40 Affordable Fall Porch Decor Ideas

Autumn front entrance
ChristopherBernard / Getty Images

This autumn, play up the natural scenery right outside your door with fall porch decor. For instance, make displays out of the colorful leaves dropping off nearby trees, or decorate with inexpensive reclaimed wood pieces to highlight the rustic vibe of the season. It doesn't take much effort or money to put together a festive design full of seasonal style.

Here are some fall porch decor ideas to help you get started.

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    Fall Leaf Basket

    fall leaves as front porch decor
    Sweet Something Designs

    Sweet Something Designs has created a pretty front door display fit for fall. It simply uses colorful fall leaves bunched in a basket that pop against the dark front door. To duplicate this look at your home, buy fake fall leaves at a craft store, or use the real leaves that have dropped from trees.

    Fall leaf basket via Sweet Something Designs

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    Seasonal Polka Dots

    Polkadot pillows on front porch

    Tatertots and Jello

    Using polka dots in traditional fall colors is a fun and inviting way to play up your front porch decor. Tatertots and Jello styled this black-and-orange theme using playful polka dot pillows, complemented by a teal chair. You also could use inexpensive polka dot fabric in shades of reds, golds, and purples to play up the fall colors.

    Seasonal polka dots via Tatertots and Jello

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    Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

    Reclaimed wood pumpkins DIY project
    Find Home Farms via Infarrantly Creative

    Make your own rustic pumpkin decorations using reclaimed wood like this front porch from Infarrantly Creative. They're perfect to incorporate the warm tones of autumn. And you can make them in any size you want to fit your front porch design.

    Reclaimed wood pumpkins via Infarrantly Creative

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    Shabby Chic Fall Decor

    Shabby chic fall front porch display
    Shabby Love Blog

    Shabby Love Blog put together this festive fall front porch with a combination of shabby chic vintage items and DIY decor. All of the materials are simple and inexpensive, such as the burlap for the pillows and the decorative corn and gourds. Together, though, they have a huge impact on capturing the spirit of the season.

    Shabby chic fall decor via Shabby Love Blog

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    Neutral Color Scheme

    neutral white and gray fall front porch decor

    Taryn Whiteaker

    Autumn decor doesn't always have to feature bright reds, oranges, and yellows—and this fall porch decor by Taryn Whiteaker proves just that. The design uses whites and other neutral tones, which give it a vintage farmhouse feel. But the pumpkins and corn are a clear nod to autumn. The best part is many neutral decor pieces can be reused for other seasons, saving you money.

    Neutral color scheme via Taryn Whiteaker

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    A Touch of Purple

    White pumpkins and mums as fall front porch decor
    Centsational Girl

    Purples and greens aren't immediately associated with the fall season. But this front porch by Centsational Girl certainly stands out from all the typical reds and oranges. The deep colors still bring that autumn warmth, and the pumpkins give it clear seasonal flair. All you need are a few plants and pumpkins to pull off this look.

    A touch of purple via Centsational Girl

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    Modern Traditional Decor

    modern traditional monogram fall front porch
    Life as a Thrifter

    The simplicity and clean lines of this front porch give it a modern vibe, yet the monogram door decoration brings a traditional touch. This design is especially frugal, too. The door decor is an easy DIY project with a stencil, and the pumpkins can be found for wholesale prices at pumpkin patches.

    Modern traditional decor via Life as a Thrifter

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    Black-and-White Design

    black-and-white fall front porch

    Love of Home

    This pretty design from Love of Home uses an atypical color scheme for fall. Black-and-white designs are notoriously versatile, however, so they can fit virtually any theme. The pumpkins are an obvious ode to fall, and the lantern and soft yellow accents bring some warmth to the porch.

    Black-and-white design via Love of Home

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    Fall Lighting Display

    Whimsical lighting fall front porch display
    All Things Beautiful

    All Things Beautiful created this bright idea for fall porch decor. The rustic light is crafted from a strand of white outdoor lights intertwined with grapevines, branches, and fall leaves. And the pumpkin topiaries, which also feature lights, provide a clever fall touch. All of the components are inexpensive and easy to work with.

    Fall lighting display via All Things Beautiful

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    Fall Porch Table Design

    Screen porch fall table display traditional decor
    Dear Lillie

    Dear Lillie moved a dining table to her screened-in porch and decorated for fall in shades of white. The light fixture, pumpkins, and wreath bring a rustic fall vibe to the space. And the clean color palette adds a level of sophistication. Look for pieces you already have to complete this look, rather than purchasing all new items.

    Fall porch table design via Dear Lillie

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    Rustic Wooden Crates

    easy rustic fall front porch decor
    Gray House Studio

    Gray House Studio made good use of inexpensive wooden crates for this fall porch decor. These crates were unfinished pine, but they stained them a rustic deep brown and added plywood squares painted in muted autumn tones to the bottom of each crate. The vibrant planters and pumpkins add a bright pop of fall color.

    Rustic wooden crates via Gray House Studio

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    Understated Planters

    fall porch decor

    Evan Sklar / Getty Images

    It doesn’t take much to bring fall colors to the front porch. Add a couple planters with flowers in reds, oranges, or golds. Pair them with some pumpkins or even a bushel of apples like this porch. You can reuse the planters throughout the year to save money.

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    Excess of Fall Flowers

    mums on porch

    Ryan Klos / Getty Images

    You don’t have to say goodbye to lush greenery just yet in the fall. Use whatever pots you already have on hand to plant some mums and other fall flowers on your front porch. You can usually find good deals on flowers around this time of year, as nurseries are winding down the season before winter.

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    Cornstalks and Decorative Corn

    pumpkins in front of brick building

    Peter Gridley/The Image Bank / Getty Images

    Look for dried cornstalks and decorative corn for your fall porch decor, which are typically on sale at this time of year and will really drive home the seasonal theme. Plus, because they aren't specific to any holiday, they can be displayed from the beginning of fall all the way through Thanksgiving and into winter.

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    Impact With Minimalism

    Fall decorations on a front porch

    Feverpitched / Getty Images

    You don't need much for your front porch to say "happy fall!" Just a few pumpkins and a festive wreath will do. Select decor that pops against the colors of your house and front door, so it's as visible as possible to make a statement.

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    A Few Jack-o-Lanterns

    fall front door

    American Images Inc / Getty Images

    If you're buying pumpkins for Halloween, refrain from carving all of them. That way, you can continue to decorate with the pumpkins into November. You can even simply turn your jack-o-lanterns around after Halloween is over to extend their decor life through the autumn season.

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    Simple Wreath and Pumpkins

    Front door with fall wreath and pumpkins

    Siri Stafford / Getty Images

    You can use very basic decor materials, and still end up with an impactful fall display on your front porch. Selecting pumpkins that are on the smaller side will save you some money, but they'll still be plenty festive. Then, put together a basic wreath with either found fall leaves or craft leaves to finish off your display.

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    Wreath of Fall Tones

    Festive fall wreath on a gray door

    TriggerPhoto / Getty Images

    For an affordable seasonal look that will dress up your front porch, all you have to do is add a door wreath. Purchase one that's pre-made, or browse the craft store and pull an array of items in fall tones that you like. There will be no mistake that your house is decorated for fall.

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    Leaf Wreath

    fall wreath on blue door

    Johner Images / Getty Images

    A leaf wreath is easy to make from inexpensive materials. And it can work from the start of fall and even into winter, so you won't have to spend more money switching out decor. Plus, you can pick leaves in whatever shades work best to complement your house.

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    Fall Planter

    Decorative fall kale planter


    ballycroy / Getty Images

    Fill a planter on your front porch with some ornamental kale, a cool-season vegetable that can tolerate fall temperatures. It will provide some texture to your porch and pop against all the warm tones of fall. To dress up the planter, add some small gourds to the mix.

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    Fall Bench Display

    fall harvest decor

    Erika Craddock / Getty Images

    If you have a bench on your front porch that you don't often use for seating, build a fall display on it instead. Fill baskets you already have on hand (or find inexpensive baskets at a local thrift shop) with fall flowers, pumpkins, gourds, and anything else that reminds you of the season. It will make a major impact for not a lot of money.

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    Flexible Holiday Decor

    A front porch decorated for Halloween

    valentinrussanov / Getty Images

    Think strategically as you plan your fall porch decor for the holidays you want to decorate for. For instance, start with some basic pumpkins, mums, and evergreen topiaries. Add jack-o-lanterns, bats, and other pieces to the mix for Halloween. Remove them for Thanksgiving. And potentially string up some lights in December.

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    Fall Door Color

    gold front door

    FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

    Sometimes all you need is a coat of paint to evoke a seasonal look. If you've been wanting to try out a new front door color, consider a rich autumnal tone. It will make your home look intentionally decorated for fall when your front door can play off the colors of fall leaves in nearby trees.

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    Fall Decor on the Walls

    Front door Halloween decorations
    DenisTangneyJr / Getty Images

    If you don't have much of an area around your front door, use the vertical space. String up lights, greenery, and other decor around the door. You don't need a lot to make an impact framing your front door, which will save you some money.

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    Evergreen Fall Porch

    Olive-colored house exterior with black front door

    Ryan McVay/Photodisc / Getty Images

    Evergreens aren't just winter decor. Get more bang for your buck by adding an evergreen wreath for the fall. Just skip the holly berries, faux snow, and anything else that looks decidedly wintery. You can add that once winter arrives to extend the life of your wreath.

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    Thanksgiving Pumpkin

    A turkey pumpkin serving as outdoor Thanksgiving decoration, flanked by two dogs.

    Doxieone Photography / Getty Images

    If you put pumpkins out for Halloween, give them a new life for Thanksgiving. Add a few feathers cut out of wood or cardboard plus a painted turkey head. You might already have all the supplies you need for this project on hand.

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    Small Thanksgiving Display

    Thanksgiving still life background with pumpkins, gourds and message
    CatLane / Getty Images

    Seasonal displays don't have to be oversized. A small display of gourds and flowers by your front door will welcome guests with a festive air. Plus, because their colors are so bright, you'll likely still be able to see them from the street as well.

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    Front Gate Decor

    gate decorated for halloween

    Yukiko Yamamoto/EyeEm / Getty Images

    Don't forget to decorate your front gate if you have one when you're considering fall porch decor. That sets the tone right from the front of your property. A wreath is an affordable and effective way to bring some seasonal flair to your gate.

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    Scarecrow standing next to hay

     Darrell Harris/EyeEm / Getty Images

    A scarecrow is a popular fall decor piece. And it's easy to make with found or inexpensive items. Just gather some old clothes and hay, and you're well on your way to crafting a custom scarecrow. Plus, any excess hay can be added to your fall display.

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    Rustic Chair Display

    fall porch decor with chair and pumpkins

    Steve Smith / Getty Images 

    Building a fall porch display around an old chair will give it a rustic, comfortable vibe. You often can find chairs that are rough around the edges for just a few dollars at thrift stores. Then, simply add a couple pumpkins and some decorative corn, and you'll have yourself a simple seasonal look.

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    Fall Lanterns

    fall porch decor with lanterns

    ChristopherBernard / Getty Images 

    Lanterns evoke a cozy vibe that's perfect for fall. But if you don't want to fill them with candles for your porch, you always can use mini pumpkins. As a bonus, the lanterns should protect the pumpkins from rodents that might want to nibble on them.

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    Fall Vases

    fall vases on porch

    Santiaga / Getty Images

    Vases and other containers filled with dried foliage and grouped together on the porch can have a major impact. To avoid spending money, simply use containers you have. They don't have to match, but try to pick ones that are in a fall color scheme.

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    Fall Porch Seating

    fall porch seating

    Santiaga / Getty Images

    If you have a seating area on your front porch, add some blankets and pillows to usher in the fall season. This will make your home feel cozy and inviting. Look for textiles in fall colors—reds, oranges, yellows, and browns—to drive home the seasonal theme.

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    Pumpkins and Hay

    pumpkins and hay on a porch

    ehrlif / Getty Images

    Bring the pumpkin patch home with a pumpkin and hay display. You can find these items on sale at grocery stores and other shops throughout fall. Because they're so closely associated with the season, you only need a little bit to create front porch that's clearly ready for fall.

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    Cozy Rocking Chair

    fall porch decor with rocking chair

    StephanieFrey / Getty Images

    Rocking chairs and front porches go hand in hand. Swap out the cushion on your rocker (or add one) for something that has a fall-themed print or color. Just that textile change can bring the autumnal spirit to your front porch.

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    Spider Wreath

    spider wreath

    Hanneke Luijting / Getty Images

    A spider wreath is a creepy twist on a traditional fall wreath. You'll likely only want to use it during the month of Halloween. But it's such an effective Halloween decoration that you probably won't have to spend much more to adorn your house for the holiday.

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    Fall Step Decor

    fall step decor

    Selwa Baroody / Getty Images

    Don't forget your steps when decorating your front porch for fall. After all, they might be more visible from the street than your porch itself. Some small pumpkins lining the steps, along with potted fall flowers, are a beautiful way to celebrate the season.

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    Thankful Mat

    thankful doormat

    Kristen Prahl / Getty Images

    A seasonal doormat is a quick and inexpensive way to deck out your house for fall. Sure, you probably won't see it from the street. But it will make both you and your guests feel the autumn spirit every time you see it.

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    Pinecone Wreath

    fall wreath

    Tammi Mild / Getty Images

    Pinecones can work for both fall and winter decor. So make yours pull double duty by crafting a wreath with them for fall that includes autumnal colors. Then, when winter comes, swap the autumnal components for evergreen branches.

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    Sunflower Wreath

    sunflower wreath

    Melissa Ross / Getty Images

    If you're not ready yet for dreary winter days, hang a cheery fall sunflower wreath. Sunflowers come in shades of yellow, red, orange, and even brown. So they'll fit perfectly in a fall color scheme with any other decor of your choosing.