24 Fall Table Decor Ideas That Will Warm Your Spirit

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Inspired by Charm

A change of seasons is always a great excuse to decorate. Whether your taste leans traditional or trendy, adding some festive fall decor to your table is a simple way to celebrate the onset of autumn, to cheer up family meals or make guests feel special.

Whether you're setting up for a sit down meal or taking the party outdoors, check out these festive table ideas that will warm your spirit as leaves and temperatures begin to fall.

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    Add Elegance with Dark Florals

    fall table

    Alicia Lund

    This chic fall table from Alicia Lund mixes soft pastel table linens, black plates and taper candles, brass candlesticks and gold-toned flatware, and a low-slung dark floral centerpiece that creates an elegant autumnal mood.

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    Fill a Pitcher with Dried Flowers

    fall table decor ideas

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Erin Kelly

    Fall decor lends itself to using natural, eco-friendly elements like dried leaves and flowers that bring some of the outdoors in and be returned to the earth once the season is over. The farmhouse table in this all-white kitchen and dining space from Leanne Ford Interiors gets a minimalist dose of fall vibes with a pitcher full of burnished dried flowers that add warmth and a poetic feel to a simple table.

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    Take the Party Outside

    fall table

    Design and Photo by Anita Yokota

    Interior designer Anita Yokota channeled fall vibes at her Los Angeles backyard dining table with a neutral table runner, black-and-white tableware, and generous bunches of rusty orange flowers.

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    Layer On Linen

    fall table

    Lobster and Swan

    This simple fall table from Lobster and Swan has a beautifully rumpled natural linen tablecloth in a soft hue that puddles nonchalantly on the floor and looks right at home with the cocoa-colored walls, dark flooring, and bentwood chairs of the dining room.

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    Set a Table for Two

    fall table

    Design by Ryann Miller for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Even if your fall table only seats one or two, show it some love with a bowl of seasonal fruit and a vase of early fall sunflowers, like this inviting table designed by Ryann Miller for Emily Henderson Design.

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    Use Faux Florals

    fall table ideas

    Craftberry Bush

    This modern fall table from Craftberry Bush, a thrift store vase painted to look like pottery is filled with fluffy faux flowers in soft shades of coral, white, and peach. Black plates, wooden chargers, and modern rustic earthenware create a fresh take on fall dining.

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    Lighten It Up

    fall table ideas

    Most Lovelv Things

    This outdoor fall table from Most Lovelv Things is a personal take on the season with its polka dot tablecloth, pink plates, simple glassware, fresh flowers running down the middle of the table, and pale pumpkin placeholders.

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    Bring Out the Burgundy

    fall table decor

    Inspired by Charm

    Inspired by Charm used the color palette of a plaid tablecloth containing shades of orange, tan, and plum plus shades of black, white, and gold to style a fall table with plum-colored napkins, white and black ceramic pumpkins, matte black flatware, thrifted drinking glasses decorated with gold filigree, and a burgundy-toned floral centerpiece in a gold-toned vase.

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    Hang a Harvest Wreath

    fall table ideas

    Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Hanging a dried wreath on the dining room wall above the buffet adds an eco-friendly natural element, while a smattering of white and gold pumpkins reinforces the fall theme in this otherwise simple and sober black-and-white fall table from Emily Henderson Design.

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    Fall for Leaves

    fall table deocr

    Inspired by Charm

    This colorful leaf-inspired fall table from Inspired by Charm is embellished with clear vases of tall branches filled with fresh autumn leaves, and DIY colorblock cork leaf decorations on the table.

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    Pile on the Velvet Pumpkins

    fall table ideas

    My 100 Year Old Home

    This modern farmhouse fall table from My 100 Year Old Home has mix and match tableware, simple glassware, faux greenery and apple blossoms in rustic tin containers, and a collection of velvet pumpkins that can be reused from year to year.

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    Pair Pink and Orange

    fall table ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    This cheerful modern autumn table from A Beautiful Mess mixes pink and orange flowers in small vases with a pink table runner, amber glass, and a smattering of pumpkins.

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    Add an Amber Glow

    fall table ideas

    Most Lovely Things

    This fall table from Most Lovely Things mixes amber bottles, votive candles in little pastry tins, dried flowers and grasses, vintage plates, and a mix of dishware to create a warm and homey fall table decorated with things from around the house.

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    Use Warm Metals

    fall table ideas

    Design by Bronte Athearn for Emily Henderson Design / Photos by Veronica Crawford

    This fall table designed by Bronte Athearn for Emily Henderson Design mixes orange and mustard flowers in brass-toned vases and hanging on the wall to create a vibrant ode to fall.

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    Lay a Colorful Plaid Tablecloth

    fall table

    Inspired by Charm

    A colorful plaid tablecloth is the starting point for this fall table from Inspired by Charm that is decorated with flowers, fruit, and decorative fresh, ceramic, and edible muffin pumpkins.

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    Dress The Patio

    fall table

    Design and Photo by Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design

    This casually elegant table designed by Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design could work in any season, but set up on an outdoor patio table its notes of gold, dried flowers, and sober black tableware make it the perfect setting for a festive fall meal.

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    Dine Al Fresco

    fall table

    Inspired by Charm

    This al fresco fall table from Inspired by Charm is decorated with pumpkins, leaves, flowers, and tall pillar candles to create a warm and festive outdoor backdrop for a meal amongst friends.

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    Set a Modern Farmhouse Table

    fall table

    My 100 Year Old Home

    This simple modern farmhouse table for two from My 100 Year Old Home is set with vintage-style tableware, clear glasses, and a vase of fall leaves.

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    Accent with Copper

    fall table

    Inspired by Charm

    This fall table from Inspired by Charm has warm and shiny copper accents from the goblets to the pumpkin that complement the wood accents and colorful flowers and lift the mood.

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    Brighten with Moroccan Flair

    fall table

    Casa Watkins Living

    This lively and colorful fall table from Casa Watkins Living includes orange Moroccan drinking glasses that add a global twist on the seasonal theme.

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    Lay a Maxi Garland

    fall table ideas

    Thistlewood Farms

    A repurposed door garland makes a dramatic fall centerpiece for an off-duty table in this dining room from Thistlewood Farms.

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    Mix and Match

    fall table

    Casa Watkins Living

    There are no rules when it comes to decorating a fall table. This boho style fall table from Casa Watkins Living is anything but traditional, with its colorful mix and match glassware, plates, flowers, and candles that create an eccentric take on fall entertaining.

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    Light a Faux Pumpkin Votive

    fall table

    Home Made By Carmona

    Blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona added two oversized pumpkin votives to her fall table that add a warm glow.

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    Use Foraged Elements

    fall table

    Casa Watkins Living

    This plant-based fall table from Casa Watkins Living mixes it up with green apples and glassware, foraged pinecones, white pillar candles, and a centerpiece of greens and roses.