    Sara Lynn Paige / Getty Images

    Ready for a little friendly competition? Host your friends and family for a pumpkin carving competition and see who can create the very best jack-o'-lantern. Prep your space with enough pumpkins for carving, stock up on fall-friendly foods like hot chocolate and brownies and set up an anonymous voting box to crown the very best carver.

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    Chili Bar

    Bowl of chili with toppings
    How Sweet Eats

    There are few things more comforting than a hot bowl of chili. This fall, set up a build-it-yourself chili bar with all of the fixings for your guests to create a prize-winning recipe. Blogger How Sweet Eats adds toppings such as tater tots and Cheetos to take her chili bar to the next level.

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    Pumpkin Spice Party

    Table featuring pumpkin decor
    Haute & Healthy Living

    Nothing says it's sweater weather like a large thermos of pumpkin spice coffee. Turn your favorite drink into a party with a pumpkin spice-themed bash. Not sure where to start? Good news: There are endless recipes out there to satisfy any pumpkin lover. Haute & Healthy Living threw a pumpkin spice party for her friends and family and even offers free printables that you can use to decorate your home for your guests.

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    DIY Leaf Craft Party

    Colorful fall leaves stacked on a table
    Francesco Carta fotografo / Getty Images

    If your family and friends are crafty, a day of creating and experimenting is a great way to bring your favorite people together. Gather a bunch of fallen leaves of all different colors, print out instructions for a handful of DIYs for decorating with fall leaves, and set up crafting stations. Be sure to have all supplies on hand, or ask guests to BYOS (bring your own supplies in party lingo).

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    Caramel Apple Bar

    Caramel apple buffet with toppings
    Moms and Munchkins

    Whether you are hosting children or just kids-at-heart, a caramel apple bar is a big hit for any fall party. Blogger Moms and Munchkins set up a buffet for her guests to create their own caramel apples. Keep the caramel warm with a mini crockpot and add toppings such as marshmallows, M&Ms, and white chocolate. 

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    Outdoor Movie Party

    Outdoor movie set up with blankets and pillows
    vgajic / Getty Images

    While we all say we'll spend time outside throughout the summer, the sweltering heat and humidity often make it too uncomfortable to enjoy your backyard. That's why fall is the perfect time of year to host a backyard movie-watching party. Gather some wool or flannel blankets, a few pillows, and set up a projector and outdoor movie screen under the stars. Just don't forget the chocolate-covered popcorn.

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    Oktoberfest Party

    Crowd with a beer
    Cesare Fel / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Even if you can't make it all the way to Germany, you can celebrate Oktoberfest with a themed party. In Munich, Oktoberfest is celebrated outdoors, so host a backyard bash with a menu of sausage, German potato salad, sauerkraut, and German chocolate cake. Decorate with German colors such as black, red, and gold, and you'll never know you're not partying in Munich. 

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    DIY Football Party

    Football party buffet with snacks
    Design Eat Repeat

    Fall is all about football, so why not host a Sunday football party even non-sports fans will love. Set up a themed buffet like this one from Design Eat Repeat, with easy-to-hold snacks and a hot dog bar. There are endless ways to host a tailgating party that will make you look forward to game day every weekend.

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    Beer-Tasting Party

    Flight of different beers
    Anthony Tumminello / EyeEm / Getty Images

    It's time to put away that bottle of rosé and reach for a crisp glass of beer. Host your friends for a beer-tasting party (pumpkin brew is totally acceptable) and discover beers from local breweries. Take this party to the next level by purchasing beer glasses for everyone as favors. Keep the party lighthearted and simple with a few rounds of beer pong.

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    DIY Candle Party

    DIY candle making
    Thurtell / Getty Images

    Distract yourself from the dropping temperatures by keeping warm with your own DIY candles. It's surprisingly easy to make your own candles and is an extremely affordable craft to host at your next party. Pick fall scents like pumpkin, apple, or cinnamon, and go the extra mile by printing out your own fall-inspired candle decals. 

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    Succulent Party

    Tray of succulents
    Jenny Cookies

    Succulents are the most forgiving plants that tend to stay alive in spite of their owners. Host a succulent-themed party to keep the garden vibe going through all of fall and winter. Blogger Jenny Cookies prepared take-home mini succulents for her guests to plant in their own homes after the party ended. 

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    Game Night

    Table with friends playing board games
    Hero Images / Getty Images

    Embrace your inner child this fall by throwing an adults-only board game party. You can include the classics like Clue or JENGA but also plan for a few PG-13 games, such as Cards Against Humanity. The good news about hosting a game night party is that all you have to do to keep guests happy is stock your fridge with drinks and snacks and you'll undoubtedly have a great time.

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    Table with place card and a gold pumpkin
    Lovely Indeed

    If you've never hosted a Friendsgiving before, this is the year, and trust us, it doesn't matter what size your digs are for this type of party. As if you needed another excuse to eat mashed potatoes and stuffing, a Friendsgiving is a great way to thank your BFFs for being there for you all year long. Craft a few DIY Friendsgiving decor items and start a potluck signup sheet for the easiest party your friends will love.

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    Themed Costume Party

    Party with confetti
    wundervisuals / Getty Images

    While hosting a fall costume party may not be a novel idea, mix it up this year by creating a theme and asking your guests to dress accordingly. From jungle animals to Harry Potter to the latest streaming sci-fi flick, there are countless ways to give your guests a few parameters and see what they show up wearing.